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Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Two species are traditionally recognized, the African elephant and the Asian elephant, although some evidence suggests that African bush elephants and African forest elephants are separate species.


Ok I know that tigers and lions have killed elephants but it takes more than one it takes 11 lions to take down a medium size elephant so ha I don't know how much tigers it takes but it more than 1 listen even without my vote elephants are still number 2 number 1 being tigers for those of you voted tiger listen up why are tigers endangered no really ever species of tiger is endangered now elephants are endangered too well they're 2 types of elephants Indian and African and African elephants are bigger and stronger and the only type of elephant that's endangered is the Indian elephant while the only African elephants that are endangered are in West Africa but everything is going extinct there including hippopotamus and although Indian elephants cause more deaths per year it's because more people live in Indian than African and live in more common places but elephants are the most shrong animal

Guys, please, read the topic before giving out comments or voting. It says THE STRONGEST LAND ANIMALS. This isn't about who can win in a fight or whatever. This is more along the lines of brute force. Did the medieval people of Asia use rhinoceroses or tigers to break down castle walls. Never heard of any thing like that. I've heard them use elephants though. Sure, a tiger MIGHT be able to defeat an elephant in a fight, but if any of you guys watch Animal Planet, you should be able to see that they only go for the baby elephants. Maybe the tiger is. Good tactician, which he has to be, seeing that he's an endangered carnivore with hard prey, but strength? Not so much.
The tiger has a nice coat, though. Maybe the castle walls broke down because the tiger looked so nice.

Nothing can really kill them well, except for humans and lions that are really hungry, hungry lions has a small chance of killing a elephant but I think humans are more of a big problem (as you know, we can send species to extinction). Lions don't mainly pray for elephants as they are big and can trample over you, to make it scarier, they are even more intelligent, just don't get fooled by the cuteness of the elephant or underestimate its power for being a herbivore, it's known to destroy cars and start a rampage killing humans in a village.

Go elephants! They weigh tons are cute and very very very very strong! Also very fun to ride! So cool I love them and I am glad they are #1

Elephants should be first they are way stronger than tigers. They can trample over trees as well as pull trees down with there trunks, destroy cars by just standing on them and they could easily kill a tiger by charging at it elephants can also carry more than there own weight.

Please I still don't get why this like number one. I have the right of way to deserve my number one animal spot. Elephants can kill bears, lions, crocodiles, even hippos! So you people should watch tiger vs elephant videos to know which is stronger. This list is so subjective

The elephant is the biggest animal on land, and also the strongest, in my opinion. At birth they weigh 300 pounds, and can reach up to 7000 pounds at adulthood. They are faster than they look, and can kill any animal on the plains if they wanted to with their size.

Bengal tigers have been reported killing bull-elephants weighing 6 ton when they themselves don't even weigh 0.6 ton and they do it alone.
But there never have been cases where elephants killed tigers.
Elephants are known to wipe out entire lion prides but fear a single tiger (not my opinion, this has been observed quite a lot.)
Maybe that's why tigers top. Or maybe they're talking about pound-for-pound strength.

Personally I think because of its impact force and how much it can carry not only with its trunk but its body. I don't think any land animal can stand against the sheer raw power of an elephant.

For sure Elephants are the strongest animals in the world. When Elephants are adults they weigh 12,000-14,000 pounds. If Elephants step on any animal they will get crushed because how heavy they are. Elephants should be the number 1 animal for the top ten.

Tiger lovers are stupid if they think a cat can lift more than an elephant, rhino or gorilla.

Well, an elephant can actually just step on any one of these animals... Or fling them 500 feet away with the jolt of its head (with the other animal on its tusk).

Guys it's obviously and elephant. Elephants can lift 600 pounds with their trunks alone! Just think do I really have to explain 2 u why?!?!?!?

Elephants are, without a doubt, are the heaviest animal on the land. How is a tiger stronger than this thing? Even a Rhino or Hippo can outrank the Tiger! - brandonhatley

Elephants are used to pull the same weight that we use huge machines for! Using fact, these guys have to be the strongest out of ALL land mammals!

An adult, healthy elephant destroys anything you throw at it one on one. It would kill a tiger before a tiger could ever manage to take it down.

That's true +1 because tigers are very fast and an elephant can fight a shark because this list is for land animals

Also Asian elephant is the smallest and their ears And tusk is also small. They Hold their heads more erect than a African elephant

People,! Vote for elephants not tigers, this is a fact list not a 'Who they like better' list. This has to be #1 soon

With 100,000 muscles in their trunks alone, it is definitely true that elephants aren't just bunches of fat. They really are powerful.

In terms of brute strength, this is the strongest land animal in the world. Not much else to say, really.

Jeez, tigers are paperweights compared to elephants and rhinos, how the hell are these creatures lower than it!

No animal can match the power of an elephant. Elephants are known to kill everything not the other way around.

I don't get it tiger is much stronger than elephant elephant is much stronger

Ask a scientist and the answer would be an elephant!