Top 10 Banned Episodes of Kids Shows

When we think of kids shows, we don't think of banned episodes. While most episodes of kids shows are harmless and innocent, these episodes are not on the air in certain countries with some being all over the world.
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1 Electric Soldier Porygon (Pokémon)

In this episode, Ash and his friend travel into a transfer device to fix it. In cyberspace, Pikachu attacks missiles with his attack, causing an explosion.
Reason for ban: The strobe light effects after the attack was so intense it hurt people's brains. Hundreds of children in Japan suffered seizures, dizziness, and even temporary blindness is come cases. Pokemon ended up getting taken off the air for a few months because of this episode.

They could've slowed down the flashing colors. And also, how can port fob be causing all those flashing colors, it was all Pikachu?

2 See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey (The Powerpuff Girls)

In this episode, the three girls are manipulated by a gnome who offers them peace in the city at the cost of their powers, but when they learn about his true nature, they beat him.
Reason for ban: Rumors were going around that the reason for the episode being banned was because of the representation of Communism. But we later found out that the episode was banned because Cartoon Network claimed that the metal beams in the destroyed building looked too much like crosses and one of the hippies looked like Jesus. It was also banned because of the seizure moment.

3 Cuttin' Corners (Total Drama)

This was bad, and actually got banned in my country, Iceland. Why? In the episode, Izzy literally abuses Beth, Duncan, and Leshawna. Seems harmless irl, right? Wrong. Kids were acting like this in Iceland before I moved here and it caused several deaths. So the government had no choice but to ban it
UPDATE: This came from Total DramaRama, to be more specific.
UPDATE: It's now banned in Norway and Denmark

This episode was pretty dumb, in case you didn't know, this episode was pretty much Beth, Duncan, and Leshawna letting Izzy abuse them, just for corner pieces of a cake, which they don't even get

4 One Flu Over the Loud House (The Loud House)

What in gods name is THIS?!

They look like zombies.

Meanwhile, Lori here looks like she went through stickfigure city.

Got banned from airing in 2020 because of the theme of sickness mirroring the Covid-19 pandemic.

I love the Loud House but this episode looks terrifying in every way.

5 Rude Removal (Dexter's Laboratory)

I saw this episode on YouTube after hearing about it.

Banned because even though the swearing is bleeped, it's clear on what they are saying

6 Episode 847 (Sesame Street)

In this 1976 episode, the Wicked Witch of the West, played by Margaret Hamilton who played the same character in the Wizard of Oz, loses her broom while flying over Sesame Street. She threatens to turn Big Bird into a feather duster, David into a basketball, and electrocute Maria with her broomstick.
Reason for ban: It didn't take very long for parents to write complaints to Children's Television Workshop. Parents reported that their children were crying and screaming because they were frightened by the witch. Because of this, Children's Television Workshop made the decision to not re-air the episode and it has not aired since it's 1976 debut.

7 Conflict (Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood)

This show is no stranger when it comes to tackling tough subjects. Mr. Rogers even talked about shootings. In 1983, a week's worth of episodes seem to give kids a further study of the Cold War, this episode included.
Reason for ban: The storyline was too frightening to handle

I remember this being lost media for a long time.

8 Busted (Braceface)

Plot: Sharon wants to have bigger breasts so she can be seen as older so she buys a special bra that pumps up the size of her breasts until it malfunctions and grows so big until the breasts on the bra pops.

Reason for ban: Do I even have to explain you this?

Banned for being a boob-centered episode in which Sharon wants to be seen as older by buying a special bra that pumps up the size of her chest which literally blows up in her face when her bra malfunctions and grows so big until one of the breast on the bra pops.

9 Big Brother Caillou (Caillou)

Banned for the scene where Caillou violently pinches his baby sister Rosie causing her to cry out in pain and worse Caillou's dad literally does nothing to punish Caillou for his actions just polity asks him why he pinched Rosie.

this episode deserves ban forever because of the scene about Caillou violently pinched his sister Rosie, and Caillou needs to get punished for his actions or improve his behavior if he don't improve his behavior then he will be grounded forever.

I remember watching this episode on YouTube, and oh boy I hated it. because Caillou pinched his newborn baby sister who is Rosie. I basically hate all of Season 1 onward

10 Blue Cat Blues (Tom and Jerry)
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11 Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone (Arthur)

This is highly absurd and I say that as a tolerant Alabamian myself. If CN possesses this crappy mentality, they would've banned or at least dub homophobically of Steven universe. I love that show and I haven't seen it for a while. Homophobes need to grow up.

I wish the LGBT could just stop it with this. Like, your gay, we get it. And it's a big decision to make for yourself, but gosh can you stop forcing it on cartoons as well? Goodness gracious.

Banned in Alabama for obvious reasons.

12 Mister Skinnylegs (Peppa Pig)

Peppa Pig is the last show you would think of when it comes to controversial episodes. Peppa basically finds a spider and becomes friends with it after being scared of it at first. The intent of this episode was that spiders seem scary, but they can't really hurt you
Reason for ban: "They can't really hurt you"- good luck convincing Australia that. Australia is full of spiders that can actually harm you and for safety reason, the Australian government banned this episode.

I've heard that this episode was banned in Australia because in Australia, there are tons and tons of spiders that are dangerous, so it was the best choice for this episode to be banned there rather than see a child play with a spider.

13 Pingu's Dream (Pingu)

Reason for ban: The giant walrus-like creature featured in it looked terrifying to kids and gave them nightmares.

The creepy walrus was very disturbing. I thought it was a creepy-pasta but this is an actual aired episode. What?

I searched it up and I SHIVERED at first glance . I'm an older kid so I understand why younger kids get scared

14 One Beer (Tiny Toon Adventures)
15 Beauty and the Beach (Pokemon)

And the part where James says, "Maybe when you're older, you'll have a chest like this." Like how is she gonna have boobs that big?

We're back to Pokemon. In this episode, Misty enters a bikini contest and Team Rocket enters as well
Reason for ban: James' inflatable breasts

I have no words to say for this episode.

16 Room to Ride (Arthur)

Arthur decided to talk about cycling on city streets, and they turn to Lance Armstrong, a Tour de France Champion
Reason for ban: A few years later, Armstrong admitted to taking banned substances and was stripped of his titles. It was in the show's best interest to remove this episode as well.

17 Elephant Issues (Tiny Toon Adventures)

In a segment called "One Beer", Buster, Plucky, and Hamton drink beer to teach kids the "evils of alcohol", and they become drunk as a result of it.
Reason for ban: Do I even have to explain you this?

I'll always remember that part where they fly like angels into the sky. If I watched that when I was a kid, I would be terrified.

Pink Elephants on Parade would like to know your location.

18 All This and Rabbit Stew (Looney Tunes)

The short ends with Bugs tricking the hunter into gambling with a pair of dice and winning everything leaving the hunter in nothing but a leaf.

That episode was racist, it's a good thing that it is banned.

This cartoon is one of 11 that are banned for outdated racial stereotypes

19 Man's Best Friend (The Ren & Stimpy Show)

Reasons for ban: A scene with very graphic violence and tobacco references.

Holy god what is Ren doing to that guy?

20 Little Accidents (Pingu)

I don't know how many 90s kids are here, but anyone remember the show Pingu? It's a HIT Entertainment (Barney and Friends, Thomas, Bob the Builder are apart of it) show that features penguins who pretty much have their own language.
Reason for ban: This specific episode had too much toilet humor, especially for a show for little kids.

If this episode was banned then so should "hold if lazlo" from camp lazlo and "the vacation" from chowder for having so much toilet humor.

What about the episode that has the walrus? Eh...

21 Are You My Neighbor? (VeggieTales)

This episode was banned in the Arab world due to one of Egypt's neighboring countries being politically regarded as an enemy.

Never thought a Christian show for kids would REALLY have a banned episode until now.

22 Leap Frogs (Rocko's Modern Life)

I'm surprised that this show would have only ONE banned episode.

Banned for the whole Bev Bighead attempting to cheat on her husband Ed with Rocko.

23 The Joy (The Amazing World of Gumball)

The premise of this episode is that Gumball and Darwin become infected by a joy virus and then they spread it all around Elmore Junior High. This episode was banned because it relates too much to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

24 Buffalo Gals (Cow and Chicken)

Banned for the Buffalo Gals being depicted as stereotypical lesbians.

25 Rosie Bothers Caillou (Caillou)

Oh boy here we go with Caillou again, I didn't like it when Caillou pushed Rosie out of his room and also Rosie here has got a lot of explaining to do because she was hitting Caillou's bedroom door with a book. A BOOK?

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