Top 10 Teen Titans Villains

These are the most evil villains in the Teen Titans throughout the whole series.

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1 Slade Slade Slade is a fictional incarnation of the character Deathstroke in the American animated series Teen Titans and is the archenemy of the Teen Titans, who wants them destroyed for his own unknown reasons, and is the main antagonist of Season 1 and Season 2; He appears as a vision in Season 3, returned only more.

Slade gained my respect the first time I saw him. He was smart enough to devise elaborate schemes that even Robin couldn't figure out. He messed with the titans over and over again and they could never official defeat him. And you know he was awesome enough to back from the grave, helped almost destroy the world, and then teamed up with the titans to save the world. If he wanted to actually destroy earth he would wanted to. He just really wanted to get even with Trigon. Yeah, but Slades awesome. And you gotta love the mask.

Such a mysterious character, can't believe what he did to poor tera! I wished the show would've continued.

He's really one of the greatest cartoon villains. He can outwit most of the people he encounters, and his plans seem almost impossible to stop, because he uses the Titans against themselves, which is very clever. He deserves his spot at #1. - Elric-san

Everyone knows slade is the true archenemy of the teen titans

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2 Trigon Trigon Trigon is a demon, a comic book character published by DC Comics. He is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, having enslaved many worlds.

A demon and Raven's father, he could have ended humanity. The Teen Titans barely managed to defeat him; actually, it was Raven who did it, but she had the support of her friends.

I think he should be second, what with being the most powerful demon in the multiverse. He really cool though, the Titans barely managed to defeat him, they couldn't have done so without Raven.

He took over the earth and much tougher then slade no other villains couldn't take over

Should be number 1

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3 Jinx Jinx

In the original show she transform in a hero, in teen titans go still a villain, and the only good villain since the original show

Jinx is awesomely wicked while Gizmo is a little rude baby!

I love love love jinx she is my favorite super villain she is so cool and funny girl and she is very very pretty

I vote for jinx she is one of the best of all and the prettiest of all

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4 Brother Blood Brother Blood

I don't care if superhero fans get offended but I would join up with Brother Blood. He's ultra cool and not afraid to fight the teen toddlers. I hate the titans anyway. Brother Blood Rules!

Bro.Blood The headmaster of the HIVE academy, pretty cool guy, creepy guy who stands under dramatic lighting.

(I wish he was number 1) Ps and jinx

A worthy archenemy to my second favourite DC superhero of all time, Cyborg!

5 Red X

Red X was robing in the beginning, but the costume was stolen by someone in one of the episodes. So he is a villain now and is not Robin anymore. He is not the most evil of Villains but just a thief. He dose not try to kill anyone but, he actually helped Robin stop a villain from destroying the city but he is still bad but not evil.

Dude this guy is so cool, outfit and attitude and everything. I like how he kinda just does his own thing, not really a good guy but not really evil either.

He looks way better in the Red X suit then Robin ever did!

Even though red x is a villan he still does SOME good.

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6 Blackfire Blackfire

Starfire's older sister and her complete opposite. Honestly, Starfire is good natured and caring, while Blackfire is just pure evil; she even tried to frame her own sister.

I love blackfire they should make more episodes about her and give her a back story to explain why she has so much animosity towards starfire and make her a main character I lover her and star so much.

I vote for blackfire and I am blackfire

П😎😠😼 bad sister I AM BLACKFIRE


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7 HIVE Five

Jinx is the leader, Gizmo is the tech-expert, Mammoth is the brute, See-More is the scout, Billy is strength in numbers, and Kyd Wykkyd is just that guy with ridiculously awesome abilities. They function well as a unit, paralleling the Titans, although not as good or organized.

Your wrong all of them are awesome too awesome to be ignored - MasyMenos

Yep awesome best ever besides jinx

I love See-More

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8 Terra Terra

She is somewhat a hero though

She is going to get rid Titans

Terra for the win!

She is an indecisive brat who picks a villian instead of caring friends. She doesn't deserve to make it to the top ten villains or heroes list. Let her be stuck in the middle and good riddance.😤

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9 Brain

Well Batman could beat the hell out of the Brotherhood of Evil they should have gotten Batman with them and Superman and Wally West band BOOM! YAY

He may just be a brain in a jar but he has brought the titans to their knees

I say this because he has control of the Brotherhood of Evil, and unlike Trigon he doesn't have a distinct weakness. My vote includes Monsieur Mallah, General Immortus, and Madame Rouge.

10 Mad Mod

Mad Mod is easily my favourite. He's so unpredictable and hilarious and he always takes the Titan's out of their comfort zone. - Erikelelf

Made for some of the most interesting visual displays, but would usually leave me with a headache

Mad Mod is tuff if you think about it and he's full of surprise that you think you never know and once rule Jump City in episode Revolution

I might have a thing for Brits but not just him being sexy he's a really cool villain heck he has the 60s and mod style down

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11 Cinderblock

I think he is very well developed and he is pretty cool. he is made out of stone people!

12 Dr. Light Dr. Light

Good choice. Dr. Light is a very villainous guy. In the comics, he was actually a pedophile. What other TT villain was that? Of course, the show writers couldn't make him a pedophile for the kids show, but even then Dr. Light was a baddie. There is a theory around. If Dr. Light and his persona was put as the main villain of a season, he would likely be a top 3 villain because of how evil he was. Please upvote this.

Brother Blood doesn't just want others to obey him, he's willing to hurt anyone who gets in his way, and if he had his way, the entire world would be just like him.

He's voiced by Squidward - 445956

13 Mumbo

I'm surprised he's only number 10! This guys pretty cool, and way cooler than the hive five.

He is a master of magic I love his tricks he is unpridicktable

14 Fixit

Appears in one of the very first teen titans episodes. Fix it tries to transform Cyborg into an all machine creation. His obsession with perfection makes Fix It an interesting and complex villain.

He's not really a villain he's just not very programmed well

He was a villain at first, but now he's a hero and a friend of the titans,just like thunder and lightning, or Spike. - Thecoolguy

15 Control Freak

He's one of the most annoying but at the same time hilarious villains on the show.

Is this that fat guy?


I love him cause he's basically just a fanboy trying to be a super villain 😂

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16 Ravager
17 Ding Dong Daddy

Uuuughh. I get that he's from the comics, but really? There were so many better villains that deserved episodes. Plus they don't even explain what's in his suitcase that Robin wants. I mean, it's pretty obvious that it's his secret identity, but they never actually say it on the show, so it leaves you wondering.

18 Plasmus

Plasmus is my favorite villain on this show. I really like how he is human when he sleeps yet when awake, he transforms into a cool monster thing that eats sewage! That is w, yet the guy is interesting. You'll love him as much as I do!

He is disgusting yet almost indestructible

The first time I saw Plasmus was on this episode called, "Divide and Conquer." He was being freed by Cinderblock. I loved this one! Slade was having these two villains work together to defeat the Titans. How cool is that!

19 Cheshire Cheshire

She's not even much of a villain in the comics (at least in one story line) she kind of just seems to go and do what she wants

I'm surprised she is not high on this list. She is a awesome assassin who would be better if she worked for Slade

NOw you see me now you don't - MasyMenos


20 Deadshot Deadshot Deadshot is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of Batman . He has traditionally been portrayed as a supervillain, but has more recently taken the role of an antihero .

How the heck is he on the list? Not only is he not in the Teen Titans show, but he's not even a villain of the Teen Titans in the comics either.

Have to live up to your name deadshot does not

His the best assassin.

21 Ternion

He is Plasmus, Overdrive, and Cinderblock all together. He is good. The original Plasmus is better though.

22 Grandmother Willow


23 Killer Moth

I appreciate the show trying to make Killer Moth seem cool but I would've preferred if they just kept him a joke. That's kind of his appeal after all, that he thinks he's an a-lister despite sucking so much. That being said, great villain... But that costume. Ugh. Is he seriously a literal moth?

His daughter kitten is

the real villain

Come on, guys. Did anybody realize he was the most caring villain? Every villain were evil and did was really bad in more than one side. When I watched Date with Destiny, I found out how caring Killer Moth was. He cared about Kitten and protected her like a mother. Killer Moth would do anything for Kitten, as he sent a whole hive of moths to attack the Teen Titans just for Kitten. So, let’s see... I never saw him reject one of Kitten’s opinions, and he was respectful towards her. Then I saw him even caring about his own moths! Think of having a million minions. You would probably be like: “Why would so care for EVERY one of the minions? ” And then? I saw Killer Moth care about Silkie. He wanted the larva back, and he cared for him. That was the most surprising thing I saw on any villain. Like, is this possible? So overall I’m saying Killer Moth was by far the best and most caring villain you could ever think of.

24 Trident


25 Raven

I don't see how the HELL this is mother of pearl possible! I'm so confused over this vote. Raven defeated her father, Trigon, with her friends support. She's half demon AND hella powerful, mysterious, and future lover/wife of BB. No doubt...

For the people that are saying that RAVEN IS A HERO and all, hear me out. She is a hero AT TIMES. If she gets possessed by Trigon, that is when she is a villian. - shawnmccaul22

Raven is not a villan.


26 Malchior

This villian in my opinion is the best since he have an awesome dragon form that looks powerful and cool, he is also very intelligent, etc and he is my favorite character of all. I wish there's an alternate ending where he became good because this dragon is my favorite of all. ( Remember is my opinion). I just like his dragon form uwu.

27 Kyd Wykkyd

He is powerful, silent and super cool! I personally think he could beat every teen titan single-handed!

Kyd wykkyd is by far my favorite character and could probably defeat the teen titans

The closest this show has to Batman, and keep in mind, Kyd Wykkyd is a villain.

He's silent, mysterious and cool and he plays the role of a skilled thief best.
He's kinda like Chesire. stealthy, silent and awesome

28 Gizmo Gizmo

The baby who has toys right?

Boss baby

29 Madame Rouge

Her powers are kinda cool. Raven's is way better though.

30 Mother Mae-Eye

Very creepy

31 Atlas
32 Monsieur Mallah
33 Professor Chang


34 The Source

Worst villain ever

35 Phobia

Nobody knows who she is! Her only appearences are 3 cameos and that's it. She creates fear and illusions.

36 The Halloween Spirit

Don't put teen titans go on here! This is the original teen titans list😡 - Thecoolguy

37 Adonis
38 Krall
39 Private H.I.V.E.
40 Psimon
41 XL Terrestrial

Pretty cool and I think at the end of Titans Together he is seen groaning at Beast Boy's "brain freeze" joke, possibly defected

42 Rorek

He's not a villain. Malchior was just disguised as him - Thecoolguy

43 Punk Rocket

Don't talk about teen titans go.

This guy has a real cool name and his power is rock n roll what more is there, plus he looks hilarious in Teen Titans Go!

44 Dark Raven

WOW. Her dark... That would be horrible!

Dark Raven...did you mean the red raven in nevermore?

45 Nya-Nya

I wish she was a real character and didn't have to die.

46 Rose Wilson

I hope she kills the teen titans on TTG someday. Starting with Robin, I hope she cuts his head off. Then she beats Starfire to death and kicks Raven to death. Then she burns Beast Boy alive and blows Cyborg apart with a bazooka. I like villains anyway.

One of the fiercest...

Rose Wilson is not in teen titans

47 The Whisperer

Not a teen titans character! - Thecoolguy

She isn't really a villan. More like selfish and dumb.

Cute, but she is in the TTG crap world.

48 Witch

Who IS Witch?

49 Bob
50 Kitten
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