Best Horror Movies of All Time

The Top Ten Best Horror Movies of All Time

1 The Exorcist

By far best of this genre ever. Even if you ignore the gruesome special effects, the movie was still superbly acted and directed. Everything else is distant second.

By far the one that stands out. I watched it ONE time and have never watched it again and I'm 42. Other movies about possession don't bother me, to a point, as much as this one did. Deservedly so, Aliens is in the top 10. Poltergeist (the clown scene) is the still the reason I can't STAND clowns to this day. IT should be higher as well. Paranormal Activity (1) deserves it's spot as that movie kept me on the edge of my seat and my wife afraid to sleep at night! JAWS needs to be higher on the list... Great directing, acting, etc. Plus I was afraid to go in the ocean for years after seeing it in the theater! - SociallyxxDistorted

It's the movie considered by me as the scariest shooted in real style... Awesome one

Set the bar 50 years ago. No other horror movie been as powerful, well acted, well directed, and truly dark as the exorcist. The standard inwich spiritual horror movies are measured upon.

2 The Shining

This movie is great! People are voting for other movies because there scarier but this is not about being scary, its about being good. And this movie tops the whole list! Other great horror movies are The Exorcist, Black Christmas, High Tension, Halloween, Alien, Evil Dead, A nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Poltergeist, Misery, The Cabin In The Woods, REC, Jaws, Dead Alive, Carrie, An American Werewolf in London and Psycho.

There's no beating this one. The casting, the acting, the soundtrack, the effects, the overall tension it builds, all simply perfection. Jack Nicholson is simply the best at crazy character roles, and the things Shelly Duvall went through during filming was heartbreaking, but gave us the most terrified performance I've ever seen. Even Danny Lloyd was great as a child actor. This film doesn't cheap you out on jumpscares or lazy effects like many do nowadays, Kubrick had a vision, and by god he made it a reality. He builds such a crazy yet intense atmosphere, even I found myself shivering at times, and I watch horror all the time. I can't get this film out of my head, it answers questions by giving us so many more mysteries to unfold. Overall, 11/10, my favourite movie

What people don't realize how great The Shining is looking at the pure horror outlook of it or just looking at how incredible it is nonetheless. People will rip on it and say it was nothing like the book, but every time I watch the shining it just brings me back, it's like a journey. Not only did it have a suspensive intriguing story, but it had incredible directing by my all time favorite director, Stanley Kubrick, was shot at a really interesting setting; The Timberline Lodge known as the Overlook hotel, and had some incredible actors in it that all did great such as Jack Nicholson, Scatman Crothers, Joe Turkel, and Philip Stone. Now beside from it being in the Horror genre (my favorite), the movie is still one of my all time favorites without question, and when you look at it, all these supernatural and Slasher films don't stand a chance. - Beatlesboy9

The Exorcist is scary but this movie is creppy but better than The Exorcist, should number 1 - vettel7

3 Halloween

Come on people Halloween is the best one out of all the others because Michael Myers is pure evil! You'll all see what I'm talking about after 08/31/07. Halloween indeed is the creator of all slasher films, if it wasn't 4 this movie... Nightmare on elm street, friday the 13, and all those so-called "Scariest movies" would not exist! So think again and vote for Halloween

I like your opinion, but I like a nightmare on elm street the most. - robertoiglesias271

The slasher genre wouldn't exist if not for this John Carpenter masterpiece. Watch the original before you judge.

By far the best, honestly I think it surpasses the horror list and goes straight to the list of greatest films of all time. Don't let the all the sequels and spin-offs tarnish this classic.

I was forced to watch this when I was younger and somehow loved it. - JoMama163

4 A Nightmare on Elm Street

Silence of the Lambs wasn't even scary to me. I actually laughed at one point. THIS will scare you. You won't be able to sleep. I had a nightmare with him in it when I LEAST expected. That's why I'm typing this as a ghost. Or something.

"The ultimate fear... the fear of going to sleep. - aman28

Because of Freddy I can't sleep the day I watched "Nightmare on Elm Street" he was very scary

What this list is so stupid I might have laughed through the whole thing oh wait that's what I did! This is not even remotely close to being scary! A 8 year old seen it and do you know what they asked if this movie was a comedy for kids! This list is the worst. Whoever made this must have cotton for a brain. They should be ashamed! - steelers1979

5 Alien

the great sci fi horror of all time, this movie when it came out, it established that maybe Aliens are not too friendly like E. T.

The fact that this is below nightmare on elm street is insulting. Alien is not only the best horror movie of all time, but one of the best films ever made. What really separates alien from the other films on this list is the beautiful cinematography, masterfully crafted tension, and interesting cast of characters. The people in this movie aren't stereotypes or dumb teenagers, but real people who go through real growth throughout the course of the film. Not to mention it had a badass sequel in Aliens as well.

What's wrong with this top 10! Straight to DVD films and remakes? And let's not forget a certain over-appreciated gore franchise that spawned 7 agonizing sequels... Oh yeah Alien is awesome. Best movie monster ever conjured and one of the most suspenseful movies ever made with imagery that haunts to this day.

This list has seem to have forgotten there's a difference between being the greatest and being the scariest. This movie is great AND it is scary. That is a big enough accomplishment to earn it top five status. - Justintime221

6 Psycho

Sir Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense, gives us Psycho, the chilling tale of Marion Crane, who was gruesomely murdered at the Bates Motel, while on the run from the law for stealing 40,000 dollars. The soundtrack is chillingly perfect, and the acting is superb. Who did it? Was it Norman Bates, the boyishly charming owner of the motel? No, it couldn't be. But, his mother seems a little bit suspicious.

Psycho is #6... I expected this from this world today. May I ask you, where horror movies would have been today if it weren't for Psycho? Without Psycho, there would be no Exorcist, The Shining, Silence Of The Lambs, and more. Hitchcock's Psycho redefined this genre of horror. It's still a pretty scary movie despite it being over 50+ years old. It also has one of the best plot twists ever in movie/book history.

AFI's top horror movie of all time, and it doesn't even crack the top ten? That's a problem.

No horror lsit would be complete without this one I hate the motel with the house on the hill

7 The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs is easily hands down the best horror movie I've ever watched. The movie itself doesn't throw countless buckets of gore at you, so when the movie actually does use gore, they use it very effectively and it can scare you much more. This movie also never had a dull moment in my opinion. The movie is one of the few movies that I can say never gets a bit uninteresting. With the help of genius characters and dialogue, the movie boils a slowly growing feeling of suspense, and that feeling stays for the whole movie. On top of all of this, it doesn't feel the need to drench you with horror cliches and unoriginal plot points. This movie is a true original. Not only are the plot and characters very twisted and disturbing, but you can also clearly tell the plot was very carefully mapped out and must have took an extreme amount of effort. All these elements put together and you have a cinematic gen and a horror classic that will be remembered for all of eternity.

It won film of the year, no other horror has done that, therefore this is the best. Scary for all the right reasons and a story that has quality, who could ask for more.

Gore and lots of blood is nice, like Evil Dead, Saw, Friday the 13th,...
The best horror movies are those with fewer blood and no gore, like The Shining, It, Alien, Psycho, Rosemary's Baby,...
Silence of the Lambs is upper-class.
2 terrifying murderers, excellent portrayed by Levine and Hopkins.
Best role of those 2. Lecter is downright scary, while Bill is... Also scary.
Jodie Foster and the rest of the cast were near perfection.
To conclude, the dialogue was excellent.
Silence of the Lambs deserves a top 3 spot.


8 Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Okay, most films in the top ten deserve to be there but I'm sorry, this is THE best horror film. It works outside of the horror genre as a film itself. Maybe some films are scarier, but this was revolutionary in it's time. The makers of this films were daring, this film pushed boundaries and is an absolutely iconic piece of art.

A perfect horror movie. it's so realistic and shocking. the story feels real and the acting is really great. what I also love about this movie is that there is some truth to it. there are people like Leatherface and his family out in the world, and that we could end up in this situation. and it could be the scariest experience of your entire life.

Could? I think you mean WILL be the scariest experience of your entire life! - happyhappyjoyjoy

Horror movies don't scare me, I have a dark sense of humour so I usually laugh at them. Voting Chainsaw Massacre because Leather face was inspired by real life killer, Edward Gein. (I know Psycho and various others are inspired by him but I like this representation the best, it's the closest and darkest) I'm intrigued by serial killers from a psychological standpoint.

This happens to be the best horror movie ever made. I mean almost everyone will be scared of a mental, crazy, chainsaw wielding, man who wears HUMAN skin as a mask and his sadistic family of cannibals! Jeez I certainly thought it was to horrifying to be real but it was (look up Ed Gein) this is a masterpiece directed by Tobe Hooper

9 Scream

This movie totally gave the slasher genre (and really all horror) new life and started a new trend of smart suspense-driven horror movies. The entire franchise is classic!

Amazing movie, much suspense. Way better than friday the thirteenth.

This is my best movie at all bit I don't think that's a horror movie but it's still best than friday 13 or night on elm street

To me, this was the perfect slasher movie satire/homage by all standards. Even the sequels, ironically enough, were actually pretty good.

10 Saw

It's ah-may-zing! Who doesn't want to watch a lot of torture in one movie that has such a great plot if you take the time to watch it?!

something about this movie...GIVES ME THE CHILLS it's not the scariest I don't think but, that GORE IS TERRIFYING

How is this not number 1? Texas Chainsaw Massacre is weird, In Scream, Billy and Stu act like they're mentally ill at the end but it's still very good, The Shining is weird with that kid who talks to his fingers but it's a great movie, all the others in the top 10 are awesome but Saw is a masterpiece. Not just the first film, all 8 were truly thrilling to watch.

Saw is not necessarily the scariest movie, but it is a GREAT movie if you want to see some gore. The story is also very good for it being 7 movies long. The end was such a twist, I loved it. The reverse bear trap was the BEST, its too bad we don't see it actually work until the second time. This movie deserves to be on the top ten.

The Contenders

11 The Thing

One of the most realistically gory and brutal films ever made for 1982 everything look real. Especially when that guys head comes of and starts crawling like a spider that was amazing. Should be number 2 on this list just most people don't know how gory this film is. - SVGPLAGUE

The greatest film of all time! The special effects are great! I personally think that there isn't a horror film like it. No one is safe because they don't trust each other! Definitely watch this!

Just watched it and it's defiantly in my top 10. The movie gives off a strong sense of paranoia because they don't know who has been infected with the thing/alien life form at any given moment. This paranoia is demonstrated by phenomenal and realistic acting. Not to mention the special effects for this movie is off the charts, especially considering it was released in 1982.

This movie is the pioneer of the Paranoia genre. Still can't figure out how people chose E. T over this Movie. anyway the visual effects where 20 years ahead of it's time

12 Jaws

So sharks don't really kill a lot of people but you probably thought twice about jumping in the water

It was the beginning of the blockbuster era, but what a cool beginning. Action excitement, terror, a few laughs, it had it all. Spielberg at his best. And the clincher: relatable characters and great acting.

It wasn't that scary, besides the fact you didn't want to go in the ocean, but this list is about the best horror movies not the scariest and this was a great movie and should be higher on the list

This movie had a very high budget when it came out and many people liked it. It definitely made a lot of people afraid to go into the water. It has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

13 Paranormal Activity

PA1 scared you, whether you admit it or not. It did. Now PA2, PA3, PA4 and I'm sure the uneagerly expected PA5 are quite different stories. They were pumped out as fast as Mel B pumps out kids. No thought to the story & terrible, terrible acting... Now the acting in the first WAS sub-par, but it didn't affect the overall movie in such a huge way it was unwatchable, unlike the other three. Please dear god. No more. But back to the point, great movie. Kept most of us up googling demonology and eye witness accounts of ghosts, I think.

Very good movie, its pretty scary :=)

This was scary as hell doors slamming lights turning on footprints in the talcum powder and the guy thrown at the camera at the end it is scary as hell!

I went to the movie theatre with my best friend to see this. We thought it would be FUBAR... I nearly S*** my pants. He was so scared that he fainted and they had a paramedic take him away and everything. I don't know if I can say anything else about how scary this movie is

14 The Omen

How the hell can paranormal activity be higher than this masterpiece?

This is a vote for the 1976 "The Omen." Not that two bit hack job that opened on 6/6/06. This movie freakin traumatized me the first time I saw it. It sent Christians into counselling. - gaki

Great movie! I love it. It is good picture and quality for a older movie. I even like the idea. Time to find Damien: Omen II! - thrillerlover

If this is only number 18 then it's sadly underrated. A top ten horror film for sure. My personal favourite..

15 Friday the 13th

Really? Number 15? What do you think of the 3 most famous horror movie slashers?
Halloween, A nightmare on elm street and Friday the 13th, should have been 3rd.

Jason is my fave character everr. his movie is scary but that makes it cool

Friday the 13th is really good but everyone talks about Jason when he is not in the 1st one

I grow up watching scary movies and Friday the 13th is by far the best scary movies I seen I never wanted to go to summer camp after watching these movies.

16 The Hills Have Eyes

I love the original movie by Wes Craven

The film keeps you wondering what the hell is gonna happen next! And you feel so much pity for the victims at a point! Great film.

These film is based on true story and it is one of the scariest movie which I had been never seen in my life.

Remake was a lot better than the original. Great story and quite disturbing like a horror film should be. - JamesNicholls

17 Stephen King's It

I'm going to be perfectly honest, I really didn't like this film. It's very melo-dramatic, the characters seem like they're going insane rather than all of this actually happening, and Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the most overrated horror movie villain of all time! All he does is stand around, look threatening, and does nothing. If it's killed half the other people in town, how come it can't just kill these kids off? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Why I vote for this? Dude, it's a clown with razorsharp teeth, if that is not scary...

Seriously this is the only movie listed here that scared me. I it and the poltergeist. I hate clowns. - aman28

Tim Curry's Pennywise is both hilarious, fun and terrifying. However, it's just the villain that is great. The movie is AWFUL! The new movie may not have Tim Curry, but at least it's got excellent actors, a great story and amazing atmospheric ambiance to add to the horrific 80s setting which is awesome. Please, avoid this film at all cost - Watch YouTube clips with Tim Curry's Pennywise instead - and go see the new film. You won't regret it. - Daviddv0601

18 The Grudge

It seriously freaked me out... watching the movie at night alone was the stupidest decision of my life... couldn't sleep without the lights on for a couple of days... the background music itself freaks you out...

It has a weird deformed chick that is dead, might add and the sound she makes gets stuck in your head for weeks!

I voted for saw because I never knew this was on the list. BUT IF YOU WANT A SCARY MOVIE I RECOMMEND THE GRUDGE!

This was the first horror movie I ever watched and it was so scary I had to go bed midway I was 7 years old but I did eventually end up watching the whole movie with my brother.

It's so scary and it doesn't take too long for it to get exciting. This horror movie is underrated just because it is old. Seriously every horror fan should watch this. Spoiler the beginning is a bite of a shock. Watch the English version though. This film is so scary that they made a game of it online. This other then saw and Halloween will always be the best horror movie I have ever seen. If you call yourself a horror fan yet haven't watched this then your no horror fan I guarantee you will get scared. Even when you watch it the second time it is still scary and that often doesn't happen with many horror films but after 10 times watching it I know everything that will happen so its ...more

It is really very scary Japnese movie... If we want to enjoy gener of movie see movie at night alone with home theatre

19 The Conjuring

The scariest movie I've ever seen in my life

True horror should be based on a true story like The Conjuring...

A well-done old school horror flick.

Scariest movie ever! And based on a true story! What else do you want?

20 The Ring

This movie didn't scare me, but it made me cry. Hopefully I'm not the only one here that feels horrible for Samara...

Oh...! Really the horror 1... After watching this movie I could not sleep that whole nigt... In 1 word it was"totally horror"...

This is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen I won't ever forget anything like this, watch this with the lights on you won't be able to sleep tonight.

This movie is the best! Their making a 3rd 1! So cool O. O - BrokenSong

21 Suspiria

Favorite movie ever! Last film shot in Technicolor

The original was awesome! The reboot sucks though. - awesomedp900

The soundtrack... - Mnsdjjfijf

Weird as hell!

22 Night of the Living Dead

Romero created zombies with this movie! How many directors can claim they started a whole new creature/genre? Back then it was bold and new. And I just watched the documentary, filming was so challenging, they weren't sure they would even finish it. they had no budget so they used locals for zombies, the crew worked as actors as well (for example the actor who played the douche in the movie was also producer and make-up artist), many scenes were improvised and budget for sound mixing was won last minute with a game of chess! Geez and it became one of the most iconic film ever. Quite an accomplishment!

This movie began the "zombie" genre which runs amok today and should be ranked in the top ten! Night of the Living Dead is The Walking Dead's granddaddy! Not scary? You've got to be kidding! The innate fright is multiplied greatly due to the film being in black & white. Incredibly creepy and original! - Terrax

Not that scary but the part where the zombie girl kills and eats her own mother will freak you out

Best horror movie I ever saw

23 Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Its just unbeaten...
Bruce campbell shows his real talent...
He is just unbelievable...! 11

This should be in the TOP 10!

Swallow this.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE - MaxAttack333

24 Dawn of the Dead

No other zombie film can compare to this. Absolute classic!

The Best of zombie movie in the world

25 Wrong Turn

this the best horror movie I have ever seen... second and third part are awesome...

Ugh cannibalism freaks me out BIG time! and how they look *shivers* - misskikii

It was a very disgusting movie... Someone eating the flesh of another person is not at all scary... The starting was good enough to convince the people that the movie is full of suspense... But gradually the movie lost the public's interest!

Wrong turn was brilliant. I bet I've seen it over a 100 times and I still get something from it every time I watch it, it will forever be my favorite movie. If you're looking for a good 83 minutes of your time, you won't regret using it on this movie.

26 The Thing (1982)

Wow, Shawn13 doesn't have great taste. See No Evil and My Bloody valentine? Are you serious? They aren't remotely scary or good movies. There are some good ones like Friday The 13th and Halloween (unless they are the remakes) but this guy needs to watch better movies.

Already on this list - germshep24

Its really awesome. The things showed thought to have set by good innovative person.

This movie is already on 9th spot. This is not the remake. - Olive855

27 Misery

Misery is a full tale of fear delivered from the Master of Horror, Stephen King, adapted into a compelling film by Rob Reiner. At first, Paul Sheldon, a famous author who has recently been injured in a car crash, sees Annie Wilkes, a former nurse in a secluded cabin, as a godsend. But then, Paul kills off Misery Chastain, Annie's favorite character, in his newest book. From the fact that Ms. Wilkes is always watching to the terrifying ankle breaking scene, Misery is a true fright from start to finish.

Stephen kings best movie, other than the shining. Kathy bates oscar winning role will never fail to scare the crap out of you. This is a classic horror movie

Creepy because it could happen - blackflower

28 An American Werewolf in London

The wolf in't even looking like a werewolf or wolf. I tought it was a dog LOL - XtheXlmao

This film had me jumping with fright! Not to mention rick baker's amazing transformation.

It is a genuinely scary movie, the transformation scene is yet to be bettered, a complete story

Have you ever tried talking to a corpse? It's boring. - AwesomeJ1800

29 Poltergeist

The clown scene is one of those moments that reminds me you can never beat a first time watching a horror film, never. Even after watching it multiple times that scene is still scary... Amazing film! - Mnsdjjfijf

I have read so many reviews and seriously it's really very scariest and scariest movie. you can't take it really... If you really want to be scared I must say do watch it

Has the perfect amount of scary. Has you scared even when you think it's the end.

This should easily be in the top ten - happyhappyjoyjoy

30 Carrie

I really like this movie. It wasn’t that scary and it was a little slow but it was great. I was really mad when the bucket of blood fell on Carrie, so I was quite happy when Carrie got her revenge! I like when she killed Chris, my least favorite.

The only movie to make me cry. It is so disturbing and emotional. That jump scene at the end is one hell of a jump scene!

I don’t know which was scarier, the wide eyed Carrie on stage or her hand coming out of the grave? This was one of the greatest revenge movies ever.

The book was great - blackflower

31 Insidious

When it comes to the old school horror movies like the Exorcist and The Shining, I was never really scared by them but rather intrigued and thrilled by the development. They weren't movies that actually had a major effect on me as far as paranoia. This movie, however, really screwed me up. After watching it, I had a hard time sleeping for the night. Insidious is not only scary, but it gives off that frightening atmosphere that there is something in your home that's about to jump at you in any minute. Any horror film that puts that kind of effect on someone is what really makes it successful, in my opinion. - Mcgillacuddy

I have seen almost every movie on this list, I don't scare easy but this movie almost made me piss myself like 12 different times. Left me lying in bed staring at the door making sure nothing was coming in.

Y is this movie so down below in the list... And look at the movies which r on the top... Is this a list of top horror movies or what? What's wrong with people they r voting for saw... COME ON

Ill personally keep it on 1st. All the classic horror fan following is just bs to me. No horror movie can be like this. Insidious is just horror and horror from the beginning till the end. The soundtrack alone is enough to give you sleepless nights. Watch the movie alone in the middle of night and slowly the horror surrounds you for many nights. It might induce you sleep paralysis beware.

32 Halloween (1978)

Amazing. A truly epic Horror flick. - Cookiecutter26

Another repeat - germshep24

33 Rosemary's Baby

This is the best horror movie ever, smart, scary and bizarre at the same time, I hate those people who thinks this movie is boring and cg movies are good.

It's the best horror movie of all time along with the exorcist.

Well no need to describe its greatness its scary and as well as have a good story to keep you connected and in the you get surprised.

It was a total waste of time. No on-screen deaths, no scary faces, no jump scares. Why all say that it was so good?

34 Child's Play

Other movie creators: since it's forgotten and dated, we can remake it! > - XtheXlmao

In my opinion the best ever horror film. The animatronics were amazing! And in my opinion the best ever horror film ever made.

The First Time I Saw the Movie I was 11 back then. Chucky Mostly Made my 6 year old sister piss her pants. When Chucky Came To Life and said, Hi I'm Chucky Wanna Play!. My Sister Ran Out Of The Theater Screaming. She Had Nightmares That Night. She Dreamed That Chucky Would Open her bedroom door climb onto the bed and gouge out both of her eyes.

This movie is a classic. Used to scare the hell outta me when I was a little kid

35 Last House On the Left (1972)

What is this - XtheXlmao

36 Orphan

This movie freaked me out so much! Oh myy the scariest part was that she was a grown woman who liked to harm people. And she was scary looking and just totally 666! I couldn't trust little girls for a month!

I saw this when I was 6...

Could not sleep for a week...

Good movie after 5 years of avoiding this movie

I did not feel scared but this movie was awesome one of the best movies I have ever watched.

I just loves the movie... One of the best thriller I have ever seen

37 Predator

Pretty scary for me. It made my sister get scared and she run out of the house running like a little kid.

Good but not exactly horror

More of action/thriller

I love all movie of Predator,everlasting warriors!

38 28 Days Later

This movie was good, because Chris Eccleston was in it :) He is the cutest person in the entire world. I was scared to death by his beauty!

The infected monkeys rly made u frightened...and mk u chk your's surroundings 😁

39 Eraserhead

A perfect example of TRUE horror. The Shining is the second best, behind this masterpiece. The genuine feel, along with the monochrome visuals, is what horror should be.

Not like 2010s horror: with lots of unneeded gore, cheap jump scares, sex & nudity, stripping (disgusting), stupid screams, and the like.

I despise the 2010s. I don’t think the 2020s will be much better. - TopTenTed

David Lynch is the best at getting inside your mind to terrify you. Even if you are not even sure if you are scared. That is real horror. A surrealistic experience of nightmares and fear.

40 It (2017)

Pennywise becomes an ultimate horror icon in this amazing masterpiece! The children are amazing characters that you really come to care for them. The atmosphere, the music and the ambiance, mixed with the setting of the 80s is awesomely terrifying. The best part about this movie is that even when Pennywise wasn't on screen, you would still be interested. The rest of the town is nearly as creepy as Pennywise. Even the bully in this movie is given some character so he is not this one-dimensional, "Nyeh! I'm a bully! I like to beat kids up because I'm mean! " No. He is demented and psychotic. I honestly felt sorry for him for a second. Then we got the rest of the town. Also, Beverly's father is pretty much a pedophile rapist which just makes him too creepy to watch. This movie deserves a spot in the top tens. It doesn't have to be number one but somewhere in the tens. - Daviddv0601

Brilliant movie. This movie will make you laugh, cry, and scream in a span of 2 hours and 15 minutes. The members of the Losers' Club are great and you'll immediately care for each and every one of them, Pennywise is incredibly terrifying, the music is a great combination of scary and beautiful, and the best of all is that you actually feel like you want the main characters to win. Overall, one of the best, if not the best horror movie ever made. - DenBoro

Literally the scariest movie, It's so much better then the original even if your not scared of clowns. Now I am scared of clowns now, From seeing this movie and if its not first over all then this whole top ten thing is jacked

Well good movie should be top 3 with Halloween and scream to series

41 Halloween II

Whilst it was never going to be as fresh as the original it is still creepy, suspenseful and offers nice closure for the first movie.

I actually think this is better than the first, more suspense and thrills, and I like the hospital setting.

Almost as good as the first

It's good movie. Not top 5 but should be higher - Disturbedpotato

42 American Psycho

Oh my god, it even has a watermark - tatef87

I use a little or no alcohol cologne, because alcohol dries out your skin and makes you look older.

Another film inspired by Ed Gein.

I think it was more inspired by Ted Bundy. Or maybe both.

43 The Evil Dead

This is my favourite movie of all time! This movie proves that you don't need a big budget to make a good movie! I didn't see the new one but it defiantly can't beat the original classic!

This movie deserve number 1, this movie made me watch & collect horror movies to my movies collection. I strongly believe this movie is the mother of almost "block buster" horror movies.

Bruce Campbell is awesome, best horror film of all time, watch it!

Maybe not the scariest movie; but it's the one that I watch the most. It hits all the right notes.

44 Frankenstein

This classic Universal horror film is one of the greatest movies of all-time.

You got to be kidding me! THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1! Frankenstein was one of first horror films ever created in history and will forever be the best! I remember watching this as a kid and it traumatized me for years. Boris Karloff does a phenominal job protraying as one of the most famous and iconic monsters in the history of horror! - VenomxShocker

45 Sinister

This is honestly one of the scariest horror movies I've seen. I love horror movies and I definitely agree that The Shining and The Exorcist are great films, some of the best, but this movie genuinely scared me. I remember watching it in theatres expecting it to be a regular horror film and then the opening scene came on. The theatre literally went silent. So disturbing and it really made me uncomfortable and got under my skin. Does it have flaws? Yes, many. But, man, was it ever a thrilling watch. Some of those scenes are engraved in my memory. Also, that soundtrack!

This movie scared the crap outta me. The plot kept me at the edge of my seat at all times. I found it really horrible the videos kept showing different methods of death but at the same time I found it really scary and interesting.

I really like horror movies and this was the one most intense one I have seen so far. This was the only one that really really scared me. Should be WAY higher in this list.

Has a very interesting plot and very scary at moments. The videos where pretty disturbing though. Hard to don’t get nightmares of this movie. - Userguy44

46 Freddy vs. Jason

OH YEAH! This is what I'm talking about. Who cares what anyone says about this movie. It is the greatest in horror crossovers. If a mortal fighting an immortal doesn't sound epic to you, then you're totally bonkers.

I like this movie the gore is great. But it introduces the worst character in Friday Film History, none other then the abusive boyfriend himself Trey.

Its like superman vs batman

2th favorite fight

47 The Rite

It is actually a very scary movie. the devil voice was very freaky.

48 Event Horizon

This was a scary one all right, with the added atmosphere of heavy, inescapable evil

I will never ever ever forget this movie - Tbog009

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! This movie scares the Begeezus out of me!!!!!

49 Creepshow

Stephen King and George Romero really pulled it off.

50 Gremlins
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