Top 10 Mighty Boosh Episodes

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1 The Legend of Old Gregg

Old margret

Easy Now you furry little man peach...

Whys this not no. 1!

Nothing beats old gregg ya fuzzy little man peach

Ever drunk bailies out of an old shoe?

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2 The Nightmare of Milky Joe

That's not a woman, thats milky joe in a wig

Different and funny in a more discreet way. Might not be "the best" but very creative and memorable.

Gotta be the best mighty boosh episode ever. Hilarious.

Yes. Very funny. Close but my number 1.

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3 Call of the Yeti

Look into our eyes you can see the future. Look into our eyes you can see your soul. Hay Ho. Now start voting people. Cause non of these episodes are real. (Apart from this one. ! )

what if you wanna go swimmin, it zips down into trunks

Just The best one

4 Hitcher

This is the episode that truly got me into the Boosh. The Hitcher has always been my favourite character, and he steals every scene. Love the zoo for animal offenders, the Nazi turtle and the ku klux goose broke me.

The hitcher is the best character in the show! "you love it you slags! " "you won't see penny one from me you slag! "

Turns out he was in a local primary school, in the bin! Reelin around with the apple cores, like they do!

Vote or the hitched will put ya in a picture! ! #Lol

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5 Electro

I've been inside all the greats. I've been inside Charlie Parker, I've been inside Miles Davis, I even got inside Steve Davis... though that was an accident.

He's a musical genius!
Well, he better be. He looks like a paedophile.

I am electro boy. I am electro girl. Funnnyyy

"I'm coming for you Howard moon."-Jazz Spirit.

6 Journey to the Center of the Punk

Pancake song is lol. Everything in this episode is lol. All I'm saying is start voting other wise the spirit of jazz will come and get ya.

Done in a masterly fashion


7 Fountain of Youth

I've read about this, if you're walking in the desert and there's no land marks and you got one leg shorter than the other, you just go round in circles.

I love the chosen one. But not as much as I love this episode.

8 Party

Bouncy bouncy of such a good time. Bouncy bound shoes all in a line. Bouncy bouncy everybody vote for this episode because it is the best one.

Bouncy bouncy oo such a good time. Bouncy bouncy shoes all in a line. Bouncy bouncy everybody vote for this episode because it is the best.

9 Tundra

I'm little Johnny frostbite, freezing you up freezing you down like an icicle!

Awesome episode and I love Vince's ice costume.

The egg of mantumbi is as big as a schoolboys head, top shop top shop, don't touch me mink, the frozen words of biggy shackleton, sticklebacks sticklebacks, lesbian ham, carve a canoe out of a whales jawbone, oh crikey, cappuccino stain, lost in the blinding whiteness of the TUNDRA!

10 The Power of the Crimp

Yeah this one is perfect

Perfect episode, Howard and Vince working as one together with Naboo and Bollo.

Needs to be number 1. So people need to stop voting for old Greg, Yeh it's a good episode but it doesn't compare to this episode. So start voting for the poor of the crimp.

This is number 1 for me. Future sailors, it's what's inside that counts my friend!

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11 The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox

They're my squishy boots! - Evaneeg1

The cracks fox freaks me out with its hi pitched voice. "Hello... I'm the foxy man! "

I love this episode laugh out loud who can handle the most drugs he's off his tits

Not only is this in the top ten, it is number one!

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12 The Priest & the Beast

The New Sound, the Woodstock, LSD, etc parody... simply crazy stuff with great music behind it

"Is it so wrong to love a guitar? "
"It is when you stick your balls inside it and strum yourself to ecstasy! "


13 Nannageddon

Nanna nanna go away come back another day But I also like the legend of old gregg but which ones better theires only one way to find out FIGHT!

when the granny turns evil and attacks us with string!

Funniest Episode in my opinion

My favourite. Love the song as well. But it is really creepy. As in reaallyy creepy.

14 Jungle

I'm king of the mods! I love the mod wolves. But I think in that episode Vince had really tall hair.

Tommy where you go. Comedy at its finest. VOTE FOR THE JUNGLE

Hero tommy, all hail Howard and his prophet

Most men would have licked my balls.

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15 Eels

By far the best episode and the best mighty boosh song ever love this and the cockney sorcerer strikes again love it

Eels up inside ya. Finding an entrance were they can! The hitcher is So funny. He is played by Noel Fielding and he is funny too! : ) The hitcher is in three episodes and I need to see him in more.
Howard is funny in this episode too and he is normally mature! Well he is a still mature in this episode But he was really funny in the Eels episode.
But Vince is the best. He is super funny... I need to get to the point don't I?! Basically this is the best episode and if people don't vote sooner or later you'll be eating eating eels very very soon!

I love the song. When I first watched it, at the start I just Lol. It's a really funny episode.

Y'all are crazy! Eels is by far the best episode.

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16 Charlie

"You're scared of Charlie"

Bursting your bubble like a hubba bubba nightmare!

Charlea is a gigantic piece of bubble gum. Really funny and scary at the same time.


17 Killeroo

I DON'T LIKE CRICKET. There's been a terrible mistake, that wasn't my uncle, I'm really just a French Duke.

I love this episode especially because of Vince's weird dream. (I love the music in that. )

Howard:Vince what are I going to do?
Vince:Have you ever thought about joining the circus.
Howard: No about the vote, we need to get more people to vote for this episode.
Vince: Wha-ohh! Right the vote. You people out there need to vote for this episode. NOW

And that's why I don't like cricket.

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18 Bollo

Look at them shine!

Why is this last. I love the ape of death song. You all go to monkey he'll unless you start voting.

In the words of Vince Noir, "Genius"!


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19 Mutants

Vince can't find the trap door.

20 The Chokes

Howard's citing is terribly funny. Please vote now.

21 Stolen (Radio)
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