Top 10 Worst Super Bowl Commercials (2024)

The Super Bowl provides an opportunity for companies to showcase their products and brand to the world. However, it comes at a hefty price for a brief period of exposure.

Here are the companies that missed the mark with their advertising campaigns. "Worst" might not be the appropriate term, as only a few ads were truly awful. Most of these were mediocre ones from which I had expected better.
The Top Ten
1 Temu "Shop Like a Billionaire"

Temu, a Chinese shopping app, ran the same annoying advertisement several times throughout the game. The shop like a billionaire jingle was so annoying. Literally shoving your app down our throats isn't going to get people to support you.

Doesn't Temu already have a pretty poor reputation as it is anyway? This ad wasn't even that creative or visually impressive. Did A.I. make this commercial?

I was just in shock at first, and then started laughing. Hell must have frozen over because this ad was shown not once, but four times.

2 Starry "It's Time to See Other Sodas"

I guess the main takeaway here was the Ice Spice appearance? This commercial just felt awkward and not that great. I kinda expected more.

The whole breakup thing doesn't even try to be funny. The commercial feels rushed in a way. Definitely not the worst but far from the best, and a very forgettable commercial at best.

3 Squarespace "Hello Down There"

So, this commercial was supposed to be a hypothetical alien invasion, but everyone is too attached to their mobile devices to notice or care. You can kind of make out where Squarespace was going with this idea, but honestly, they didn't do a real good job of associating the company and the commercial. This one could've easily been good if they just would have, you know, created some sort of connection.

Feels like they didn't quite connect all the dots on this one.

4 Oreos "Twist On It"

The theme of this ad is twisting an Oreo to make critical decisions. It's not terrible, just feels like it misses the mark on what Oreo's brand slogan is. I don't get how this follows the whole "Stay Playful" slogan.

I guess I just expected something more from Oreos. This ad left me feeling like, "That's it?"

5 Pringles "Mr. P"

Not a bad commercial, but literally the entire premise is, Hey, look, Chris Pratt looks like the Pringles guy! It's a fine concept but feels empty. I think they could have done something more interesting with this idea than what we ended up seeing.

6 Drumstick Ice Cream "Doctor on the Plane"

For a debut Super Bowl ad for Drumstick, this one was a swing and a miss in my opinion. We get an Eric André cameo as he portrays a sick man on an airplane. Then we see a creepy mini action figure man, "Dr. Umstick," who magically distributes Drumstick ice cream cones to everybody on board, except André, who is left to suffer and feel miserable.

The only thing this ad accomplished is reminding me that traveling on an airplane is terrible.

7 "Worth Celebrating" had three separate ads running through the course of the game, and none really managed to hit it out of the park by any means. They brought in Dan Levy from "Schitt's Creek," but it just didn't seem to work like they were hoping.

The ads seemed a little all over the place and lacked any real cohesiveness.

8 Nerds "Gummy Clusters"
9 LINDOR Truffles "Life is a Ball"

I understand Valentine's Day is around the corner. You could have done a funny skit or something more memorable with that. What we got was a very forgettable commercial at best, that honestly lulled me to sleep.

It's not a bad commercial by any means, but it definitely falls short in the "memorable" category.

10 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. "American Values 2024"

This has to take the cake for the most bizarre advertisement of the whole Super Bowl. What was it supposed to even be? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. touting his candidacy for the presidency? Just copy and paste the "Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy" ad straight from JFK's presidential campaign, why don't you?

This ad came so far out of left field I was just left there like, what did I even witness?

The Contenders
11 He Gets Us "Foot Washing"
12 Coors Light "Chill Train"

The shot at Corona was funny, I'll give them that. However, the rest of this ad was pretty lame and just kinda forgettable, to be honest. L.L. Cool J acts as the conductor of the "Chill Train," which delivers Coors Lights and eventually crashes into a suburban living room.

Not horrible but not great. Sure, it was a throwback, but did anyone even notice?

13 Hellmann's "Mayo Cat"
14 Verizon “You Can’t Break Beyoncé”
15 Bud Light "Easy Night Out"
16 Avocados from Mexico "The Garden of Eden"
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