Top 10 Ted Lasso Season 3 Predictions

I do not know any spoilers. This is just what I predict will happen in Season 3 of Ted Lasso. Feel free to comment on any of these if you like. For those that haven't seen the show, there are few SPOILERS in here.
The Top Ten
1 AFC Richmond defeats West Ham

Knowing what happened at the end of Season 2 with Nate bailing out and heading to West Ham, my feeling tells me West Ham and Richmond will meet in a few matches during Season 3. West Ham will win the first meeting, but Richmond responds with the biggest win in the last game.

2 Nate will leave West Ham after one season

Nate, who is blinded by this perception that he was pushed aside by Ted and wanting power as a manager, will come to a realization that he was appreciated for what he contributed to Richmond. Eventually, he sees his mistake and winds up leaving West Ham to rejoin Richmond.

3 Ted Lasso resigns from Richmond and Roy is promoted manager

As much as Ted Lasso has enjoyed his job at Richmond, by the end of the series, he will resign from his managerial duties mostly because he got another job offer. Beard as always will join Ted with him while Roy will wind up replacing Ted as the new manager for Richmond.

4 Richmond wins Premier League

This is a long shot because Richmond just got promoted to the Premier League. But, they have momentum and can make a push to with the title in the third season.

5 Roy and Keeley marry

Even though the two are currently not together due to commitments, they are still able to find a way to be endgame by the series' finale.

6 Beard and Jane get together

Even though we hardly saw moments of Beard and Jane other than chess talk and dancing, it's very likely they wind up getting together in the end.

7 Rupert gets arrested

At some point, Rebecca's ex-husband Rupert will be given a shocking exit by being arrested for some controversy that has yet to be revealed. Of course, this will be a perfect way for him to get justice.

8 The Richmond fans at the pub go to a Richmond game

Sure, they went to the pitch one night when no one was around, but at the ultimate game, they get to sit in the stands.

9 Jamie Tartt scores winning goal

More than likely, if Richmond does beat West Ham, it will be Jamie Tartt that nets the winning goal for the club.

10 Richmond goes up against an international team

It would be pretty nice to see Richmond take on a foreign club like Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, or perhaps the Los Angeles Galaxy.

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