Mega Rants - Porgs

MegaSoulhero Porgs are these adorable looking penguin type creatures that will appear in the upcoming Star Wars film, the Last Jedi. As we know, the Star Wars films love to introduce us to different kinds of fictional creatures. But I'm gonna tell you right now that I do not care for the Porgs!

I know the Last Jedi hasn't come out yet, but from what we've seen of these creatures so far, I don't think I'm going to like them. The only reason these things have gotten any kind of attention is because they're cute! They're very small and have big puppy dog eyes. Yeah, it's pretty cute. But that's my biggest problem! They're TOO cute! That will probably be the only thing they will be remembered for? We don't exactly know what kind of role they will have in the new movie, but they look like things that are only put in the film to sell merchandise! In fact, they've already started selling merchandise of these creatures! Force Friday recently happened. And in some pictures I saw at certain stores, there were toys and stuffed animals of the Porgs. Tons of movies do this! They put adorable living things into their movies, causing people to get sucked in by their cuteness and they would ultimately rush to the stores to buy toys based on that cute thing! It's basically a way to increase profit! Kind of like how in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 they took advantage of Baby Groot's cuteness to the point where people only liked him because he was cute! They were even going as far as saying he was better than Adult Groot even though Adult Groot was a lot more helpful! So it seems like cuteness is what most people care about! And they refuse to see the flaws!

Remember the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi? I absolutely hated those things! They just felt very out of place! The trilogy consisted of a bunch of awesome space battles and had a dark tone. And then they give us these fluffy teddy bear looking creatures! But apparently it doesn't matter since they managed to profit off of those creatures! What I'm saying is I think the Porgs are going to be the Ewoks of the Last Jedi! And that's not a good thing! They're probably gonna be very annoying characters that people will mostly focus on because "Ooh! Look at how cute they are!" People tend to like things for the dumbest reasons! People like Ariel from the Little Mermaid because she's pretty and can sing! Completely ignoring that she is a terribly flawed character! People like Hei Hei from Moana because he's the funny comic relief! Completely ignoring that he literally does nothing useful in the movie! My point is, people will probably only like the Porgs because of their cuteness! Star Wars recently released an animated clip involving BB-8 and Chewie in the Millennium Falcon and a Porg was jumping around in there! It really got on my nerves if they're this annoying in the movie, then that won't be good.

The Porgs do not catch my interest at all! And the only reason they're already popular is because they're cute! Which is most likely the only reason why these creatures were put in the film! Everyone's talking about how great they are, but what's great about them? We haven't seen the movie yet so we don't know what they're gonna do! I hope that these things aren't focused on too much.


A Little Disneyc cash grab, LIKE THAT CHICKEN FROM MOANA, come on, I mean, I thought we had big expections as this just, I dunno, 'apprantly there will be one more' I wanted this to have a GOOD ending as this franchise was everyone's childhood and changed a lot of things in the movie industry, as it was massive for its time and still stands TODAY. - visitor

They're like minions, they are going to be everywhere if they become popular - Phillip873

I'm not really impressed with the design to be honest. It looks like they just threw a hamster and a bird in a blender. - visitor

There probably gonna be like ewoks - VideoGamefan5

I want one - PeeledBanana

There are fine, not like the Minions who are central to the plot. - iliekpiez

Yay porgs - iliekpiez