Best Sonic and My Little Pony Couples

The Top Ten Best Sonic and My Little Pony Couples

1 Rainbow Dash and Sonic

Sexy - My name is Ian M by the way

They're not a couple and I really hate it when people think Rainbow Dash is a better choice for a love interest for Sonic than Amy, Sally, Blaze or even Rouge, which is so wrong. I know people have different preferences but that doesn't mean they have to support crossover ships such as MLP with Sonic characters for example.

This has to be the cutest couple in the Sonic/MLP crossover. For starters, they are the fastest in each of their worlds, and they're chased by either Amy in Sonic, Pinkie Pie in MLP, or both.

Sorry, But NO - JPK

2 Rarity and Knuckles
3 Pinkie Pie and Tails
4 Twilight and Silver
5 Applejack and Knuckles
6 Applejack and Shadow
7 Twilight and Shadow

Am I still alive?

8 Rarity and Sonic
9 Soarin and Sally
10 Discord and Tails

The Contenders

11 Celestia and Eggman/Robotnik
12 Amy Rose and Pinkie Pie
13 Cream the Rabbit and Angel Bunny
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