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81 Are You Ready

Possibly the most famous three days grace song among the film industry.
This song was heard in 2 very good movies:
- The Curse (Horror)
- Raise Your Voice (Musical) "three days grace where featured singing it personally"

This song is very catchy and enthusiastic, very neat and wild.

Unfortunately this song was released as a bonus track when it was supposed to lead their Self-Titled album.

82 Give Me a Reason

Very nice Lp style song... A lot of music combinations and a fantastic chorus.

3DG have truly improved with this album, after the disappointment we had with life starts now, this was a show stopper! - ricolopez

Best song by three days grace deserves to be in top 20...

One of the best songs produced by Three Days Grace

I must need new glasses because it doesn't seem ike this song is in the to 5?!

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83 Broken Glass

Broken Glass at number 68? Out of 68 choices?! What?! Oh my god, this is so unfair. This is one of my favorites from Transit Of Venus, truly an awesome track.

One of the best on transit of venus

Why is this song listed behind some songs that don't even exist? This is great!

What?! Certainly deserves higher! Still an awesome song love it

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84 Without You

This song represent what a lot of Three Days Grace Fans Feel now that Adam isn't with the Band Anymore!

Please Adam get Better nobody has the same Passion Adam had. - Curti2594

One of their most underrated and best songs. Shame to see it at 58

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