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1 Viral Song

It is what I would do almost everyday I would wake up to that song and I love it so much it's a great song

Did you know that cashews come from a fruit?

Such a good and funny song. Did you know cashews come from a fruit


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2 Get Bloody

So much blood goddamit do you get it the dad says damit when the son dies

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3 Nugget In a Biscuit

Remember to dip in mash potato and them barbecue sauce.

Nugget in a biscuit, the best!

Oh my gosh I love it


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4 I Can Swing My Sword

Probably my favorite video of his. - Minecraftcrazy530

I can swing MY sword in Minecraft

What would you to with the diamonds?
I'd put it on a stick!
Why would you do that to diamonds?
To make a diamond pick!
How would you infuse the diamonds?
I'll use a table of crafting, a table of doom... - sdgeek2003

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5 Safety Torch

This is funny because it is.

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6 Mine the Diamond
7 Dramatic Song

This is great. I don't know if he wrote his own lyrics, but it is great! He also has a good voice.

I listen to it every day it nearly makes me cry the best song I have heard zi best

8 Mini Minautor

Remember to have Tar-Tar sauce

Mini tar tar mini mini tar tim

9 Sideburns

Laugh out loud, The baby is so funny, because he needs sideburns.

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10 The Mini Minotaur Song

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11 Depressing Song
12 Christmas Creed
13 Couple of Guys In Hawaii

They are literally a couple of guys in Hawaii.

14 The Needy Dog Song

"Needy dog, needy needy dog, needy, this dog is a really needy dog"

15 There's a Floppy Disk On the Floor

An older Tobuscus song, but still just as funny!

16 Everyday (The Wii is Gone)
17 Whistle While I Work It
18 Pie
19 Shortcuts
20 This Song Doesn't Have Any Words but These Ones (And These Ones)
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1. Depressing Song
2. Viral Song
3. Sideburns
1. Viral Song
2. Mine the Diamond
3. Safety Torch
1. Viral Song
2. Get Bloody
3. The Mini Minotaur Song

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