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1 In da Club

This song is the best one 50 cent ever made
It makes you feel like a real Gangster
it is so great and you can hear it 99999999
times a day

Best songs ever! I could listen to it 1,000,000 times a day and never get tired of it! Nice job fitty, you have made one of the best rap songs ever quite possibly. Makes me feel like a thug 2! For sure!

Best music to put on when you're having a Party!
That Songs makes you feel high!


2 Many Men (Wish Death)

MAny Men is his best hit! It is so deep and deserves the number 1 slot!

This is hands down one of the deepest and most badass songs he has ever written

His greatest verses were #1 and 3 on this track.

The lyrics and flow in this song are perfected, 50 cent raps about real stuff from the ghetto. The lyrics are very clever and the beat is amazing. A real good song. This should be I front of candy shop. In the club on the other hand is the best, I just voted for this to get it to number 2

3 Candy Shop

I could listen to this music every night... It's really nice I think it should be the best music

Good beat, but...

the music is awesome everythin just suits in and the video is awesome too

Love this song! I could listen to it every second of every minute of everyday! 50 Cent is amazing in this song along with Olivia

4 P.I.M.P.

No Cadillac, no perms, you can't see
That I'm a P.I.M.P.
The music is absolutely great, like "Candy Shop" and "Just a lil bit" and "In the Club"
50 cent is the king of instrumental

I like this song

Nothing to say... Classic pimp song! I like his old school way of rapping... Nice way of forgetting ex-girlfriends if you know what I mean! ;)

Can't you believe it. I just checked my phone that I have played it over 100 times and the most played song. Perfect rapping

5 21 Questions

What the hell? 21 questions is the greatest! With NATE! HEY PUT THIS SONG RIGHT NOW AT THE TOP! COME ON!

3rd best song

Just good lyrics and beat slow but quility beat get this to number one comaped to todays junk I would vote this in the top 20 rap songs of all time

Every time I listen to this song it makes me freestyle every single time.. Nate dogg on that chorus gives it that deep gangster riff and 50 gives it a nice smooth flow and they're voices are so much in key its unbelievable..

6 Patiently Waiting

This song is the best song on which Eminem is featured

Amazing song - Thisisamerica

this song is 50 cent's best and same with eminem this song is the bomb!

this is eminem and 50 cent at their best. this is the best song either of them have ever made! 50 cnet is the bomb!

7 Window Shopper

Crazy ass song. Enough said

That sound too crazy

This songs awesome it gets your dick a little harder if you know what I mean

Illest beat ever

8 What Up Gangsta

Beats are really great... Must listen if your a beats fan

This song should be higher up

Should be top 5 sick intro

Should be higher this song defines gangstrrs

9 Wanksta

Number 2, right after Club. - CDShark

Great instrumental with low catchy voice fiddy is the real man

Yea boi good song

Great catchy tune, like Candy shop or P.I.M.P... Just great!

10 My Life

Great song! Em & 50 r the best rap can offer. Levine has a great hook & The music video is sick. Real meaning in the song it's about stars running from the limelight. I'd say it's definitely a top ten song and of all 50's great work that's saying something. Also 50's verse were he goes I'm a writer, I'm a fighter, endrepunour, fresh out the sewer, watch me maneuver, what's it 2 ya? Might be the best verse I've ever heard lyrical genius. Great 2 see 50 & em workin together again. Can't wait 4 ems new album as well as the rest of Street King Immortal!

My life is the best song of 50cent... And eminem just bombards about 1:01 second continuously... 50 cent raps amazingly and adam levine is also catchy in the song but 50 cent is the best and eminem is great in dis song... I've heard it about 10000000+++++ times since I downloaded it

In this song his and Eminem's collaboration is just epic. I never knew he nor Eminem could rap that fast. And Adam Levine was just the perfect singer for the chorus. If %0 cent made more tunes like this I would Buy more of his albums

50 is a genius and his rhymes do have a hidden meaning which is really unique about him, he is one best rap game legend. Keep it up 50

The Contenders

11 Just a Lil Bit

best song by him eva. along with candy shop.

12? 12?!?! this should be higher smh...

Beat goes hard

This is fifty at his best, you can't top him here...

12 Ayo Technology

Love this song it change me life

The whole song was a huge hit and Justin Timberlake's part is so catchy! The album Curtis was also massive

Such a great song... I listen to it every day with my girl... Just the beat alone can get you excited... It should be number 1!

Awesome song. 50 cent mixed with Justin Timberlake is suprisingly a perfect match for awesome music. They should definitely do more songs together. Best song followed by P.I.M.P

13 I Get Money

Such a wicked beat...! Instant classic definitely...
One of my favorites... =)

Beat is fantastic, lyrics are dope, extremely underrated song!

The remix version is outta dis world..

Sick beat,awesome lyrics and come on it's 50 cent. there is nothing not to like here

14 Disco Inferno

No way that is in 15 th place should be more higher. Guys vote for it

Too good, deserves higher!

Everybody put your hands up! awesome.

Best song of 50! Come on people vote for it! Really a song to shake your soul. Only thing I cas say AWESOME!

15 If I Can't

This songs beat is straight up flames.

If I can't get my favorite song of all time to at least top 10 my whole life will be a failure. 50 cent is my favorite rapper and this is by far his best song. So underrated seriously just give it a listen

It's awesome song and I wonder why it's not in the list.

My whole future flashed before my eyes when I heard this song

16 Hate It or Love It

I'm so glad that this list is so correct. Just this song needs to be higher even if it's mostly a song by The Game

Best song ever it has to be first he id a great job with the game on this song they're both legends and should make another song and stop beefing!

Should be at top 5

Your are right this song is a beast if you know what I'm saying till my hair starts grayin! This song is so awesome I listen to this song every day! See ya later alligators! Bye don't miss me to much

17 I'll Still Kill

Why is this song down here! The beat is amazing and akon is great!
Come on people!

Hell cool akon does awesome and the beat is amazing and to me if I listen to it I just can't get it out of my head!

Push it up to no. 1!
Awesome song!
Nice beat... I ll listen this song daily nit!

I love this song this give me strength to fight problems

18 You Don't Know

It's the best by 50 as far as lyrics and beats are concerned.
Lloyd banks, cashis and EMINEM totally made this song big hit
Released in 2005, till today its my one the favorite raps.

I love this song because it is absolutely amazing, the beat catchy and ems part amazing. This should actually be no.3 after in the club, many men and get up

I think this is the best song because it's a great combination with Eminem lloyd banks and ca$his. 50's part is the best.

Awesome song one of the greatest hit and what more do you want... Eminem +cents=hit.

19 Crack a Bottle

Definitely one of his top 15

Love this song, classic dre, 50 and em

Its in his top 5 - lazypants

Nice collab

20 How to Rob

Best 50 song honestly, just relatively unknown. Please give this a listen!

Best song should be in top 5 dissing so many people

How is not here. Laugh out loud he disses so many people in this.

21 Baby by Me

Classic track

Great song! Wouldn't be as good without an added bit of Ne-Yo. Such a catchy song and gets stuck in your head really easily

Thtaz great... Everyone must hear this song before they die... Must be in th top 5... This song made me to hear 50cent.. I cannot believe tat ts song is 13th... Get it to the top!... Once you hear ths song.. You l do it...

Awesome song! Should be on no.2
And the ne-yo part is amazing!

22 Life's on the Line

LOVE DIS SONG - Thisisamerica

23 Piggy Bank

Yeah yeah yeah get more money more money

24 Get Up

Best song of '' recent 50''

Best Song Ever! Certainly Should Be Higher As It Beats All but a Few of His First album

It's just the best song he has ever done! In the club is good, but I can play this all day. Definitely my favourite! Should be top 2! "I said Get Up! "

This song gets me pumped to do anything! Makes me want ot lift weights, makes me want to wrestle people on my team and box! This song should surely be number 2!

25 High All the Time

Songs so good give it a listen

Really catchy and lyrics are on point

26 Hustler's Ambition

This is his best song

No idea how this is this low down. It's an awesome song and the chorus is incredible

His most underrated song by far great flow and sophisticated lyrics.

This and window shopper made the film good, the beat is PERFECT and the lyrics just put you in a good mood

27 Burner on Me
28 Straight to the Bank

Come on this song deserves way better than a #39, just listen to it once, such a great beat.

Best song on curtis album.. way better then #30

All I have to say is HAW HAW HAHA.


29 God Gave Me Style

Love this song should be higher

30 When It Rains It Pours

One of his best songs.

Sick beat and sick lyrics

31 Tryna F**k Me Over
32 Position of Power

One of his best songs, he talks about his life with power in his voice, Massacre was one of the best albums ever and 50 is the greatest

Should be higher on list - Jase08

Probably one of his most dope songs

33 Don't Push Me

Should be in top 10

Definitely should be higher

Bruh why is this not higher


34 U Not Like Me

My favorite of all time

How is this not higher? This is one of those songs that define 50 cent

It's simple- the lifestory of one of the greatest legends in hip hop. The fearless 50 shows weakness, the discussion of the relationship between he and God, everything contributes to his best track, maybe after Many Men.

What the f### is wrong with you people this deserves number 4

35 Never Enough

You must listen to this it's really good

36 0 to 100
37 Too Rich
38 The Re-Up

This song is so good. It's honestly really underrated, you got 50 starting the song with rhymes for dayys. Everyone did really well on this song. It should be top 10 in my opinion.

39 No Romeo No Juliet

My favourite 50 cent song mainly because of how good the flow is and the hook is 90s catchy - tequila

40 Spend Some Time
41 On Everything
42 Back Down

And it has gone all the way done to 112, really figured it be in the top 30 - germshep24

Nah it’s my 4th favorite - Thisisamerica

55? Have people even listened to this?

Top 10 Diss track of all time, not only good beef song, lyrics and beat, but it basically shut down Ja Rules career

43 My Toy Soldier

Doesn't deserve number one but 100% put it in his top ten shouldent be this far down on the list!

44 Buzzin

What how is this song so low it's so good

45 I'm the Man

Come on this song is so good

Top 10 right here

46 How We Do

CLASSIC song, definitely the best song including both 50 and Game, the beat is out of this world!

One of his best verses in this song! How the heck ain't this in the top 10! Deserves top 10 recognition!

This song should definitely be higher

47 Follow My Lead
48 OK, You're Right

Wow, I'm surprised this is so low on here! Should be at least in the top 5, the beat is great on this one. Get this up there asap!

I can't get it, think is the one of the 10 greatest 50 cent's songs!

49 I Get It In
50 Ryder Music

Most people haven't heard this song... It isn't number one but its chill, laid back, and has a nice beat

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