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21 Steve Fox

He is very capable of getting out of others attacks

Nobody can beat steve fox if you know real boxing guard and punch duck side step swap back style etccc

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22 Baek Doo San

His kicks really does gives you an advantage. His punch combos are also good to make enemies lie on the floor.

Baek doo san should be at no.01. I just become god by winning only 219 matches.his kicks are matchless to anyone else's.he can perform endless combos,etc,etc...

23 Zafina V 1 Comment
24 Feng Wei

Why is Nina #4, Feng is faster and stronger than her.

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25 Anna Williams Anna Williams

She's the best character since the beginning with all her fast and strong moves! She should be above nina!

She is the best character. Enough said

26 Lei Wulong

He is powerful because he attack on both on the face and on the leg

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27 Eddy

Great combos and fascinating fighting style.

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28 Devil Kazuya
29 Julia Chang Julia Chang V 1 Comment
30 Roger Jr.
31 Panda

Common. He's a panda. Singlehandedly being racist to him will get you thrown in the brig in China.

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32 Leo Kliesen

Leo is the best he should be above ling leo has a powerful attack that I won in many games

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33 Miguel

One of the most badass character of all times. His story makes me want to fight alongside him.

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34 Wang Jinrei

My favorite character because he's so versatile and easy to use. He has many fast juggle punches and a few powerful force punches with a lot of fast spin kicks

35 Robert Richards
36 Lucky Chloe
37 Kimochi Mishima
38 Asuka Kazama Asuka Kazama

Kevin Carlo His Favorite Character Is Asuka Kazama Because She Is Beautiful & Stronger.

Oh come on! We need Jin's sister side-by-side with him! Vote for the Badass Kazama Fighters!

Like what the hek u made Jin a way higher rank then her she is way stronger then him

Because I Know Her Fighting Combos
I Like her She is Strong To Me

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