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The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognizable for their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside.


Some people name elephant as the strongest land animal, however, I should disagree because the term "the strongest" does not only mean the highest physical strength. By the strongest, it usually mean adequate combination of both physics and killer instincts. Yeah, you heard it right. When it comes to killer instinct and its solo hunting capability, no animal in this world is even close to tigers. (Especially Siberian/Korean tigers)

That's why I cannot agree with guys who wants Elephant or Gorilla on the top of this list. Heck, even leopards (who are much weaker and slower than tigers) prey on gorillas in the forest.

WHOEVER MADE THIS LIST IS DUMB TIGERS ARE THE LARGEST AND STRONGEST BIG CATS ONLY Ligers are larger. Tigers can jump over a ten foot fence with a 450 kg bull in their mouth and tigers also have the strongest big cat bite force rivaled only by the jaguar, tigers are also known to hunt, kill and eat brown bears

The Tiger is not only humongous, but is deadly. It's sharp claws and terrifying teeth can rip any prey to shreds. It has amazing eyesight and super fast speed. They can leap great distances. They are also one of the smartest predators. They know where and how to kill their prey. The only animals that can compete with a tiger are lions and maybe grizzly bears.

Tigers are indeed powerful, and my most favorite animal in the entire world. They are majestic, and as said in this, it's stamina, speed, it's power in general, it's jumping ability, and it's bite are all amazingly scary. They get very scary when they're determined and they hunt animals such as Elephants and Lions and Crocodiles all the time. GO TIGERS

Tigers are definitely the strongest animal on this planet clearly.(except humans and extincts) They are designed for killing every other animal in most situations. They have incredible athleticism, speed and reflexes. They can jump, climb, swim extremely good. They have so sharp claws that can shred a lion's jugular vein with only one shot. Also they got best bite force in cat world. These attributes give them the top of this list. - camanbay

Lion's advantage
1. More willing to fight and less like to retreat.
2. Mane
3. Experience

Tiger advantage
2:. Weaponry (claws, teeth, paws, )
3. Brute strength and bite force
4. Agility

Tiger can easily kill a adult lion

What about the ant? The ant can lift a weight over 100 lbs it's own weight. I also think the crocodile, the anaconda and the Hercules beetle should be 2nd or third, as the crocodile can outmatch lions, and GREAT WHITE SHARKS. also, their skin can stand being shot buy a 50 CAL RIFLE! The Hercules beetle can lift much more than it's weight. the anaconda is the apex predator of the amazon, and kills capybaras, the largest living rodent. they can also kill jaguars and camians.

Tiger are the strongest animal in the world. They can kill any animal sometimes humans too. They can jump higher than all the cats. They can kill lion, elephants, deer, boar, wild buffaloes etc. Thanks to Project tigers to rescue from the poachers. I love tigers.

Tigers kill crocodiles. They should be at the top of the list. The Lion argument is that it wins only by numbers. One-on-one, the Tiger is the strongest and the most athletic. They also look cooler.

Tigers are the #1 all time powerful animal in the world. By Kapil

They are part of the cat family. All cats are one of the strongest mammals for their size and they are the top of the food chain and known as the king of the jungle. Tigers are also the biggest big cat

Ants are much stronger so is the elephant and the polar bear. Ants can carry over 200 times their body weight maybe 1000 times more. It doesn't matter about size it matters about how much they carry compared to their body weight.

Well in terms of carnivorous mammals the siberian tigers takes the top spot. They can kill packs of wolves and bears all on their own, and they have a bite psi that exceeds the lion's ( 650 psi), a wolf's ( 400 psi), and a bear's ( 975 psi).

I think tigers are the number one because they have very sharp teeth and they are huge

The tiger is a 72.6% muscle mass guy with fearsome teeth and claws and armed with immense strength and reflexes. And don't mess with its intelligence; captive tigers have been known to escape cages by forming coal

Your saying tigers would win in a fight by being tactical I know but its strength not who will win just because its stronger doesn't mean its gonna win so its elephant can lift over 10000 pounds tigers barely 1000!

Tigers are pure muscle. Tigers are much muscular than lions, Tigers also have stronger jaws than lions in pound per pound. Tigers are king of the jungle because tigers kill wild gaurs easily.

I love Tigers because they are so strong. I saw a Tiger fight a Gorilla. The Tiger won by messing the Gorillas face then the Gorilla backed off. The Gorillas face was bleeding very bad.

If bears are so strong why aren't they renowned for their strength and and symbol explain that bear lovers

They look So cute be they do now how to fight There for tiger is none for it skills and its hunting It can take down a grizzly bear lets help tigers these beast can not be extinct

Mainly because that tiger can be twice the size of a lion plus the bear has a bunch of fat but the tiger is clearly muscular so it will be stronger than all bears even gorillas

Tigers is naturally powerful animal in the world because they are having sharp claws, powerful feet, poisonous teeth etc. They can easily kill all animals with their sharp claws. They should be proud to be the named as the national animal of India. Tigers can kill lions, elephants, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars,wild buffaloes,kodiak bear etc. They are fully camouflaged in the bushes. A tiger can kill a anaconda. It is 10 times stronger than a man. It lives in India, China, Siberia. It is 100% powerful animal in the world

By V.Kapil

Tigers are known to defeat grizzly bear and any other bear. It has agility and power, having a bite force over 1000 pounds! Although lion are taller, an Siberian Tiger are bigger. African Elephants don't have agility giving it a big disadvantage. Tigers easily climb trees so they could probally climb a African Elephant back. Tiger is the number #1 strongest Animal!

Well, I do really am in love with tigers. But, you know what's weird? Polar Bears are the Strongest Land Animals ( Apart from Elephants & Rhinos, and other big animals )

Tiger are heavier so they're on a higher level then lions plus if they hit a lion or anything it would be fatal plus a tiger would rip of a lions mane dumb dumb