Out of respect I labeled this song sacred. Listening to it feels like a spiritual awakening process.. you could even think that the song gives you some sort of mystical power when listening to it. You know you're frozen if this song fails to have an effect on your psyche.

Perfect song. Deep lyrics. Gorgeous music. So many good pop songs from Madonna! But this one makes a difference for me. Deeper than the others. And (bitter)sweeter, too.

This song always makes me feel proud for some reason, I love the electronic sound in the song, really legendary.

A wonderful song, a mix of power and peace. That shows you a way to look inside yourself. Her voice is warm and the production is amazing... a beautiful message

Such a calm and relaxed ballad, with a catchy chorus. Oh madonna, you melt my heart in a way that no one else can.

My all time favorite song, very Gothic, dark, and the lyrics have meaning. I love love love that song.

The sound effects and the chorus together makes the song a trip on a magical carpet

Like a prayer should be no. 1 but frozen should be higher than vogue, no matter.

This is one of the most beautiful songs... Ever. It has it all.

The best song by the queen of pop. Really the best...

I like this song very much... I listen this song mostly when I going to sleep at night.. Very slow and rumantic music and very sweet voice... If any one want to contact me please contact 03136157882 name is arjun

Frozen haas been the best song ever made!

Her voice on this track is very good... for someone like Madonna

Order of best Madonna songs:
1. Frozen.
2 Live to tell.
3. Express yourself
4. Hung Up.
5. Girl Gone Wild.
6. Vogue.
7. Papa don't preach.
Madonna has some good ( and bad) songs, but this tops them all. Spine tingling

This was one of the most influential songs ever created
It was the beginning of the electronic era
If not for this song there wouldn't be much electronic music nowadays

A powerful song, an incredible sound, voices and lyrics. A song that makes you think about how to look at life. A new and inpiring

Great song. Something different from the 'usual' Madonna. Personally, my favorite. It really shows what a great voice she has.

Everything is perfect, and simple at the same time! The song was also so big here in Syris in late 90s and many people fell for the astounding voice of Madonna.
Ray Of Light in general is her best album lyrically and vocally in my opinion. A pop classic. Quality electronic music.