Top 10 Star Wars Planets

In the movies, videogames or others; we have seen many planets, space stations or moons in the Star Wars galaxies.
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1 Coruscant

Coruscant is the galaxy's New York City or Las Vegas. It even has the huge Senate place and thousands of spaceships flying around all the time.

A gorgeous planet-wide city hosting the Jedi temple, capital & many interesting scenes. Too bad Hosnian Prime is just a cheap ripoff of this.

The entire planet is one big city. So I wonder, what took the longest to build; this planet or the Death Star.

2 Naboo

The planet that I would live on if I were a character in the Star Wars universe. Naboo is the most beautiful planet in the Star Wars galaxy and has a variety of landscapes, such as lush grasslands, thick jungles, and large rivers. The buildings of Theed, the capital city, look incredibly beautiful as well, and the strange ancient statues that are partly buried underground indicate that the planet must have an interesting history. These, along with the peaceful culture and the high standard of living make Naboo the perfect Star Wars planet. It's also significant since it's the home world of Palpatine and Padme Amidala.

3 Tatooine

I absolutely love this planet and it's culture and biology is honestly fascinating. The sand people, Krayt Dragons, moisture farmers, stuff like that make it feel real and really help us to connect to Luke, making him far more grounded

Honestly surprised this is down at 4th, as it is probably the most known planet. It was in 5 films after all.

Its where luke grew up and its got a really cool landscape. It has awesome pod races and gangsters too!

4 Mustafar

Such a pretty planet. Great place to go on a honeymoon. Darth Vader lives here. It wish it was in more than just two movies (Star Wars Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One)

This is where one of the most epic and legendary battles happened. The duel of the fates between Obi Wan and Anakin

This planet is scary. It's the reason Anakin got put in his Darth Vader suit.

5 Kamino

Kamino is beautiful, ever since I was a young boy the idea of a beautiful stormy ocean plant has fascinated me. I truly love this wonderful planet of one of the coolest creatures best fighters and magnifiscent landscapes.

Absolutely gorgeous ocean planets with a great aesthetic and feel. The storms really set the mood

I love the ocean. I also love the species of this planet, so crisp.

6 Hoth

Please, the second most famous planet on the saga. Why is this not in the #1 or 2?

Also where Luke gut a white camel thing and used it for warmth.

The coldest planet in Star Wars.

7 Bespin

Beautiful. A city in the cloud. Such a pretty view when you look literally anywhere. It's kind of like Coruscant but isn't as big a city and the whole city kind of gives off a retro, utopian society vibe with its white glossy panels everywhere and cloud cars flying around. And at sunset, the halls are lit a beautiful red due to the setting sun shining through the windows. And the concept of the fact that the planet isn't where people live, they live on a platform hovering in the air, it's just so cool

I didn't see this first time through so I'm putting my comment up here instead: The gas planet who has more to offer than it appears. Seriously, the technology used here! To manta in a stable pressure, temperature, altitude, am ON TOP OF making it breathable to sustain life. Call me crazy or unrealistic, but this is amazing even for Star Wars technology.

8 Kashyyyk

This place is just a beautiful planet, the colors are extraordinary and I would of loved to see more of the battle on the planet that we see in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. This planet is better than Endor mostly because of the kinds of trees that we see on Kashyyyk. The ones on Endor are too much like Earths trees, whereas the trees on Kashyyyk are massive and twisty giving it a weird vibe and I like it.

This would be a cool place to take a hike in the woods. Unless battle droids blast your head off.

9 Endor

Best Planet to Ambush the darn Empire! Also Speeder Bike Chases are exciting!

That's what I was going to say. Not a planet people. Also why is Bespin not on here?

If you're going to include moons this list should be called top ten Star Wars planets/moons

10 Geonosis

A really harsh, yet beautiful environment!
Though it seems like a desert; Geonosis holds many carverns, and vast landscapes.

Something tells me that the same person is bashing on all the planets...

Great planet. Start of the clone wars and main planet for the battle droid factory

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11 Dagobah

The place Luke learned to use the force. Need I say more?

Where Yoda lived for a long time and where Luke trained to be a Jedi

Great, dark, mysterious planet that enabled Yoda to hide out undetected until he died

12 Felucia

Rancors are awesome giant beasts! Jabba the Hut throws people in the for the Rancors to feed on. He did so to Luke Skywalker but unlike the others he defeated it! I might be thinking of the wrong beast though. I'm 90% sure.

Home to Rancors and the most expensive crops in the galaxy that is cool.

Felucia was where jedi general aayla secura got killed.

13 Alderaan

You can like a planet that was destroyed. For example, everyone likes the dinosaurs, but they're dead. George Washington is dead, but people don't hate him.

Lovely Planet, Pioneers in exploration and diplomacy.
Shame it was destroyed.
Would have been good in the Star Wars trilogy.

Yes you CAN like a planet that was destroyed!

14 Dathomir
15 Utapau

It's a brilliant place to keep cool while you can/could watch the best and epic battle between Grievous and Obi-wan! And besides. Free metal to sell to other planets, 'ey?

How don't get how having a giant hole can make a planet lame. This place is awesome!

An underground city...Cool! A great place to keep yourself out of the sun and into the shades

16 Mandalore

Mandalore was shown in Star Wars The Clone Wars as a planet of aggressive idealists who value warrior mentalities, it was also instrumental in Darth Mauls plot to control the Sith, though it failed.

Home of Death Watch and Darth Maul's biggest battleground. Also where Obi-Wan's love life ends.

A lot of people don't know this but, (besides the cities) Mandalore is mainly a blank desert with just sand and dirt for miles. Still love the planet though :D

17 Jakku

This is kinda the same as tatoonie. Except this planet only has one sun.

Most boring planet in Star Wars.

18 Crait
19 Lothal
20 Dantooine
21 Yavin
22 Ahch-to
23 Taris

Even though it was destroyed it was so cool to explore in Kotor and is definitely my favorite planet in Star Wars.

24 Adarlon
25 Mygeeto

There is snow. guy who cares about the droid attack on the Wookies.

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