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21 Truth Hits Everybody Truth Hits Everybody

Damn me that this is at 26, this is a good song. One of the best in Outlandos. Actually sounding more like grunge to me, really. Love the middle section with the alternating chords. Reminds me of Silver Rocket by Sonic Youth (actually it's more the other way around) as well as early Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl I am sure respects this kind of stuff). Great drive. Great riffs by Andy. Only thing is the backing 'whoohoh' which sounds a bit stupid. Apart from that vocals are great.

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22 Murder by Numbers Murder by Numbers
23 Walking In Your Footsteps Walking In Your Footsteps

Deserves to be in the top 10 at least! Love the soothing music. Such creative lyrics!

24 Synchronicity I Synchronicity I

Obviously I don't see this song the same way as anyone else: urgent, propelling, clever, mathematical, complex, perfectly paced, and elevating as it reaches out, and by the way this is actually a synthesis on Jung. Most of all every one is perfect here. Marimbas go wild and pound like juggernauts, drums are explosive, guitars ring to the ether, harmonised voices reach to infinity. Ever heard an album opener manage to do rock and give you a lecture at the same time...and make science sound so alive and fascinating?

Way way way better than part II.
In your face live playing.

It's an absolute disgrace that it s so low. Bloody hell.

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25 Miss Gradenko Miss Gradenko

Another puzzler as this is song has excellent drumming, a great groove, and one of the most effective guitar solos by Andy after Bombs Away. One of the hidden gems of Synchronicity just before the deceiving hit that they named Synchronicity II.

57th? You gotta be kidding.
We were at a policy meeting, they were planning new ways of cheating!

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26 I Burn for You I Burn for You

A forgotten one from "Brimstone and treacle" OST. Excellent Sting writing and band alchemy: Andy's guitar synths and textures, Stewart's African rythms, Sting's electric double-bass and haunting voice. The Police at its very best.

27 Reggatta De Blanc Reggatta De Blanc

Now this is plain insult. Any lover of the police has got to listen to this at least once in a life time. In fact anyone should listen to this at least once in a lifetime. This is such a classic Police song. You have just got to listen to it to understand why. It's got everything the Police are good at improvisation, experimentation, jamming. Starts from a reggae dance, becomes an army march protest then a series of calling waves before it takes you over wipes you out and rides you into oblivion like a speed train. And all it was was actually just the middle section of a song rendered live. Subliminal.

Only the Police could do that.

This song is way too good to be this low people. Listen to it. It's incredible. Especially the drums. This song proves better than probably any other song by the police just how instrumentally talented the members of the band were.

One of the most atmospheric songs by this huge band! It�'s great stuff!

28 The Other Way of Stopping The Other Way of Stopping

Worth listening for the drumming and change of patterns

29 Mother Mother

Another gimmick it s not so much a song as an interlude but it's got a great Eastern groove... For a while

My favourite song from the Police

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30 Hole in My Life Hole in My Life

This is a decent ballad and very easy to listen to with a laid back reggae groove. It might be a bit long and monotonous but it is still a solid song. Again,36? seriously?

31 Be My Girl - Sally Be My Girl - Sally
32 On Any Other Day On Any Other Day

As much as this is one of the most ridiculous songs you will ever hear for some reason and despite his awful vocals Copeland does a great job at making a fun catchy punk rock piece.

33 Does Everyone Stare Does Everyone Stare

The worse Regatta de Blanc song. Just not a song that works for me. Too meaningless and out of place.

34 When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around

Reminds me about my high school days! Superb!

35 Voices Inside My Head Voices Inside My Head

A kind of second attempt at an instrumental this one could have been better than Regatta de Blanc until it loses steam and goes nowhere after the Tchas Tchas Tchas. Clearly, this one where they had the idea for something that could have been incredible if they had given more thought. Unfortunately they did not follow through with it so it remains half a song.

36 Bombs Away Bombs Away

This is one of my favorite Zenyatta Mondatta moments. Such a catchy song with clever lyrics, awesome drums, roller coaster vocals, and hands down the best guitar work you ll hear by Andy Summers. Gives you the feeling of running in a hot desert while being shot at by rebels. Almost a movie theme. A wild ride.

37 Man In a Suitcase Man In a Suitcase

Zenyatta Mondatta had some very middle of the road material. This song is one of them but it's more digestible than canary in a coal mine and because of its short length it's not the worst offender.

38 Hungry for You (J'aurais Toujours Faim de Toi) Hungry for You (J'aurais Toujours Faim de Toi)

A song that has a great dance groove and upbeat energy. Unfortunately Sting messed it up with his terrible attempt at awful and incorrect French.

39 Darkness Darkness

One of the most haunting and melancholic songs Police have ever made. Feels like waking up from a dream and having to face the cruel cold world. Nice simple minimalist composition.

40 O My God O My God

Saxophones ended up a bit of a curse for the Police and unfortunately got them wrong sided with fans. O My God is one of these songs that belong to the Ghost of the Machine pop type. However, it ended up being overlooked. While this is later Police, it's a definitely powerful track and underrated as there s a lot going on here. Stings vocals are astounding reaching as high as he did on early punk days. Cope land as always kick you in the balls with his beats and Andy is stellar at doing therhythm section. Definitely a highlight on Synchronicity that uses world music influences to outstanding results with a lot more power than on Ghost. A misunderstood classic that went amiss in the later Police directory, due to 3 overbearing singles.

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