Best Things to Do In Rome

Italy, that is. Rome has SO much to offer. It's a city that cannot be felt or given any justice in pictures. You must see for yourself.

The Top Ten

1 Visit The Colosseum

There is so much history, has been so much bloodshed, and so many interesting facts about the Colosseum. How it was built, why, how many people died, when it went out of use... Pictures don't do this attraction any justice, it's massive, and awe-inspiring, and a little creepy.

The Colosseum wow that was huge! - Jeanclaudejunior

2 Visit The Forum

You can actually see where Julius Caesar walked, held meetings, and was killed... The history in this place is staggering, and you can walk where they walked.

3 Visit St. Peter's Basilica

Michelangelo's dome, the tomb of St. Peter, the insane, almost impossible-seeming architecture make this attraction a DO NOT MISS.

4 Go See The Vatican Museum

If you think you know what opulence is BEFORE you walk in the Vatican Museum, think again. However, the Catholic church has had a long, undisputed history of collecting things, and it shows in this amazing museum.

5 See The Sistine Chapel

The line is long, the people in line SUCK, no one listens to directions, and you can't take pictures, but you won't regret seeing it for one second.

6 Walk to Trevi Fountain

Again, a sight pictures don't do justice. That's really the whole theme of Rome. An entire city where the pictures don't even come close to the grandeur and opulence and scale that it is in real life. The Trevi Fountain is beautiful. And Huge. Don't forget to throw a coin in to ensure your return!

7 Walk Palatine Hill

Though I hardly see how it's a different place from the Forum, technically it is. But a little tip? Go to Palatine Hill first, and buy your tickets to Palatine Hill, The Forum, and the Colosseum THERE. You don't have to pay for all three, it's a much reduced price, and you don't have to wait in line again to buy your ticket at the Colosseum, which is where they get you, and the wait SUCKS.

8 Visit The Pantheon

Often mixed up with tourists with the Parthenon in Greece, this OLD building has some interesting history, and is worth a quick visit, and the obelisk outside is pretty neat.

9 See the Victor Emmanuel Monument

Or "Altar of the Fatherland". I mean, you can't miss it, and the locals HATE it, but give it a visit anyways, I found it to be beautiful and fascinating.

10 Get Gelato and just walk around town

Some of the best sights in Rome are those that you see just while walking around. And the Gelato is a must.

I love ice cream! This is the Reason why I love Italy! - Jeanclaudejunior

The Contenders

11 Take a Stroll in Piazza Navona

The three fountains are beautiful, the artists there are great, and it's well worth a visit, but the food is tourist trap crap.

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