Top Ten System of a Down Songs From Hypnotize


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1 Holy Mountains

This song is really good. - moose4life19

Heck yes! Number 1 on here! It definitely is my favorite song on Hypnotize.

this is soads second longest song - CaptainComedy17

Holy Mountains and Soldier Side - GuitarMann

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2 Hypnotize

Why is this song so low, it's the reason the album is "Hypnotize"

Should be no. 1. This is my favorite song on here and also one of my favorite songs by System of a Down of all-time.

Should be standing on the top! It is one of their best songs and it definitely made me a System of a Down lover.

Holy Mountains is great, but how is this not #1? Such an amazing song.

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3 Lonely Day

This should be named "Lonely day (Daron Malakian's solo)". He rocks that song!

One of my favorite songs on the album. This song should be around 1st or 2nd place. VOTE!

Awesome song best song by system of a down
Just because this song I am star listening this band and it fattang

4 Dreaming

Daron's parts at the end just melted me

This song is easily the best on Hypnotize. Attack is a close second though. I like to describe it as beutiful chaos. I wish other bands would make music like this.

5 Soldier Side

Brilliant way to end the album.

Good song for the military


6 Kill Rock 'N Roll

Catchy song! This is in my top 3 for this album.

7 Tentative

This is my personal favorite song from the Mezmerize/Hypnotize era. Should be no. 1!

Soldier Side, but its not on the list so Tentative will do. - scaryness

This is not only my favorite song on this album, it's probably my favorite System of a Down song of all time!

Most beautiful song on the album

8 Attack

Is a really good song.

9 U-Fig

Love this song. It's so underrated though...

It's an epic song

10 Vicinity of Obscenity

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11 Stealing Society

Great song. I think Daron's rapping part is my favorite part of the song.

12 She's Like Heroin
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1. Kill Rock 'N Roll
2. Holy Mountains
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