Best Songs on Trans-Siberian Orchestra's the Lost Christmas Eve

The Top Ten

1 Wizards In Winter

This is simply awesome! - Metal_Treasure

2 Queen of the Winter Night
3 Christmas Canon Rock
4 Siberian Sleigh Ride
5 What Child Is This?

No one can deny that this is the high point of "The Lost Christmas Eve" it's the longest track on the whole 23 track disc and it was just made to be climax of this disc. The last 3 minutes send a message with lyrics as rough but interesting. 'What Child is This? ' May not be the best on the record (Wizards in Winter is the best) but this track right here is a 6 minute masterpiece that is enjoyable the whole way through... this is the 2nd best track on the record

6 Christmas Dreams
7 The Lost Christmas Eve
8 Christmas Jam
9 Christmas Nights in Blue
10 For the Sake of Our Brother

The Contenders

11 What is Christmas?
12 Different Wings
13 Anno Domine
14 Faith Noel
15 Remember
16 Christmas Concerto
17 Christmas Jazz
18 The Wisdom of Snow
19 Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)
20 Back to a Reason (Part II)
21 Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time
22 O’ Come All Ye Faithful
23 Midnight Clear
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