Stupidest Criticisms of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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1 "Disney ruined Star Wars."

Now THAT's true! Disney is the reason why Star Wars won't be as good as it used to be.
George Lucas made a terrible mistake.

They did, in my opinion. They didn't know how these characters work. It's not a "stupid criticism", much less is this entire list filled of them

Actually, it was Jar Jar Binks who ruined Star Wars. He's a Sith Lord, I think.

2 "Critics are being paid to give it good reviews."

I know that Disney has done some shady business in the past but come on guys. This is just like Trump whining about how all criticism against him is "fake news". You can't avoid opinions you don't like simply by claiming they aren't real. As far as I know, no one has been outed for accepting money from Disney to give TLJ a good review, so the criticism is bull. Please let me know if someone is outed though, because I will gladly concede this point if it's proven to be true. That's the problem with all of the criticisms on this list; there's no evidence to support them.

3 "It wasn't anything like Star Wars."

I mean if there's a sequel in a movie franchise and it's nothing like what the series is about at all, then obviously will be getting criticism. It's exactly why Cars 2 and many other sequels get flack.

Let me get this straight, you hated TFA because it was too much like ANH, but you don't like TLJ because it isn't enough like the other films? Make up your mind guys. Pick one or the other, you can't have both.

4 "It's SJW trash"
5 Too many female and minority characters

This should be #1! Seriously, WHY are there too many racists/sexists?!

I can find absolutely no logic in this argument.

It's freaking true!

6 "It was boring."

This is one I've heard a lot and I gotta say...I just don't get it. This was the most excited I have felt watching a film in my life. There were points in this film where my heart was racing so fast that I quite literally thought I may have a heart attack. I am aware that how excited or compelled one feels while watching a film is subjective but there is simply no point in this film where I can imagine someone being actively bored. There is always something interesting happening.

Purely subjective. You may not agree with it, but it's without a doubt not a "stupid" criticism.

7 "It had bad acting."

This is not subjective. If someone says this film has bad acting, you can immediately mark them down as an upset fanboy and an unreliable source for criticism of this movie. The acting in this film was great! Mark Hamill in particular just stole the show!

People really think the acting is bad?

8 "Luke is a grumpy old hermit."

This makes perfect sense given what has happened to his character. Imagine you've just defeated the Sith but then they rise again because of YOUR failure. I'd become a hermit to. This is just a well written character.

If you make a movie character be one way in another movie, but then act totally different in another installment, it's a worthy criticism. Granted, everyone changes but that lightsaber toss is completely out of character

9 "They introduced new Force Powers."

Why was this a problem for some people? I think that they should always be expanding on the strength and techniques of the force.

Had been alright of the force powers weren't completely random

10 "The editing was bad."

I suppose this could be subjective thing but having seen the film, there was simply no point that I saw where the editing was notably poor.

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11 "Rey is a Mary Sue."

This argument has already been debunked as poor criticism over and over again. I don't need to repeat it.

This is so true!

12 "There are no fun Lightsaber fights."

Yet again, it's an opinion, purely subjective. Dumb logic is surrounding this list a lot...

A straight up lie that I've heard people bring up.

13 "Porgs."

The Porgs occupy a teeny tiny portion of this over 2 hour long film. They are there to offer brief humor and sell toys. Nothing more. You can criticize them by saying they aren't funny or that they shouldn't be there, but people have actually been trying to use them as valid criticism of the film as a whole.

They were pretty good.

14 "Rey is a Skywalker"

Real fans know she isn't

15 "Rey is the strongest Jedi"
16 "More of Star Trek than Star Wars".
17 "It's another Star Wars sequel".
18 "Even Star Wars fans hate it".
19 "It's a cash cow"
20 "It got good reviews because it was Carrie Fisher's last movie."
21 "The trailer was a trick".
22 "Not everyone dies"
23 "It isn't the last Star Wars movie".
24 "Kylo Ren is a villain's sidekick again"
25 "Luke Skywalker is a cringeworthy protagonist"
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