Top 10 Best Cartoonito Shows

Welcome! Today we're gonna talk about Cartoonito. Whether the TV network or the programming block on Cartoon Network, Cartoonito is basically CN's attempt to create Nick Junior and Disney Junior. I've seen the block here in the US and thought it was pretty good compared to CN's previous attempts (compared to Tickle U) Anyhow, let's Go!

EDIT: This list has been in production since October and times have changed. With the introduction of the Moonbug shows, Cartoonito has seriously gone down the drain.
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1 Baby Looney Tunes Baby Looney Tunes is an American animated television series taking place in an alternate universe depicting the Looney Tunes characters as toddler and preschool versions of themselves. It was produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

Taking the gold spot on the list, we have Baby Looney Tunes! Like it or hate it, BLT is a show that not only Cartoonito's age demographic could enjoy, but also CN's audience. It's pretty inferior to the OG Looney Tunes, but I'd rather watch this over, say, Mickey Mouse Funhouse or Peppa Pig.

I remember watching this show on Boomerang back in 2015 when I was 9, and I enjoyed it. It's a pretty good preschool show if you ask me.

2 Pocoyo Pocoyo is a Spanish animated television series targeted at preschool children. Created by Guillermo García Carsí, the series debuted in 2005 and features a young boy named Pocoyo exploring the world around him. The show uses simple and colorful animation and is known for its educational themes, focusing... read more

Taking the silver spot on the list, we have Pocoyo. You probably might've heard of him if you watched Peep and the Big Wide World on PBS Kids. Pocoyo revolves around a young boy and his animal friends going on wild adventures. The show is mostly silent and lacks a script, so it gives me early 1920s cartoon vibes.

3 Mush-Mush and the Mushables

Third on the spot, we have Mush-Mush. Mush-Mush is a show revolving around a pack of nature guardians. One often gets into a problem, and the rest try to help them.

What I like about this show is that it's fun and reminds me of a mix between Nature Cat and Arthur. Not to mention that this show can get on the comedic side at times. The CGI (for a preschool show) actually doesn't look like a bootleg Nintendo 64 game (unlike some shows. I'm looking at you, Cocomelon).

4 Bing

Next up, we have Bing. Hey, isn't that the search engine by Microsoft? Yes, but actually no. The Bing I'm talking about is a British animated show that originally aired on CBeebies before moving to Cartoonito.

Bing revolves around a rabbit (I think. As far as I'm aware, Bing kinda looks like a Mametchi rip-off) and his elephant friend, as well as a dog that appears to be the narrator.

5 Lucas the Spider

Lucas the Spider is another wholesome show on Cartoonito. While it is very bizarre to see a live-action show on Cartoon Network, it's still a surprisingly solid show that beats Cocomelon in almost every department. Too bad the show was imported from YouTube. But hey, at least it's not another Moonbug show!

6 Love Monster

Love Monster is another pretty wholesome show. The series revolves around a kind red monster who solves problems he encounters in a calm way. Much like sister series Bing, Love Monster first aired on CBeebies. For those wondering, that network is like PBS Kids but yellow. It's a fun and creative show that is one of the block's more underrated shows (especially with all of the Moonbug shows).

7 Care Bears: Unlock the Magic

Next up, we have Care Bears: Unlock the Magic. Sure, it may not be as good as the original 80s series or Welcome to Care-a-Lot, but it's still a surprisingly decent show that holds the legacy of Saturday morning cartoons ever since the big four ditched them in 2016.

Much like other CNito shows, Unlock the Magic's primary focus is to educate young children about social skills, and they do it much better than Nick Jr. does. Overall, Unlock the Magic is a decent show in the Care Bears franchise.

8 Mecha Builders

Mecha Builders is the first Cartoonito original series to air on the block, and honestly, it's pretty good! Mecha Builders revolves around a trio of Sesame Street monsters we've known since their debuts: the annoying yet very iconic Elmo, the cute and charming Abby, and the clumsy (though surprisingly smart) Cookie Monster.

Each episode revolves around a problem, and it's up to the trio to save the day! Hopefully, this show will put the giant hog of a show known as Cocomelon to rest.

9 Esme and Roy

Esme and Roy is one show on CNito that I honestly forgot about. The series revolves around a girl named Esme and her monster friend named Roy as they babysit young monsters. It's honestly an alright concept, but the series never got past the second season (which is a pretty bad quality of Sesame Workshop. Literally anything that doesn't star that red imp never gets past the second season).

10 Mia's Magic Playground
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11 Messy Goes to Okido

Messy Goes to Okido is a show on the CNito section of HBO Max. As for Messy's case, Messy Goes to Okido is the only show on the list that teaches math. An actual educational show is pretty rare for a modern preschool show, which is why Messy gets a mention.

The series also has surprisingly good animation, and the main protagonist is pretty likable. So, Okido, you are one alright show.

12 Lu and the Bally Bunch

Hey everyone, Tamagotchidude229 here, and Lu and the Bally Bunch is probably the best Cartoonito show that aired in 2023, ever since Baby Looney Tunes and Pocoyo were Thanos-snapped out of the network.

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