Top Ten Best Songs on Dress Up Games


The Top Ten

1 What a Girl is - Dove Cameron What a Girl is - Dove Cameron
2 Say Something - Anna Blue & Damien Dawn Say Something - Anna Blue & Damien Dawn
3 Out Alive - Ke$ha Out Alive - Ke$ha
4 Oxygen - Maia Mitchell
5 Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez
6 Now I Am Here (Superstar Mix) - Xo-Iq
7 Pose - Stefanie Scott & Carlon Jeffery
8 In the Name of Love - Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha
9 Symphony - Clean Bandit
10 Bottom of the Ocean - Miley Cyrus

The Contenders

11 La La - Laura Marano
12 Silent Scream - Anna Blue

This is my favorite song by Anna Blue. - Ilovestephanie

13 Laundry and Dishes - Adrienne Pierce
14 Rescue Me - Kerrie
15 Good As Gone - Charlie Barrett
16 Wicked Wonderland - Martin Tungevaag
17 Golden Girl - Ladyhawke
18 Tick Tock - Maria Yaremchuck

"Secret Combination" for Siernna Calmer dress up game.(sorry I forgot to put it on this list)

Appears on Bonita Femur Dress Up game.
I always thinking that often sends Eurovision songs, to be honest.

Not only this Eurovision song, the website also sent more Eurovision songs on

These are:

"Is it Right" for Poppy O'Hair dress up game,
"Rockefeller Street" for Voltageous Frankie Stein dress up game,
"We Could Be The Same" for Winx Doll Maker game,
"Satellite" for Winx Club Couples dress up game,
"La Teva Decisio" for Stella Make-Up game and Winx Fairy Club dress up game,
"Et Cetera" for Winx Fairy Stella dress up game,
"Dance With Me" for Winx Sweet Witches dress up game.

These are the Eurovision songs that are appeared on

19 Up Up and Away - Blush

- The Star I R
- Let’s Get Tricky
- At the After Party
- Roll the Dice
- All Electric
- Shake it Up Theme Song

I think this is from Mystixx Vampires dress up game because Starsue has been using Shake It Up Songs. Can somebody list them? - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

20 Die Young - Kesha
21 Who's Laughing Now - Jessie J
22 Might as Well Be Me - Jess Brieden
23 Get Away With Murder - The Difference
24 Je Ne Sais Pas - Azuro feat. Elly
25 Smile - Clique Girlz

This song played on “Chibi Winx Flora” dress up game.

26 Glass Slipper - Kate Alexa
27 What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
28 Pretty Girls - Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea
29 Fearless - Olivia Holt
30 Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
31 Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez
32 Freak the Freak Out - Victoria Justice
33 Shower - Becky G
34 Masterpiece - Jessie J
35 Too Cool - Meaghan Martin
36 Popular - The Veronicas
37 Black Magic - Little Mix
38 Me Too - Meghan Trainor
39 Wildside - Sabrina Carpenter & Sofia Carson
40 Dress Me Up - CC Martini
41 Complicated - Avril Lavigne

It appears on the Chibi Howleen dress up game.

42 Smile - Avril Lavigne
43 Dancing Crazy - Miranda Cosgrove
44 Drama Queen (That Girl) - Lindsay Lohan
45 Womanizer - Britney Spears
46 Good Time - Owl City
47 The Boys - Girls' Generation
48 Beat of My Heart - Hilary Duff
49 Run Devil Run - Ke$ha
50 Calling All the Monsters - China Anne McClain
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1. What a Girl is - Dove Cameron
2. Say Something - Anna Blue & Damien Dawn
3. Out Alive - Ke$ha


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