Top Ten Biggest Problems with Star Wars: The Last Jedi

So Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the eigth installment in the main Star Wars franchise, and unsuprisingly the worst too. Here are the top ten biggest problems with the film.
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1 Unneeded Love Sub-Plot

To be fair, this totally sucked. Finn and Rose never built up to a romantic relationship throughout this sub-plot together, so the kiss towards the end felt completely forced (no pun intended). These two characters had absolutely no chemistry either, making their attempts to try and have a romantic kiss scene during the action-packed climax even more cringeworthy than they already were.

As for the rest of it, the thing they were assigned to do solves itself without their help. So what was the point of this?

2 They Ruined Luke Skywalker

I could go on and on about the problems with this film, but the worst by far for me is what they did to Luke's character. I understand that this trilogy is not supposed to be about him, but the fact that he has rejected the Force, thinks that the Jedi "should end," and ultimately fails in his mission represents a complete destruction of Star Wars' original hero, which irreparably damages the franchise. There are so many other directions they could have gone, but they decided to make Luke a complete failure, and he didn't even train Rey before he died, so I guess new Jedi don't need any training anymore? That's a new one. It's unforgivable really. This movie should not exist.

3 Some Parts Don't Make Any Sense

I don't think Rian Johnson is an awful director. When he makes a good movie, it's really good. However, he is absolutely awful when it came to making a logical Star Wars sequel (as if Jar Jar Abrahams isn't bad enough), which isn't surprising as judging from his interview his ego is the size of the Death Star. There are so many in-consistencies in this film that just wouldn't have happened if someone who knew these characters directed. Leia's fakeout death scene is the most prominent example, but another example is what they did to Luke's character. The lightsaber toss is the most out of character thing any Star Wars sequel trilogy character has ever done, and the only reason it's in the film is because "lmao so funny", and this is without mentioning that him trying to kill Ben Solo over a nightmare is a huge step backwards from believing there is still good in his father, a genocidal mass murderer. Subverting expectations does NOT translate over to being clever if they make no sense.

4 Leia's Fakeout Death Scene

The fact that she simply flew back to her ship like nothing happened is just too dumb. I was right there seeing her get blasted out to space by that TIE-fighter, I was accepting that this was how Leia was going to die and... she just flew back to her ship like a discount Mary Poppins.
In the words of the late Han Solo: That's not how the force works.

This is probably my least favorite part of the movie, even though liked this movie. Seriosuly, they could have totally killed off Leia in that scene, and it would have been a good end to her, but no she has the force and she flies back to the ship. I don't even think that's how the force works!

5 Captain Phasma Had No Purpose in the Plot Aside from Fighting Finn

Exactly all she did was stand there!

6 It Doesn't Answer Any of the Questions from the Force Awakens
7 The Movie Never Showed or Mentioned the Other Members of the First Order
8 Does Nothing to Set Up for Episode IX
9 Rey Isn't Related to Anyone

This is proof that the Star Wars fanbase is the worst movie fanbase you could ever have the displeasure of coming into contact with.

So this movie is an irredeemable atrocity because your little conspiracy theories on The Force Awakens were incorrect? Even FNaF Fans don't whine like this when their theories are wrong, and that's saying something.

Your theories have nothing to do with the movie itself. They're just theories, and nothing more. They don't affect the quality of the film itself, and they don't belong to the film creators.

10 It Completely Destroyed Star Wars

I completely agree, a lot of the events of this movie and the sequels don't align up well with the rest of the trilogy, just seems like they were created as a money grab. It explains why many people chose to de-canonize the sequels.

Honestly, This movie and the following film were THE worst in the entire franchise. They had so much potential, however the creators messed up gravely. They ruined Star Wars logic such as all the force nonsense and ruined the original the character's personalities. Really destroyed the franchise

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11 No Mourning for Han

Instead he get to see Luke touching the breasts of some random alien while carrying a smug look. Do you see what I mean when I say Luke wasn't himself in this film?

There is a deleted scene in which Luke mourns Han. It's brief but powerful. Yet, was shaved off while 45 minutes of Canto Bight were not.

12 They Kill Off Way Too Many Characters

Killing off a movie character is a risk that's worth to take at times. It adds drama and emotion to the film. However, you have to be scarce when you do that, because unless it's a climactic final battle, killing off too many characters just results in lack of care. This movie does it terribly, in Snoke, Phasma, Holdo, three characters that had a lot of potential but were killed anyone cared for who they are. Luke Skywalker also dies in the dumbest way, giving us the most awful lightsaber duel in all movies. Despite all this, the one character whose actress died shortly after filming saved herself in the most idiotic fakeout death scene possible. They kill the wrong characters, and save ones that should've died.

13 Yoda's Small Amount of Screen time is Unneeded

Yoda is the worst character in the film. Yes. even worse than Rose, Rey and Luke. This was the wisest Jedi of them all, whose purpose was to develop Luke Skywalker to the masterful Jedi he would end up being by the start of RotJ. And he returns to this movie for fan-service..., only to burn up an entire jedi library because "Rey knew it anyways". It's made worse with the fact that they just gloss over it "I didn't read it" and Yoda bats not a single eye, as if "reading is for dorks". I didn't even mention that him being able to use force lightning as a ghost completely undermines the importance of Order 66, and there's no reason for why no Jedis came back to battle the Empire.

14 We Never Got a Single Information About Snoke

Unbelievable! They decided to dumped the character.

15 Admiral Holdo

Surprised she's not in the list yet. Holdo is a forced representation of Feminism in the film, if Rey wasn't enough. And not only that, her character isn't even that good.

Not everything has to have strong female representation. This isn't High Guardian Spice

16 Rose Tico

I actually like Rose Tico's actress, but her hole was bad.
- She interrupted Finn's sacrifice, which would saved time for the resistance;
- Her "romance" with Finn;
- She is not useful most of time. She just hinted where the code breaker was living and some other things;
- Her deleted scene that she bravelly bites the officer's hand should have been in the movie;

17 Luke Skywalker Died

What's worse is that Luke didn't even act like himself in this movie, they developed his character into a brave Jedi throughout the original trilogy, and now he all of a sudden wants to be mopey and sad on an island. And yeah, I totally believe he'd want to kill his nephew.

So... Luke died a virgin. Life must have sucked for him :/...

Okay, jokes aside, I think his death wasn't executed well enough, which also adds up to the fact that Luke doesn't really feel like Luke for the most part, which is quite disappointing.

18 The Battle Scenes are Too Short

If you remember from the trailer there was going to be this duel between Finn and Captain Phasma, it looked like it could be a good duel, but the problem is that in the movie it was way to short! Why? And they kill Captain Phasma in the most unfair way in Star Wars! Finn basicilly comes up from nowhere and slams his weapon in Phaasma's face which makes Phasma fly away into the fire, this is not fair!? And the lightsaber duel at the end between Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren is even dumber! So Luke Skywalker created some ghost of himself and

19 It Was Even Worse Than Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens honestly had less problems than The Last Jedi. At the end of the day, even though Force Awakens introduced a lot of stupid things out of nowhere just so it could be epic, it could still be resolved in the upcoming films. The Last Jedi forgets any of this needs to be resolved.

Yeah and what's worse it treated the questions left off by this like crap

20 Too Many Meaningless Action Scenes
21 Even Star Wars Fans Hate It

I know about the "No one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans", but seriously, the hate for this film in particular is more radical than I ever saw for the prequels, and it's no surprise why.

So? Just because other people hate it doesn't mean you have to.

22 Kylo Ren is the Only Good Character

Kylo Ren is seriously the only unique character in this trilogy with sensible motivations and an interesting personality. Fight Me!

Kylo Ren is totally overrated. He's a desperate wannabe and a total snob. And that's my opinion. Fight me nerds

Eh, I think he's an awful character.

23 It's a Print Money Movie
24 It's Extremely Boring
25 Not Everyone Dies
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