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The lion is one of the big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. The commonly used term African lion collectively denotes the several subspecies in Africa.


I like both lions and tigers. I am from India, and it is the only country in the world who has witnessed both the species in wild. One forms the part of national emblem of our country and one is the national animal of our country. But a lion is just amazing, I have seen different videos. Inspire of being smaller than a tiger, a lion is very hard to kill for a tiger, even the tiger abandons the fight as he is not able to kill the lion. Both are great. But for this fighting spirit of a lion, I will always favour him

What is remarkable in all historical lion/tiger one on one fairs fights on film, the male lion was victorious. In all cases the tiger tried to make an escaped. This is not how a dominant cat would do. Some of these fights were easy Lion victories. A wild mature male lion at his prime is just to much for a tiger of the same condition. Tigers are strong but not at the same level. The lion's fore limbs are more powerful, he is a better dodger and fighter. Perhaps we should compare the tiger with the lioness. The male lion is unique.

People need to know the scientific evidence says a lions mane is not for protecting their necks during a fight with another lion as they always bite and maul at one another's hind quarters. The mane is a signifying physical characteristic displaying their condition (health). A long, black mane is as good as can get. Other lions would rather not have to fight one as such and lionesses would rather sire their cubs as opposed to one say lighter in color and/or short in length.

A lion is an ordinary cat that doesn't move without its pride which makes people call them the king of the jungle and why other animals are afraid of them. A lion can only bite and scratch one's neck with its claws. Without the strength and claws it is left with its speed which isn't enough to make it one the strongest land animals in the world. To me I think the Gorilla is the strongest land animal.

The Lion represents courage, strength and bravery. There is no way the tiger is stronger. The tiger swaps rapidly with a mid range force, while lions swipe slower, yet with a lot of weight behind that paw. The King of The Beasts is without a doubt the strongest land animal.

Lions work in packs, but they are a cat and cats are probably the strongest mammal for their size. This cat is a much bigger version of their cousin, the domestic cat which a lot smaller. All cats have the same equal strength as each other and retractable claws, but the bigger they are the stronger. Lions, as all cats are built for hunting and like all cats they are very well designed. Lions are extremely strong.

NO NO NO! Do research. Lions may fight other lions only about 10 times in their lives, but tigers fight regularly. And who said lions have stronger paw swipe? It is the tiger again who wins here.
And tigers are stronger than lions.
Tiger=72.6% muscle, 7.7% body fat.
Lion=58.8% muscle and 13.7% body fat.
Muscles= more mass+ more strength.

Lions are majestic in their own way. Their mane scares crap out of almost any animal. Their roar is more robust than a tiger's, which can be heard 5 miles away.
But compared to tigers, lions are actually nothing.

It is a total misconception that lions are fighters and tigers are hunters.
Tigers hunt AND fight more than lions.
Lions mostly sleep.

Lions should be at the top of the list. They are the king of the jungle. Strongest animal.


Obviously its the lion. It has a mind of its own. It uses stealth and assassin-type approaches and slices it's victim at the right moment.

Lions have been noted to kill and dominate tigers, and Elephants. A Elephant May be as well, but in a Pride (Like usually) No other animal can defeat these Beasts, Elephants, Yes they are strong, but not The Smartest, nor the Fastest. Witch a Lion Is Serperior to a Tiger in both of those ways, and a Lion is Much stronger than a tiger. Also, because of their Claws that can Come out of their paws, and leech onto a Opponent, Lets say, a Elephant, Those claws are not going to become unripped untill it tears through flesh, same with every other Animal!
Thanks For Reading!

Facts are facts.
Tigers are a lot more powerful. They HAVE to be, they were evolved to be stronger. Because they hunt alone. And they keep up their strength by swimming and climbing.
I don't know how you can praise the lion without doing research.
The lion is majestic in its own way, with a mane that terrifies any creature and a roar that can be heard for miles across the Savannah.
But no comparison with a tiger.

The lion is a very strong and important animal

Watch any lion vs tiger battle you will see the lion always last more without getting tired but the tigers are, they didn't call him jungle king for nothing.

Lions may not attack humans as much but these beast will rip a tiger to shred there built for battle there teeth are longer and there weapons are the best of the cats in general

Lion may not be the strongest animal. But it is the strongest of the big cats in strength and endurance. Having more powerful shoulders and chase. Gorillas and brown/polar bears are stronger.

Because it nails are sharp, their teeth is very sharp, they have plenty hair, and they can snick and run. They also like eating all the types of the animals flesh. It can attack humans and animals.

Lion is born to brawl tiger crocs and elephant can't kill this beast

People, lions are "king of lions". Even there is a movie depend on lions, called "The Lion King".

Lion is the most strongest but tiger is most liked, that is why its on top of this list. All the trainers and experts of big cats agrees that lions owns tigers in most of the battle.

The speed of their paw attack is 18 feet per second and can easily break even the bones of elephant

Lion is the king. He can kill a tiger, any animal are afraid of lion

There's no animal can defeat a lion even a tiger, and they should be number 1 in the list

Lions have a great bite and a super powerful paw swipe, to add to their immense strength a lion is also very fast and is only beaten by a cheetah out of all cats.

Lions should be the #8 powerful animal in the list