Top 10 Strongest Land Animals

This is the list to see which animals are the strongest.

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1 Tiger Tiger The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognizable for their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside.

I've just seen a video of different animal fights and their violence is unbelievable. Animals fight for their lives and only then would you see their real power. Tigers are rarely attacked hence you rarely see them fight with all of their strength. When little animals get hurt they become two times faster and more fierce, something you can rarely see in lions and tigers also because of their courage. Same thing applies to other large animals. But, taken all into account, speed, stamina, prowess, ability in general, tiger takes the top. It beat lions almost always and lions beat crocodiles and rhinos... Other comparison is only imaginary because lions do not meet bears and so on.

In most fights the tiger ran away from a lion as tiger was scared.

This is 100% true that tiger are the strongest. I don't exactly know whether they can beat elephants and rhinos. There are some people who are using abusive language and telling that this information is fake and lions can beat tiger please do some research and then open your mouth. Tigers have an upper hand in every physical attributes over lions, tiger have even larger brain size and are smarter than lions. And as far as lions mane is concerned it helps lions but its not that effective against tigers brute strength if you do not believe me Google its or search in YouTube you would find it out yourself

I guess tiger has been placed first because Bengal tigers are known to take down bull elephants all alone.

But there never have been cases where elephant killed tiger.

Lions shouldn't be mentioned here. They do not succeed in taking down elephants even in prides.

I know that African elephants are larger than Asiatic ones, but hey, those lions are in prides with no less than 12 girls. I have seen biologists say that elephants there wipe out entire lion prides. (By wipe out, I don't mean kill always. Some are killed, others chased away).

Tigers make lions look like pussy cats.

Tigers are the true rulers of the jungle

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2 Elephant Elephant Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Two species are traditionally recognized, the African elephant and the Asian elephant, although some evidence suggests that African bush elephants and African forest elephants are separate species.

Think, people! Elephants weigh tons and can uproot trees, turn over SUVs, and destroy all other animals on this list! The elephant is also smarter than every other creature here except maybe a gorilla, and even a gorilla could get destroyed by an elephant. Turn over to mythical creatures and you will see that even a phoenix or pegasus would get defeated by a really strong elephant. Unicorns would probably come close. So would serpopards or minotaurs. Many dragons and sea serpents would meet their fates at the hands of an elephant. Ganesha himself received most of his glory from elephants. According to the top rank, a crocodile can almost beat up a great white shark. Well, then, why isn't the great white ahead of it? Elephants could crush almost all living things that ever existed, living, extinct, and mythological. Maybe there will be a creature that is to come that can destroy an elephant. But in all stories ever told, besides holy creatures and beings, humans, elves, properly ...more

Please. This isn't a contest. People voting based on "who they like better" and without bias or subjectivity. Go on YouTube and watch all the different "animal vs animal" match you can conjure up and find me one where a Lion, Tiger, Bear, Croc, Snake, etc even ATTEMPTS to fight a fully grown bull elephant. The only videos you'll find is the elephant owning anything with the balls to take it on. There are tons of evidence that tigers and lions get owned by rhinos, hippos, and elephants and the best match you'll find is between #2 and #3 which is the rhino and hippo. Those two guys own anything outside of elephants and as I say there is pure objectivity in this statement. Tons of video evidence. The dozen or so videos of either of these guys coming into conflict with the big E though always ends with them getting bruised egos. I have an interest in watching these animals in the wild hunt and fight each other and I have yet to find an instance where anything had the gumption to attack a ...more

Elephant weighs over 6000kg and can carry more than 9000kg. As for crocodile killing a great white shark that would never happen a crocodile would never meet a great white in the ocean. Please note leopards lions have been observed killing crocodiles. Crocodiles isn't the number one not by along shot.

I read a story and an elephant broke every bone in a mans body.

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3 Lion Lion The lion is one of the big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. The commonly used term African lion collectively denotes the several subspecies in Africa.

These creatures are made for battle. They have a brute paw swipe. A simple tiger's paw swipe rips a person's neck off. The lion has a much more powerful swipe so it could do tons more damage. Furthermore, they always take on everything. Tigers prefer not to attack. Lions also, are smarter being more social and have much more muscle. Their mane furthermore, protects, them from any serious bites. Rather, they train to fight. Lions are also, faster and taller. They are also, about the same length as a tiger. If you see more documentaries you can see lions often kill and scare away do nile crocs in the water. Furthermore, lions kill elephants and giraffes. Male lions do 99% of the work on these lethal attacks. The lion truly is the king of the beasts.

Lion is the king of the forest

Lions can actually kill a tiger if he catches Him off guard or is quite and stealthy enough but either way if a lions ever meets a tiger the tiger will be outnumbered

In my opinion it is a greatest animal

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4 Gorilla Gorilla Gorillas are ground-dwelling, predominantly herbivorous apes that inhabit the forests of central Sub-Saharan Africa.

Definitely a serious contender for the #1 spot. Brilliant, strategic, and absurdly powerful animals who can win nearly any fight because they have enormous pain tolerance ceilings, which allows them to endure what most other animals cannot. Speed is their weakness though. However, their keen senses and terrifying displays of territorial dominance frighten away all who even consider approaching their territory. It's hard to bet against an animal with the ability to forge crude weapons and wield them mercilessly.

Gorilla can lift up 30 humans without any problem, the ratio by the way his size and his strenght is one of the best or the best, and Gorilla have the strongest arms.

Gorillas are about 10x stronger than us

Gorillas are Africa's most intelligent and powerful creatures of the great apes and on our planet.

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5 Crocodile Crocodile Crocodiles or true crocodiles are large aquatic reptiles that live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia.

Crocodiles could beat anyone on top.

number 1 Tiger. Tiger comes close to river. Crocodile comes out and grabs tigers head. Pulls it down into river. turns tiger around and around. tiger dead.

No.2 Elephant. This is a little harder. Elephant comes to river for a drink. crocodile grabs trunk and pulls it down. elephant lashes out with tusk. crocodile cracks it in half with bite. elephant drowns and bleeds to death. elephant dead

No.3 Lion. Same as tiger

No.4 gorilla. gorilla comes to river sees floating log. suspects crocodile. gorilla lashes out with fists. crocodile bites the arm and cracks it. meanwhile gorilla lashes out with other fist. crocodile sustains injuries. crocodile then bites other fist. cracks it. now croc bites head and drags it down. turns it around and around. gorilla drowns. gorilla Dead.

Note: Crocodile is a saltwater crocodile.

The saltwater crocodile has the world's most powerful bite force. A saltwater crocodile over 4.5 metres (15 ft) in length can exert over 2.2 tonnes (5, 000 lb) of pressure per square inch (PSI). Males of even larger sizes can exert around 3 tonnes (6, 600 lb) of pressure per square inch. They can smash through bone like you would eat toast. A 5 metre (16 ft) saltwater crocodile can kill an adult human with a single bite.

A crocodile can kill a great white shark by the way and nothing can prey on it only little crocodiles are preyed on. They have been around for millions of years. There is a chance a crocodile can kill an elephant because it is worlds greatest stealth hunter. I've seen a video when a crocodile killed a bull elephant

I never knew this

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6 Rhino Rhino A rhinoceros, often abbreviated to rhino, is one of any five extant species of odd-toed ungulates in the family Rhinocerotidae, as well as any of the numerous extinct species.

Rhino are the strongest land animal because their but power and there leg strength they will buck a gorilla and cary it a mile.

Black Rhino was very important because they show a great source of income from ecotourism. There were only 5,000 left in whole world. We need to stop the people from their greedy thoughts, that is one of the way to protect the rhino and other species that is living in the wild.

It should be no 2 or after elephants... One of them will crush 15 lions or tiger.. Very big and powerful

I seen a video of an african rhino beating up 6 buffalos alone. also heard that it beat up 15 lions alone.

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7 Hippopotamus Hippopotamus The common hippopotamus, or hippo, is a large, mostly herbivorous mammal in sub-Saharan Africa, and one of only two extant species in the family Hippopotamidae, the other being the pygmy hippopotamus.

While their jaw strength aren't as strong as crocodiles, it's still strong enough to break a crocodile in half (over 1800 pounds per square inch).
They have tusks that are around 3 inches in length. They can also run about 20 mph and use their heavy weight (over 6000 lbs) and speed to ram into things at ridiculous force. They can't swim, but they can walk underwater at around 5 mph, which is fast for an animal that weighs more than 6000 pounds. They can open their enormous jaws wide enough for a small child to stand in. Imagine how large of a chunk a hippo can take a bite out of an animal. They're really aggressive so you can easily anger them to the point where they'll start chasing you away from them. They're also super robust (withstanding to attacks) because of their huge bodies. A crocodile's bite be strong, but there ain't no way it can cause quick fatal damage by biting on a hippo's body, especially when crocodiles can't even open their jaws that insanely wide to begin with. ...more

Hippos take on crocs they should be between 1-3

Can beat rhinos lions killed tiger no problem crocodile snap, gorilla squish this guy should take at least silver.

These guys can kill humans and have the strongest bite out of any large land animal

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8 Kodiak Bear Kodiak Bear The Kodiak bear, also known as the Kodiak brown bear, sometimes the Alaskan brown bear, inhabits the islands of the Kodiak Archipelago in southwest Alaska.

A kodiak bear could crush a bowling ball with a bite. Decapitate a moose with swipe. It should be #1. Bears often kill tigers is Russia where the 2 coexist. Tigers only kill hibernating bears and subadults. A kodiak bear can easily kill a elephant as tigers and lions have done so. It is also, smarter than all but the elephant in this list. They have sacrificed agility for brute strength. They also, have speed though. They run as fast as any tiger or cat. They have blunt, but longer claws. Same eyesight, as cats but better smell than dogs. They are the ultimate land predator.

Exactly! Bears are known to kill tigers and animals more than twice its size. Maybe I am just the only one that sees that the bear is the king of the beasts

Kodiak bears: 2.50 m and 900 kg

I saw a video of a guy whiping a kodiak, the kodiak fliped the guy over

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9 Rhinoceros Beetle Rhinoceros Beetle

If you consider the ratio of it's body weight to the amount of weight it can lift, it is by far the strongest animal in the world. Can an elephant lift 8 million pounds? Don't think so.

In the bug world, this animal should be #1, but it can be crushed against a human alone. Think it through, this beetle stands no chance against the other animals on here.

The rhinoceros beetle is the strongest because it could lift 100 of its friends imagine doing that.

They are the strongest beasts!

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10 Polar Bear Polar Bear The polar bear is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses.

Polar bears live in the article polar bears are very good hunters

Cute but dangerous

If you think about it no other animal on earth can lift as much weight all th way off the ground like a human can no other animal can deadlift or squat


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11 Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear The grizzly bear less commonly called the silvertip bear, is any North American morphological form or subspecies of brown bear.

The grizzly bear is far more powerful than any other species of bear. Grizzly bears have concave faces, a distinctive hump on their shoulders, and very sharp claws that can be over 5"-6" inches long (per Animal Facts Encyclopedia). These claws are much straighter and longer than those of other bears, which is why Grizzlies can't climb trees very well, but they are much better in a fight. The "Kodiak bear" are grizzly bears that inhabits the islands of the Kodiak Archipelago in southwest Alaska and because of their environment, grizzly bears in the Kodiak region tend to be about 5% larger on average than other grizzlies. But grizzly bears from any part of North America can get and have gotten as large with the same access to food. The largest grizzlies have weighed up to 1500 pounds and stood 11 feet high, with skulls 2.5 feet wide. They have thick fur, including in vital areas like the neck, and an amazingly dense bone and muscular structure, and have many inches ...more

A Grizzly is capable of more damager than a lion or a tiger with one swipe of his paw. His speed also makes him deadly being able to run up to 40 mph. They are more durable than both a lion and a tiger. And as a cub a grizzly is thrown into the wild to learn how to hunt and defend. There has been films of teenage Grizzlys fighting off a pack of large wolves for food. You do not mess with a Grizzly. Lion prides run in a group for their hunts and a Grizzly is able to do just as much alone.

The Grizzly Bear Is The strongest land animal apart from the elephant because of its size. the grizzly can break a moose's back with one swipe of its paw. In India they've been known to eat Siberian tigers they can kill gorillas, there me skin is so tough a knife will do no damage and they will smash a gorilla or tiger!

A grizzly could kill any big cat easily and any biologist would say so, apart from elephants and rhinos, no animal could stand a chance against one of these on land on this planet

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12 Snake Snake Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears. About 600 species are venomous, some of which can be fatal to humans if no medical help is sought.

But venom has nothing to do with the strength of the species. But I do agree on the anaconda.

The green anaconda is one of the strongest if not the strongest animal on a Earth. I mean with just its body, it constricts things to death! Overall, Constricting snakes are the best - Destroyar4699

I don't think you realise this but certain snakes have been known for killing Nile crocodiles and eating buffalo WHOLE

Snakes rule! Its venom can hurt you but it depends on the snake.

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13 Alligator Alligator

Has a jaw strength of 2000lbs

Alligators should be number 8 they rule the swamp land and being close relatives to crocs they have survived for millions of years and as humans have only been around for about 40,000 you gatta give them credit the can attack with lightining quick speed and cosidering there size and weight of almost a ton they've been feared be Aztecs ad by us they are in folktale and they are smart soe have been abtopted by humans probably the most impressive is that at birth they can rip human flesh with one bight

14 Jaguar Jaguar

They are really strong in their bite it is stronger than every cats

Jaguars are part of the cat family, of course they are strong for their size

The jaguar are very good hunters at attacking fears crocodiles

I like it

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15 Human Human Humans are not exactly wild animals, but not domesticated, either. Proven to be the most intelligent species of animals on Earth. Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white. Builders of the global civilization.

Humans can develop better stamina than most land animals if not all. Our ability to sweat through our skin to remain cool is a pretty unique ability in the animal kingdom. Native American and Mexican tribes were able to chase large land mammals until the animal dropped due to exhaustion (sometimes 100+ miles). A human can consciously develop their body to become stronger, more resilient and more skilled at fighting. Pound for pound a human should be towards the top. Can't match the power of large cats, bears or anything of that nature, but could have a chance with a simple weapon. Not all humans as there is probably the greatest gap in human capabilities that we have ever seen right now but picture someone like Dwayne Johnson. The human body is also made for grappling and that skill can be greatly developed and allow a human to stand a chance against anything around its own size.

Here is what you guys don't understand. Weapons, skills, and the place on the food chain have nothing to do with the actual strength

Apart from intelligence, humans are team-oriented and are humble enough to accept that there are 18 species better than them. Humans can be stupid with all the intelligence they possess if not using it correctly, but humans have repeatedly shown remarkable achievements over the course of history. Hence, I vote for "human," even with all of his evil flaws.

We make things that shot lead into animals. I think that is a good enough explanation.

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16 Cheetah Cheetah The cheetah, also known as the hunting leopard, is a big cat that occurs mainly in eastern and southern Africa and a few parts of Iran. The cheetah is the fastest land animal, able to run up to 75 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds

Fastest land mammal. They are heavier than a human and are classified as one of the smaller big cats. They are also part of the cat family so I am going to say they are extremely strong for their weight, size, speed and flexibility, as all cats are.

A cheetah can run faster than any animal on land. It can reach 70 mph. That's insanely fast.

I think king cheetah is faster + stronger than the all of this all so please keep king cheetah 1 and cheetah 2

I think that cheetahs should be in zoos

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17 Black Bear

Black bears have all around meaning that even though their not as strong a gorilla but their a little faster and have more dexterity giving them an advantage. Also although they are not the faster than puma or lions they are a lot stronger.

Black bears will tear them like a paper

I've seen one in real life not threatening but I still backed away. Still totally adorable!

Panda would totally crush them.

18 Ox

Can't be four because the strongest are Elephant:lifts over 10000 pounds and rhino unknown and hippo unknown and gorilla is better that ox an ox can pull on 2000 pounds gorilla is 400 pounds lifted so its less than four on the list

People are thinking attacking animals and not strength. Ox is hands down the strongest. Maybe not a fighter, but makes a good case for the strongest

This should be AT LEAST 4 they carry a lot and are used just for lifting heavy stuff

Love him..he is hardworking

19 Moose

Moose are totally monsters

They can destroy a car.

Mousse can carry 80 kg in their back

20 Leafcutter Ant

The leaf cutter ant should definitely be in the top ten because they can carry 30 times their size that may not be the strongest bug but it is also the strongest creature to its size that can kill other animals or bugs in this case I don't think a lion can carry 30 times its weight or any other animal o this list that is a killer

If a normal ant is only so dangerous then think what a leaf cutter ant can be.One bite can last you 12 months!

Bomba ross

An animal that small... and can do that thing... simply the best...

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