Songs Which Should Have Been Written About Farts

For Billyv and anyone else who doesn't take life too seriously
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1 Don't Stand So Close to Me

You are so funny and have a great humor.

This list is hilarious!

2 Smells Like Teen Spirit

This list is EXCELLENT. I have to vote this one for the amazing song it is and yet its comparison is so funny! I love the user who made this list!

Believe it or not, this was written about deodorant.

Bravo, Tina, bravo.

Smells like fart spirit.

3 Oops!... I Did It Again

Actually, I have a better idea... How about "My Fart Will Go On".

Yep, this fits this topic perfectly. I honestly think this should be in the top 3

4 Please Release Me

All great choices Tina - but this one really made me burst! - Laughter I mean!
I could hear Englebert Humperdinck I believe singing loudly in my head as I was reading the title.
Much appreciation, as alwayz. And thank you for helping me not to always take life too seriously - I've dwelled in the abyss from time to time.

Oops I did it again! My Bad -- it was Engelbert, not Tom Jones!
Gotta love the Humperdinck

5 Weapon of Choice

Hm... rocket launcher? No... nuclear bomb? Nah... Oh! I know! I'll use my never-ending rips to destroy!

I'll defeat ISIS by emitting my silent (but deadly) poison!

6 Let It Go

Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go let it go
Turn your back and slam the door
I don't care what they're going to say
Let the storm rage on
The stink never bothered me anyway

Better than the original

7 Blame It On Me

Yeah, sure, blame it on ME! I didn't fart, it was the guy next to me!

Awesome! Mind -blowing list. Example that proves Britgirl is fantastic TopTenner.

Well, that guy does sound like he's holding it in...

Haha. Sorry but I can't stop.

8 I Want to Break Free

I want to break free, from inside you...

9 Kill Everybody
10 The Nearness of You
The Contenders
11 Rocket Man

And to think wolowitz wanted this as his astronaut nickname!

12 Wild One

Is this that song by Sia?

13 We Can't Stop!

This list is hilarious

14 Give It Away
15 Eruption
16 Destroyer of the Universe
17 Born to Be Wild
18 Supersonic
19 Gotta Let It Go
20 Linger

How could this not be #1? Truly a great song about that bad smelling farts that just never seem to go away.

21 Don't Stop Me Now
22 Poetry In Motion
23 Winds of Change

Sure hope they change again quick!

24 Rapture
25 In the Air

"I'm Feelin' it, I'm feeling a change in the air...
Should be with me until the end of time."
"Just one more minute here with you, all I have to make this come true. Can you feel it too? "
"Couldn't believe everything I felt, you walked in and saw me just melt, oooh..."
"Give every moment to see you tear, give everything I've got from now to my last breath..."
Morgan Page, I salute you.

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