Top Ten Stages of Buying a Novel

The act of buying a book is a lengthy process - unless you already know the exact novel you are going to buy. It takes time and there are certain factors that the average bookworm needs to take into consideration. These are...:

The Top Ten

1 The Cover Image

I know, I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover blah bleh yadda...BUT it's the cover that catches your eye first. If it's a thriller you're after, you'll look for a dark jacket as with romance and humourous, a light coloured cover will immediately tell you what genre to expect. - Britgirl

2 The Author's Name

You see the author's name (a known author will use block capitals) that scream "HERE IS MY NEW BESTSELLER! " - Britgirl

3 The Title

If you're looking for a gritty bloody horror, don't look for titles such as The Day I Fell In Love With Flowers - these are usually reserved for romance. A thriller or a horror will usually have a sharp one (may two )word title. - Britgirl

4 The Blurb

A short synopsis of the book. - Britgirl

5 The Opening Paragraph

If the blurb has excited you, so should the opening paragraph - in fact more so. If you read: "One day Sally got up and then she had a shower and then she went to work..." you are most likely to put it back on the shelf in your sleep. And this results in the author's dreams of a sale waving a solomn fairwell at them. - Britgirl

6 Whether It Still Looks Interesting Halfway Through

That's really what I aim to do. I've looked at the blurb and been disappointed, so since then I've tried to judge it from a sneak peek. Unfortunately, I can be a terrible judge. - PositronWildhawk

So you like the blurb, the opening paragraph enough to flick through the pages to see if the author still 'has it' halfway through. - Britgirl

7 About the Author

By now, you will be interesed in the novel enough to read whether the novel you are so lovingly holding in your hands, is his /her debut and if it is, you'll already keep in mind to look out for their next. - Britgirl

8 Reviews About the Novel

Basically you just want to see if a known author raves about it. I mean if STEPHEN KING likes it then... - Britgirl

9 The Number of Pages It Has

I pick up a book and the first thing I do is flip to the last page. If the book is 400 or more, it takes me at least a week. If the book is 300 or less, it will take me a few days. I like 900 page books more since I don't need to find a new book really soon. - Merilille

Not really important but it is a stage we pass in the book-buying process. - Britgirl

10 The Price

After all the stages you went through to decide to part with your hard cash on this expensive novel, then it was all worth it. Take it home and enjoy! But look after it as it'll end up in the charity shop... - Britgirl

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