Top Ten Things About Brazilians

I'm not Brazilian, but my dad was, and I have friends who are Brazilian.
So if you are from Brazil and any of these list items are wrong or untrue, my apologies in advance.

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1 They are very affectionate 

Name one famous Brazilian who isn't a footballer. - IronSabbathPriest

2 Going out with friends for dinner is a social outing: they linger in the restaurant for a while 
3 They share everything
4 They hate every country they play soccer against

Why? Soccer is just a game - TwilightKitsune

I am not from Brazil and don't know anybody from this country but I am a soccer fan and know that they are crazy about this sport and what you say is probably true. They are very good at soccer and have world class players, including the best soccer player of all time - Pele. I also like Sócrates very much, who is known as the most intelligent soccer player of all time. I even made a Top 10 list about him (Top 10 Interesting Facts About the Football (Soccer) Player Sócrates). - Metal_Treasure

5 They are obsessed with hygiene
6 It's expected to show up to an event 30 minutes late, as traffic is common in Brazil
7 They celebrate everything
8 They're the only country that really knows how to samba
9 They are brutally honest people
10 They rant about Brazil's problems, but defend it as the best country ever and take pride in their nationality 

Kind of like us Americans. - RockFashionista

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1. They are very affectionate 
2. Going out with friends for dinner is a social outing: they linger in the restaurant for a while 
3. They share everything


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