Top 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials (2024)

Super Bowl 58 is in the books. It was a pretty great game overall. After starting off slowly, it finished strong.

Besides the game, the ads are always fun to watch. Let's see what kind of ads companies made, considering they were paying 7 million dollars for just 30 seconds of ad time to promote themselves to the world.

Here's which companies did it best:
The Top Ten
1 State Farm “Like a Good Neighbaa”

I've grown a bit tired of the same State Farm commercials, but this was a breath of fresh air. This commercial was a trailer for an action movie called Agent State Farm, starring a guest cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger who has trouble pronouncing the R in their famous slogan Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. This ruins take after take until they come up with a solution to feature Danny DeVito at the end.

Terminator: Hasta la vista, baby.

2 Paramount+ “Mountain of Entertainment”

This commercial was teased early, and I have to say, I found it entertaining for what it was worth. Paramount+ showed off a variety of characters from shows they offer. Patrick Stewart sold it for me with his "Throw the Child" and "Shut your face" lines. These were pretty funny, as well as the Creed appearance. And them singing "I just threw him higher!"

3 BetMGM “Tom Has Won Enough”

Even if you're not the gambling type or in a state where sports betting is illegal, this ad was humorous. It threw some playful jabs at the NFL's best quarterback in history, Tom Brady, while spreading the message that everyone is welcome to join BetMGM's platform, granted they are of legal age in an eligible state.

4 Uber Eats “Don’t Forget”

Uber Eats featured a lot of celebrities in this entertaining ad, where in order to remember something, you have to forget something else. With a Friends reference, Usher, and Jelly Roll all featured, it was quite memorable and entertaining.

5 NFL “Born to Play”

The NFL's ad itself was pretty decent overall, with the message of trying to spread the game in international markets. We see players like Justin Jefferson, Saquon Barkley, and Cameron Jordan running through an open market area in Accra, Ghana, as they follow a young boy chasing his dream. It was a wholesome ad overall.

6 Budweiser "Old School Delivery"
7 Dunkin Donuts “Dunkings”

The commercial was pretty vibrant and entertaining. Ben Affleck creates a boy band called the DunKings to try and impress Jennifer Lopez during a recording session. Matt Damon and Tom Brady also make cameo appearances here. For a Dunkin' Donuts commercial, it was funny enough.

8 Volkswagen "An American Love Story"
9 Doritos Dinamita “Dina and Mita”

Doritos normally has a memorable Super Bowl ad, and this was no exception. After a guy takes the last bag of Dinamita Doritos, two older ladies chase after him to get it back. It becomes a memorable classic fight for the last bag of Doritos, including crashing into the guy's car and breaking into his apartment to zip-lining down to steal the bag.

10 BMW "Talkin Like Walken"
The Contenders
11 Michelob ULTRA "Superior Beach"
12 Pluto TV “Couch Potatoes”

This commercial is set on a farm with farmers growing potatoes, but not just any potatoes, couch potatoes. I'll say it was a clever ad that may have been corny, but it was decent enough. Definitely more amusing than my monthly streaming subscription cost.

13 M&M's "Almost Champions"
14 Popeyes “The Wait is Over”

Popeyes is a newcomer to the Super Bowl advertising game, and they made a pretty memorable one. Ken Jeong gets unfrozen to discover Popeyes' new Chicken Wings. Then he gets to interact with some new technologies, which makes for some entertaining scenes. My favorites were the Roomba scene and the self-driving car scene.

15 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “American Values 2024”
16 Skechers “No Mr T”

Here we had a pretty entertaining ad with Tony Romo saying that Skechers doesn't have a T in the name. Then, Mr. T comes in to promote the slip-on shoes and argue that there should be a T in Skechers. No points for creativity, as it wasn't the most creative commercial ever, but it was entertaining enough to make me chuckle a little bit.

17 He Gets Us "Foot Washing"
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