Top 10 Songs with Overused Words In the Title

Not saying these songs are bad, not saying they are bad because they use these words.
This list is rather a musical version of the most overused words on the Internet and I made it basically for fun.

The Top Ten

Overrated - Three Days Grace Overrated - Three Days Grace Cover Art

This word is...overrated - DaWyteNight

I think I see this word at least 100 times a day only on this site. And, yeah, I also use it... - Metal_Treasure

Hater - Korn Hater - Korn Cover Art
Underrated - Tank Underrated - Tank Cover Art
Random - G Eazy Random - G Eazy Cover Art
People = S**t - Slipknot People = S**t - Slipknot Cover Art
Cringe - Alkaline Trio Cringe - Alkaline Trio Cover Art
Legend - Drake Legend - Drake Cover Art

People need to stop throwing this word around so much, an artist who has only been around 2 years and just scored a hit is not a legend! - DaWyteNight

Everyday We Lit - Fitty Boi Everyday We Lit - Fitty Boi Cover Art
Iconic - Poppy Iconic - Poppy Cover Art

"Yass! A song that was just released yesterday is so iconic! Slay queen! " God so annoying. - DaWyteNight

My N***a - Yg

The Contenders

Racist Coffee - Julian Smith Racist Coffee - Julian Smith Cover Art

Overused word: Racist and not Coffee - Metal_Treasure

F*** the Police - N.W.A. F*** the Police - N.W.A. Cover Art
Pussy Monster - Lil Wayne Pussy Monster - Lil Wayne Cover Art
Thick of It - Mary J Blige Thick of It - Mary J Blige Cover Art
Dude - Beenie Man Dude - Beenie Man Cover Art
Bitch Bad - Lupe Fiasco
Fire - 50 Cent Fire - 50 Cent Cover Art

Remember when people used to actually explain why a song or album was good? Nowadays, I see 15 reviews that all say "fire fire fire fire" or "fyreee", probably because deep down the listeners of that kind of music can't come up with any reason for it being good. - DaWyteNight

Retard Girl - Hole Retard Girl - Hole Cover Art
Slay - Nia Sioux Slay - Nia Sioux Cover Art
Overrated - Mika Overrated - Mika Cover Art
Overrated - Ashley Tisdale Overrated - Ashley Tisdale Cover Art
Retarded - The Afghan Whigs Retarded - The Afghan Whigs Cover Art
I Love It Loud - Kiss I Love It Loud - Kiss Cover Art
Real - NF Real - NF Cover Art
She Bad - Cardi B She Bad - Cardi B Cover Art
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