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341 We Are the Night

Fantastic vampire flick. The characters like the ones on Frontier (s), Martyrs, High Tension, Inside, Macabre, Mother's Day, Shadow and Open House, every single character is undeniably extremely likeable, even lovable, interesting, compelling and relatable. This underrated gem rules like these movies.

342 Macabre

The fantastic Indonesian answer to Frontier (s)

343 Bloody Homecoming

Fantastic underrated worthwhile gem. Every single character is undeniably super-likeable, even lovable, interesting, compelling and relatable and good ol' horror homage.

344 Seed

Why is this movie not number one? Anything by this director is great, his name is Uwe Boll. Thefinal scene is the most horrific thing. He also did one set in an American prison that was incredibly disturbing, don't remember the name

345 Miner's Massacre
346 Andre the Butcher
347 Death Factory Bloodletting
348 Carver
349 Aatma

Best haunted movie! Made to scare and is scary

V 1 Comment
350 Phoonk 2

Dare to watch? Then watch it and then you'll see how scary it is!

351 Bhoot Returns
352 Shaapit V 3 Comments
353 Haunted
354 Boss
355 Horror Story V 1 Comment
356 Raat
357 The Eye
358 The Curse
359 Amityville II: The Possession

The tale of a demented possessed sister. Truly frightening.

In case its not obvious I'm being sarcastic. This is about as scary as watching bread mold.

Sure. The tale of a demented possessed sister. Really scary.

I hope you can tell I'm being sarcastic.

Creepy ass movie. I've seen thousands of horror movies this one is actually frightening has bad reviews but its phenominal any horror fan should check this one out you won't be dissapointed

360 Sleep Tight

Best Movie I've ever watched!

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