Songs Which Should Have Been Written About Farts

For Billyv and anyone else who doesn't take life too seriously

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1 Don't Stand So Close to Me

Who would have ever known that the police have potty humor - HYDRAflash

Oh my the title gives it away

This list is hilarious! - EpicJake


2 Smells Like Teen Spirit

This list is EXCELLENT. I have to vote this one for the amazing song it is and yet its comparison is so funny! I love the user who made this list! - keyson

Believe it or not, this was written about deodorant.

Bravo, Tina, bravo. - PetSounds

With the lights off
Its less dangerous

Kill me now

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3 Please Release Me

All great choices Tina - but this one really made me burst! - Laughter I mean!
I could hear Tom Jones I believe singing loudly in my head as I was reading the title.
Much appreciation, as alwayz. And thank you for helping me not to always take life too seriously - I've dwelled in the abyss from time to time. - Billyv

Whoops I did it again! My Bad -- it was Engelbert, not Tom Jones!
Gotta love the Humperdinck - Billyv

4 Oops!... I Did It Again

I'm dying lol!
*loud fart* "Oops!... I did it again! :D" - Britney Spears



5 Weapon of Choice

So your fart is so bad & smelly that you can use it as a weapon to knock out & kill people! - ruJILLous

Haha who added this beauty? Genius :D Thank you! - Britgirl

I'll defeat ISIS by emitting my silent (but deadly) poison!

6 Let It Go

Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go let it go
Turn your back and slam the door
I don't care what they're going to say
Let the storm rage on
The stink never bothered me anyway

Let me fart
Let me fart
Can't hold it in anymore
Let me fart
Let me fart
Turn and slam the bathroom door
I don't care
How it's going to stink
Let the smell rage on
The stench never bothered me anyway

Ok so this might sound weird but I was at the talent show the pressure was high I was getting sweaty just watching I was thinking 'Man oh man these acts are good' and I was getting nervous but I was also scared because this was a RANDOMISED talent show and they picked acts for you, so the only acts left were singing, and puppets. And Roger got puppets and I got singing and they told me to sing let it go and I was like no way but thye made me do it and I had brought a whoopie cusiune to use after and before I started I threw it into the audience and I made a run for it and that's my story about Let it Go - DislikeMyComment

Elsa:Let it go(fart)Let it go(fart)can't hold it back anymore(big fart) - SamuiNeko

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7 Blame It On Me

Well, that guy does sound like he's holding it in... - PositronWildhawk

LOL! I just can't stop laughing. This is an awesome list. - Kiteretsunu

Yeah, sure, blame it on ME! I didn't fart, it was the guy next to me!

Awesome! Mind -blowing list. Example that proves Britgirl is fantastic TopTenner. - divphygamer

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8 I Want to Break Free

I want to break free, from inside you... - DogsUnleashed

Great song by Queen and funny list too

9 The Nearness of You
10 Kill Everybody

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11 Wild One

Is this that song by Sia? - TheMainReason

12 We Can't Stop!

This list is hilarious - RockStarr

And we won't stop(fart) - SamuiNeko

13 Destroyer of the Universe
14 Rocket Man

And to think wolowitz wanted this as his astronaut nickname! - keycha1n

15 Supersonic
16 Give It Away
17 Gotta Let It Go
18 Eruption
19 Poetry In Motion
20 Winds of Change

Sure hope they change again quick! - Billyv

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1. Don't Stand So Close to Me
2. Please Release Me
3. Smells Like Teen Spirit
1. Don't Stand So Close to Me
2. Please Release Me
3. Destroyer of the Universe
1. Smells Like Teen Spirit
2. Don't Stand So Close to Me
3. The Nearness of You

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