Best Horror Movies of All Time

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141 The Raven (1963)
142 Omen IV: The Awakening
143 Hush

This movie is so underrated - Hater

144 Wes Craven's New Nightmare

It's the second best Nightmare on elm street what critics think

V 2 Comments
145 Cube

Why is Cube #193? This is a movie that shows just because you have a crappy budget does not mean you make a crappy movie. It's an awesome lesser known film that has good reviews from critics and viewers.

Horror sci-fi for the paranoid.

146 The Skeleton Key

It has the scariest ending EVER! This movie should be in the Top Ten - mood333

147 Bram Stoker's Dracula

139? please


How come this movie is in horror list this movie is my fvrt ;) it's a love story not a horror one

148 The Blob

Not the black and white but the 1988 version. This is a twisted story about a US bio-weapon that gets out of control. Very scary movie but the ending takes the cake. Must see. - lapana

Very bad b-movie, don't waste time watching this - dubbelvla

149 The Others V 1 Comment
150 Halloween II (2009)
151 Creature From the Black Lagoon
152 Inferno
153 See No Evil

Best film produced by WWE, and Kane is perfect for the role!

154 Hold Your Breth

Very scary movie I didn't sleep for 2 weeks

155 Antichrist
156 Scary Movie

It is not even a horror movie

157 Ghoulies
158 Cloverfield

How on earth this movie isn't even included in the list... Puzzling!

159 Dead Alive
160 Abby
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