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141 The Skeleton Key

It has the scariest ending EVER! This movie should be in the Top Ten - mood333

142 Evil Dead

Unnerving and scary. One of the best zombie films ever made!

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143 The Blob

Not the black and white but the 1988 version. This is a twisted story about a US bio-weapon that gets out of control. Very scary movie but the ending takes the cake. Must see. - lapana

Very bad b-movie, don't waste time watching this - dubbelvla

144 The Others V 1 Comment
145 Halloween II (2009)
146 Creature From the Black Lagoon
147 Night of the Demons

This is not a very popular movie but popularity really don't matter here. I promise this film is going to scare the crap out of you. - lapana

Anyone ever see the unrated version

Absolute classic 1980s brilliance.
No unrealistic CGI here, genuine hand crafted effects, sadly a lost art nowadays. I wish they still made them like this.

148 Drag Me to Hell

This movie has less unrealistic CGI & more 1980s inspired effects. Background music superb, a classic cult brilliant movie. I have never posted anything online but felt compelled to do so.

I can't believe that this movie is not even in the list...
This is the best horror movie ever and with its sound effects I bet you can't watch this movie alone at night

Only the best horror movie ever. It got a 92% approval on rotten tomatoes with labelled certified fresh.83% on metacritic. SO WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD IT NOT BE GOOD?!?

Number 1 horror movie ever time

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149 Inferno
150 See No Evil

Best film produced by WWE, and Kane is perfect for the role!

151 Hold Your Breth

Very scary movie I didn't sleep for 2 weeks

152 Antichrist
153 Cloverfield

How on earth this movie isn't even included in the list... Puzzling!

154 Dead Alive
155 Scary Movie 4
156 Frankenstein

This classic Universal horror film is one of the greatest movies of all-time.

157 High Tension

Sooo suspenseful, especially when the killer is first looking for victims in the house

158 The Haunting


159 The Woman in Black V 2 Comments
160 Seven

Seven and horror? Come on, a movie about murder doesn't make it horror. - zxm

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