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1 Kelly Slater

I've only heard of surfers a few times from other people but the only one named I kept coming around is Kelly Slater he tweet me once after I compliment him on a surf that I seen on T.V. that really changed my ways of the game of surfing. I can rightfully say Michael Jordan was the Kelly Slater of Basketball vice versa you can't say that about any other surfer bar none.

Kelly is not only the best surfer - he's the best athlete there ever was.
Nine-time world surfing champion won the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles, the same San Clemente, Calif. venue where he won his maiden victory as a pro nearly 20 years ago to the day.

Kelly Slater, you just can't defeat him, especially that 2-meter high jump on his board against Mick Fanning, he lets the board go and spins around and lands! This man is a legend of surfing!

Kelly Slater kills it every time he surfs, I can imagine him staying like that for a long time. He's the best surfer in the world and I'm positive it will stay that way.

2 Laird Hamilton

He is a very aggressive, powerful, and motivating surfer, enjoyable to watch surf. I happened to find myself out in the water with him and two other people yesterday at Hanalei surfing overhead, choppy, fun surf. I saw him using his airplane board thing, and he was just going so fast that it literally hurt my feelings in a nice, humbling way. So much so that after recovering from the failed duck dive due to my study of his style on an overhead wave sectioning through the bowl, I had to turn around and paddle in.

I was kind of tripping because my mother had a surf shop when I was growing up as a kid in Sequim, Washington, along with a second one located in Carlsborg, Washington. Being raised in a surfing family and having been surfing for nearly my entire life, it really means a lot to enjoy these legendary gentlemen's company after many hard, cold, rainy, frozen, blown-out, flat, gargantuan, or even mind-blowing at times days.

If you follow your dreams, you will ...more

He is not just an amazing surfer, but he is also a big heart and a beautiful human being.

His Life Class on OWN has been the BEST so far. Wish I had it to show my kids again.

Best ever big wave surfer. No man can top him off, he's just an absolute monster!

3 Andy Irons

Andy irons has the best flow and style I have ever seen. He is the surfer who got me inspired to go surfing originally. Every time I watch one of his surfing videos I can't wait to get back into the water.

R.I.P. andy Irons

Andy's style is matched only by his brother Bruce. A fierce competitor that took down the sports elite.

Andy, you're a legend, you will always remain in our hearts. You are and will forever be number one. We miss you

Miss you Andy hope to see you in the next life, Hope the sets up there are massive

4 Bethany Hamilton Bethany Hamilton is an American surfer from the island of Kauai, Hawaii. In 2003, she lost her left arm to a tiger shark and recovered quickly and was back in the water. She was born on February 8th, 1990 and has touched the hearts of millions with her incredible story

Bethany Hamilton is my hero, and her faith and story helped me get closer to Jesus. Now, I want to become a professional surfer and maybe even get on this list! I want to be friends with Bethany, because she seems like a very nice person to be friends with, even though she is 17 years older than me. But she really does seen like a great person to be friends with, and I think she is the world's best surfer.

She is the reason I started surfing and is the greatest surfer of all time! Her movie was very inspirational and to think that it's a true story...

Bethany Hamilton lost her arm to a Tiger shark when she was 13. Her heroic recovery and amazing journey back to the board is the reason I started surfing, to see why Bethany keeps on going with the sport when she could give up! One taste and I'm hooked for life! I can see why Bethany carries on!

When I went to Hawaii, I went to her home island of Kauai! It was beautiful there but all I was doing was looking for Bethany, hoping to meet her! I didn't end up meeting her in the end, but I went surfing at the beach where she learned!

She is the most inspirational, fantastic, amazing surfer ever and has earned her place among surfing legends! #BETHANYHAMILTONRULEZ

Bethany Hamilton NEVER gave up. I have to be honest that if a shark bit off my left arm, I would never go back in the water. She is the person that inspired me to surf. So I think she deserved to be #1.

Bethany is amazing and SO inspirational! She really does go for her dreams and is a fighter that I'm sure will Never EVER give up on Surfing! She is truly loved by everybody and diserves to be one of the best surfers in the world

5 Taj Burrow

Watching Taj surf always gets me stoked! He's just got the coolest style and you can always tell he's having fun when he surfs. His good air game doesn't hurt either.

6 Duke Paoa Kahanamoku

Duke should be number one. The man was a graceful tank in the water what other surfer holds a gold medal in the olympics, and was a movie star in a time were race was a big issue... He won the country over with his aloha. The power and speed needed to surf the gigantic wooden koa boards in the old days I doubt half of the surfers on this list could even control!

It was Because of him And the Kahanamoku brothers of Waikiki that kept surfing alive in those hard days and we owe everything to him and those guys! Much love Surf god! Plus I still think George Freeth should be up here somewhere!

A Legend and soul surfer. He is the most Inspirational and influential surfer of all the times. I would be very happy to see him surfing with the boards that we have now.

My grandfather was friends with him. Yeah I'm biased, I don't care.

7 Rob Machado

Since I started to surf I always identify with him, he has always been my role model. He is different, he is unique. His fluid and unique style, how he connects with the wave. I also think that what makes different to Rob is his humble personality, his generosity and his always good mood.

I love Rob for his surfing style and his contribution to our local surf community especially for the youths.

Rob machado is the best surfers in history! He is the mist layer back man on planet earth and still manages to be in the top ten surfers:) I honestly think he should be up at number 1!

This dude has some of the most natural lines I'd ever seen.

8 Tom Curren
9 Gerry Lopez

Awesome take charge of a surfer. Gerry controlled the wave and didn't allow the wave to control him.

The best ever

10 John John Florence

Best surfer all around: in small waves, big waves, flat, hollow, perfect, gnarly...Best attitude: mellow, respectful, happy, funny...what else?

I think John John is amazing! He is so young and his style really smooth and exciting! He's the future!

Still young and he's already a legend! Best surfer in the world, may turn out to be the best surfer ever

No one has ever fell off his board in mid air and landed back on it... john johns the best

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11 Layne Beachly

Layne beachly! I love to surf! But I have only just started, how long does it take to do tricks and surf the big waves?

12 Dave Kalama
13 Gabriel Medina

He is the best surfer

14 Jay Moriarity

Guys have you watched chasing mavericks it's so
Sad but happy too. Jay should be number 1 or 2 because it doesn't matter about wether your rich of poor, clean or dirty
. Jay died doing the things he loved and he died so young... 22.
He drowned.
The end scene is shocking I would have never guessed. But if you are inspired by him, "live like jay"

This should be first I love the movie chasing mavericks! He did however die young at the age of 22 from free diving. I think he was a great goal setter and a good achiever.

I think Jay Moriarity should be ranked about number nine on the list. He is so good.

He is the best! The best surfer!

15 Jamie O'Brien

Surfs the best wave on the planet better than anyone else.

16 Larry Bertleman

Larry was the first to take short boarding to the level it is at today. He could switch foot easily to get barreled. He ripped and had style

17 Dane Reynolds

He is an amazing surfer that has perfect turns and airs I rate him 2nd best after Kelly Slater. His surfing style I think is rare and hard to find. He can change your perspective of surfing in just a few seconds of watching DANE REYNOLDS - EXCERPT.

18 Jordy Smith

I think he rocks because he can do the sickest tricks ever!

19 Miki Dora

The real deal, no other

20 Mick Fanning

Mick f is just sick

One of the greatest surfers ever amazing style him and joel are the two best ever

21 Gabe Kling
22 Greg Noll

Macho Man. No time for frills.

23 Matt Archbold
24 Buttons Kaluhiokalani

I suppose I like this choice because it isn't just another dude with multiple worl championships. Plus, he really was (is) a freak talent. Perhaps the most innovative surfer ever in the water. I'd add Butch Van Artsdalen, Dane Kealoha and the entire Fletcher family to the list, along with Larry Bertleman. Kelly Slater is the most talented and the best in every condition though. Perhaps if Buttons had more focus and wasn't so far ahead of his time, he'd have ten world titles.

I lived and surfed northshore for 12 straight years, ask anyone who saw him in action (when he wasn't wasted)- the first driving backside 360, at pipe no less, the first real arial attack, vicious cutbacks, etc - yes bertleman was great but buttons was a the best ever for maybe 2 years...

The most innovative but sadly not well known surfer ever...
He gave a great contribute to develop surfing, and may be the surf today is what it is also thanks to him.

25 Stephanie Gilmore
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