Top Ten Things To Put Ketchup On

AAaaaaaaahhhhh Ketchup. What a wonderful thing. What do you like ketchup on?

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1 French Fries French Fries French fries are served hot, either soft or crispy, and are generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner or by themselves as a snack, and they commonly appear on the menus of fast food restaurants. Fries in America are generally salted and are often served with ketchup; in many countries they are topped more.

it is goregeos I can't eat fries without ketchup

Its a foodgasm in my mouth when theses too deliciouse foods combined into one flavor filled platter of fries and ketchup(but only heinz ketchup) - theTwister

Ah, love it! It's a classic, as well as burgers with ketchup. Both are wonderful!

At first this option feels a bit boring, a bit too stereotypical for me, besides my diabeetus goes insane with both fries and ketchup.

But then I recall the perfect flavors in perfect unison (and the fact that if you add mayo it the flavor gets even more lethal (also figuratively speaking), and while you are at it, why not add some cheese and let it melt too?

Screw Diabeetus, you only get two lives, in this one I am gonna eat fries until I dies.

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2 Burgers

Cheese burgers are my favorite food, got to have ketchup! My favorite ketchup is Heinz. I love putting on the ketchup on the burger, and on top of that, I still like to dip the burger into even more ketchup.

Burgers and french fries are my favorite foods. if I can vote for the both of them I'll do it. Burgers and french fries makes my day. - ronluna

I don't think I can get a burger without ketchup!


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3 Hot Dogs Hot Dogs A hot dog is a cooked sausage, traditionally grilled or steamed and served in a sliced bun as a sandwich.

Hot dogs are the best thing to have ketup on man. French fries are already good without ketchup. - gamer123

I totally agree! French fries taste good alone. And hots dogs with mustard is gross. Everyone has a fight about which is better mustard or ketchup!

This should be first! Everyone likes ketchup on hot dogs so it should be the best! - pupie4life

How do you eat this without ketchup, like witf

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4 Chicken Nuggets

Ok nuqqets is a very very deLicious food. But when there is ketchup its just...! =)) - rebeLLious

Tastes wrong without ketchup

For me eating chicken nuggets without ketchup just takes away some of their magic

Chicken is nasty as meat but with kectchup its okay I gess - Lucretia

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5 Eggs

Very delicious. Yum yum yum yum num num numnum num num numm. Yumy in my tummy I love ketchup because I'm normal umhlike mc flormal who doesn't even like cheesee. Oh please who doesn't like cheesee. These uncheese lovers should be un pleased, with the life style or just fed to a crocidile. When I see emerild using ketchup on eggs I never turn the dial. Every body should beg for emerild to use ketchup for a while.

so delicious when ever I put this on my eggs people just stare at my plate

Ketchup and a little bit of horseradish on some scrambled eggs... Doesn't get much better than that! I even eat it for supper sometimes!

What? I never got that, eggs are eggs and ketchup is artificial tomato gunk, why mix them - Lucretia

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6 Sausages

Sausage sandwich coated in Heinz, is there anything better to wake up to? I think not!

I agree with whoever said sausages are yummy but ketchup turns it into poo.

Sausages is good but ketchup spoils it completely and turns it into poo.

People eat this? - Lucretia

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7 Hashbrowns

I basically put ketchup on everything you eat for breakfast. Except for pancakes and waffles of course. - BKAllmighty

If we have both I'll eat it all

I love hashbrowns, hate ketchup... - Lucretia

Love it

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8 Pizza

The tomato in ketchup and the tomato in the tomato sauce combines and makes the flavor sensation of a lifetime. Then you add the cheese and bread of pizza. Mmm, m!

Ranch on ketchup is gross but ketchup? - Lucretia

Gross! Tomato sauce and ketchup are different,for whoever doesn't know.

That makes a whole lot of scence.

9 Cheeseburgers

Tastes like how the devil's fire would taste.

Burgers AND CheeseBurgers are basically the same damn thing, either bump this one up too or remove it from the list.

10 Macaroni and Cheese

A bowl of the brand Kraft Dinner will never be complete without ketchup stirred up into the mix.

My moms is to good to spoil with ketchup... cheese and ketchup together is gross - Lucretia

Mac & cheese with ketchup please

I just ate this tonight and my wife was totally grossed out, jokingly threatened divorce.. told me I am a weirdo.. but the fact is I cannot eat mac and chees without either ketchup or tomato sauce.. I even eat plain noodles with tomato sauce, cream cheese, and real butter.. talk about yummy.. it's my go to comfort food! '

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11 Grilled Cheese

Ketchup on a grill cheese actually does make sense given that ketchup is tomato based. You see a lot of tomato/cheese combos/You have tomato based sauce on a pizza and that has cheese on it. And many like some tomato flavor in their mac & cheese dishes as well. I may give this a try.

It's so delicious with ketchup, I guess it just adds something to the flavor.

I thought I was the only one who eats their grilled cheeses with ketchup!

Amazingly good

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12 Potato Wedges

I would have gone for dead baby, but this one is good enough! WELL AH MEEN ITS GOTTA BE TATTY WEDGES INIT? I used to have potato wedges elsewhere, but that a different story bbz. LOVE EM' x

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13 Steak

Ketchup and steak is like salt and pepper but it taste way better

Why waste a perfecttly good stake? - Lucretia

14 Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are so AWESOME with ketchup

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15 Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindrical, solid pasta. It is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine.

Italian dressing is good on pasta but ketchup - Lucretia

Wow, man, you make me hungry.

A 'perfect' substitute for spaghetti sauce. - mmarce445

Yum yum

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16 Cheese on Toast

Toast with bread cheese and ketchup. The only way I can eat cheese :D

17 Fish

Better than tartar sauce.

Especially and only on deep fried breaded fish.

Ketchup is amazing on fish

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19 Lasagna

I can't live without ketchup on lasagna -

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20 Potato Chips

It's like french fries and ketchup- but crunchier!

My brother eats mustard and potato chips. Ketchup too. Yuk. - Lucretia

Should be higher.

Taste the spudy goodness! - PlayboyX429

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