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41 Don't Send Pictures Of Yourself

Remember, nothing is ever completely taken off of the Internet even if you press delete. Everyone has a digital foot print inside their devices, which anyone, including law enforcement, can trace.

I think should avoid sending pics of yourself until you're a teen. And I don't think people should post pics of when they were babies or toddlers - StayAlive

42 Do Not Allow Anything To Access Your Hard Drive Unless You Know For Sure What You Are Downloading

You can get your Mac/PC messed up very bad with bugs/Trojans/viruses

43 Avoid Pirate Bay V 1 Comment
44 Be Careful of What You Download and Where From

Places such as Softonic can give you viruses. Always make sure you download from the official site and avoid downloading 'cracked' games as they almost always come bundled with malware. - Memehoyminoy

45 Don't Add or Accept Strangers' Friend Requests on Facebook
46 Virus Warnings that Randomly Pop Up are Scams

Apple and Microsoft don't care if your computer is infected - thunderstar1124


47 Never Post Your Home Address
48 Get Anti-Malware.

Hopefully my dad's gonna take my laptop to my cousin so he can get Anti-Malware, because he can make computers with the right parts. (But he works in Tesco! )

I Really Recommand Getting Malwarebytes Or AVG,
Those Are Great Anti-Malware For Protecting Your Computer/Desktop.

49 Anyone that you don't know stay away from

If you Se anyone you don't know don't friend them to Skype them don't anything unless you know them don't talk to them

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