Best Songs from Yo Yo Honey Singh's Desi Kalakaar

The Top Ten

1 Love Dose

This is my favourite song among all songs of Honey singh...
Good music and lyrics

This is beast songs of the year 2014-15-16

Yo yo Honey Singh is good and good good good good good good

I like this song because the music is very best

I like this song

2 Desi Kalakaar

Best song ever, the rap is fantastic

Love this song! Love you honey Singh... Your biggest fan ever

Omx song ever

I really like this song 🎶 and I love yoyo

3 Chal Mere Ghar
4 Stardom

HonEy Paaji tusi great ho

5 I'm Your DJ Tonight
6 Latrine

This songs rap is very nice but the songs tune is not best...

V nice

7 Daftar Ki Girl
8 One Thousand Miles

cool song

9 Tanning
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