Top Ten Things That Would Make a Video Game Bad

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1 Multiple Glitches

A game is not a game with Glitches

2 Storylines That Make No Sense

To me, a storyline is more important then the gameplay.

I think they work together. What good is a story without gameplay mechanics that help you get through the story and enhance the journey? - xEliHbkx

3 Getting Rushed

The downfall of a lot of games is usually when developers just don't have enough to add in everything. It usually ends up with a lot of cut content, glitches, and the game ending up lackluster overall. - xEliHbkx

4 No Second Save File

Usually ends up just making me delete the save data and having to restart. I don't know how hard it could be to add that in - xEliHbkx

If you buy a game, you should save as much as you want.

5 Extremely Hard Levels

Worst example of this is Super Mario Bros the Lost levels which was purposelessly made to be as hard as humanly possible. - egnomac

Yes, I hate it, especially when a game has reasonably difficult tasks to perform throughout, then has insanely hard or difficult levels to get through near the end. Off the top of my head, I've had 2 games where I couldn't even get by a hard level, gave up, and never went back to them. Makes it hard to enjoy a game when its impossible to beat it w/o knowing some obscure secret. - CyberRat

Yeah that happened to me before too, it ruins the game half the time when I just want to play it but I can't get past one certain section. Games need to have leveled out difficulty, you can't start off really easy then get intensely difficult at random times. - xEliHbkx

Extremely hard levels just push people to cheat.

Exactly. But I won't cheat, or even buy the book to get by a crazy hard level, because we know it was how the game was manufactured to make even more money. - CyberRat

Hard hard hard hard hard levels

6 Broken Graphics

When graphics start glitching out or look awful it really breaks the immersion. - xEliHbkx

7 Reusing Music from Previous Games
8 Cliffhanger Endings, But No Sequel Comes Out
9 Broken Dialogue

can't be having that awkward Oblivion dialogue, things like voices changing entirely from line to line, to there being huge pauses between sentences, it all makes conversation feel cheesy and laughable - xEliHbkx

You must understand the storyline

10 No DLC Packs

They're nice if they continue to add to the story.

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11 Short Gameplay

Beating a game in like 6 hours isn't a really good feeling. With nothing to sink your teeth into it just ends up feeling 2 dimensional and theres nothing to get attached to. - xEliHbkx

What we really need is a $100 game that lasts less then an hour

12 Purchases that Cost Real Money

Pay to Wins are simply what completely ruins the experience for us on whatever game it is. - Kevinsidis

Must make the Company money but not at sucking the little guy dry.

Dlc is good, since that is extra gameplay. But needing to pay €/$/£ 4,99 just for items you don't actually need or can just find yourself in the game, is not good, just give a code in early days when the comes out.

13 No Battle Royale

This shouldn't be on the list

14 Little to No Character Interaction


15 Its Graphics
16 Bad Characters
17 It's Full of Bugs
18 Sex Cutscenes
19 It's Easy
20 When You Finish the Game You Have to Start Again
21 It Doesn't Have Online Multiplayer
22 Terrible Controls
23 It's Offensive
24 It's Based on a Movie
25 No Easter Eggs
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