Best Songs from the White Stripes White Blood Cells

The Top Ten Best Songs from the White Stripes White Blood Cells

1 Fell In Love With a Girl

So amazing and I like the drumming

2 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

So good - I love the screech at the beginning - Songsta41

3 Hotel Yorba
4 I Think I Smell a Rat
5 We're Going to Be Friends

What's the big deal about this song? It's ordinary. - Songsta41

6 I'm Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman

1. I'm Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman
2. Fell In Love With A Girl
3. Hotel Yorba
4. Now Mary
5. Expecting
6. We're Going To Be Friends
7. The Union Forever
8. Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground
9. I Smell A Rat
10. I Can't Wait

7 The Same Boy You've Always Known
8 I Can't Wait
9 Offend in Every Way

It's badass

10 Expecting

The Contenders

11 The Union Forever

Love Jack's vocals. While it's still simple, this is probably Meg's best drum performance.

There is a man. A certain man.

For there is no true love

12 I Can Learn
13 Lafayette Blues
14 Jolene
15 This Protector
16 Little Room

It may only be 50 seconds long, but DAMMM

17 Aluminum
18 Now Mary
19 Handsprings
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