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1 Happy Gilmore

This movie is super funny - trains45

I couldn't agree more. This is Adam's best film yet - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

Before he destroyed his career - Masonw517

The Waterboy is funny and Adam Sandler is funny in it, but THIS
is Adam Sandler's best and funniest movie hands down. I also thought this was one of Ben Stiller's best movies even though the part was so small. - nallimcamybloc

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2 Billy Madison

This movie is stupid! I almost feel embarrassed to watch it, but I love it.

Best Adam Sandler movie

I don't know how this isn't first but it should be billy madison, Happy Gilmore, Waterboy, Little Nicky and The longest yard. BTW where is mr. deeds - Namerkp2

I own this movie. if some one wants to be friends with me they have to watch it. it is the best movie known to man. - aubreycm

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3 Click

Delivers the laughs but also the tears... refreshing.

Makes you think the movie is a complete comedy, but the end...

Best feel-good film ever, made me cry at the end

His best all around acting job for sure because of the emotion in the ending. has one of the funniest first hour of any movie ever made and ends with so much emotion. 5 stars definitely and one amazing actor to go with it.

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4 The Waterboy

I thankk the water boy is way more funny keep voteing so we we can nock happy gilmore of the top

This is how I got my user name. - waterboy51

good movie if your craven some high quality H20 - anthonybecerra831

Funniest movie ever made about American football. Ever.

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5 Big Daddy

This movie is funny I remember watching it a few times - trains45

Number 14, rubbish Billy Madison shouldn't be 4th this is was better that That! - squire

I agree that this is better than Billy Madison, but I love them both. - 3DG20

I came by this list, and figured I'd check it out. I saw Big Daddy ranked 5th and must say I believe it should #1, Sandler's work in this was different from Gilmore and Madison. It was more of a Drama-Comedy film and Sandler thrived. Terrific overall movie with a great story.

It should be second and the first is the 50 first date

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6 Grown Ups

Part garbage - Masonw517

Its awesome really really awesome,...
Great peace of work by adam...
A real piece of fun must watch

This is the funniest movie you'll ever find. With comedy and reality, well somewhat grown ups is by far the best movie ever invented. Adamn sandler could make you pee your pants in every movie, but when you watch this movie you'll have the biggest pee.

Amazing movie! Just watched it last night, and I couldn't stop laughing! - Alpha101

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7 The Wedding Singer

Not only my favorite Adam Sandler movie but absolute favorite movie of all time. One of a tiny number of movies I could watch an infinite amount of times and love just as much every single time I watch it. It was cheesy in its own way but it was meant to be, but was the first role Adam Sandler showed he could actually act and perform in a romantic comedy. Adam Sandler hasn't had a great movie in close to a decade but he and Drew Barrymore are fantastic together. I was born in the 80s so I didn't get to experience everything it offered but I love the music and shows from the time period and this is like a stereotypical parody of the 80s and as far as I know it hits the nail right on the head. It's more 80s than some movies that were made IN the 80s. I could go on forever about how much I love this movie. It is the absolute pinnacle of Adam Sandler's career and romantic comedies in general. See this movie if haven't already or you're doing yourself a great disservice.

Adam Sandler's best movie. Any argument other than that is in invalid.

Amazing. I loved it so much. This and happy gilmore are the best. Grown ups is also great

Easily the best of Adam Sandler. One of the best movies of all time actually. It is funny, romantic, love the 80s style, and it's unique. It's just an amazing movie overall. - evoxpisces

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8 50 First Dates

Very sad movie, but at the same time, the movie is inspiring and shows what love is all about in life. One of my favourite movies of all time.

Can't remember how many times I have watched this film, and still is

I cried like 10 times when watching this movies... I can't believe her memory can only last for 24 hours 24 hours should be shortened to 10 sec... Whatever

I watched this as a kid and still laughed at the lines for days later, you can also get very touched by this movie and is both inspiring and hilarious!

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9 The Longest Yard

Hands down the best Adam Sandler movie of all time

Funnier remake of the original film in 1974.

Inspirational messages before and after the game

Voted for this for the laughs and the action

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10 Punch-Drunk Love

Adam sandler gave us a REALLY surprisingly good performance, but all the rest of his movies are trash

This is the only Adam Sandler movie that I liked mainly because of his performance

AKA The Only Adam Sandler Movie Worth Watching. - TheAlwaysClassyMaynard

Very underrated and needs to be heard more

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11 Hotel Transylvania

Much better than Eight Crazy Nights.

Between this And little nicky movies of his I find re watchable an can make me laugh every time the other movies maybe funny a few times but get boring.after to many views - Psyluv

I like this movie but the 2nd one's better. - B1ueNew

It's understandable if you don't like it, but I think it's a cute little time killer. - Elric-san

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12 Anger Management

A really great film! it's got one of the funniest scenes in movie history! (along with big daddy)


An Amazing film, first Adam Sandler movie I've ever seen, and it got me HOOKED.

"I feel Pretty, Oh so Pretty" laugh out loud - LaurenLauren

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13 Grown Ups 2

This movie is so funny!

I hate this movie a lot. - B1ueNew

People who hate this movie because of it's "potty" humor need to shut up. This film is hilarious!

Best Adam Sandler Movie! 40x better than the first, and the first was ' awesome. - westofohio

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14 That's My Boy

Should be in top 5 of list

Awesome movie. Very hilarious. The negative reviews are ridiculous

Best movie ever should be number 1

I don't understand how hate this movie had!

15 Mr. Deeds

Great movie

I really enjoyed watching Winona Ryder get punched in the face. It's humor is simple which is perfect for those who just want a quick slapstick laugh.

Brilliant film you can watch over and over! Shame it doesn't get the credit it deserves. - WhenWorldsCollide02

Sad but really really really really really really funny

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16 Reign Over Me

Absolutely his best work. - fearundercontrol

This, Punch-Drunk Love and Spanglish should be right up there with billy madison and Happy Gilmore

This is by far the best Adam Sandler movie

If you're an Adam Sandler fan, you should know about this film. Why it's 22 is beyond me.

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17 Bedtime Stories

Great film funny imaginative very cool

Surprised this is not on the list. Awesome movie. Have watched it so many times! Love Adam Sandler.. And Russell Brand rocks!

Better than Jack & Jill

One of the best movies of all time, hands down. - Alpha101

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18 Airheads

so funny

19 Hotel Transylvania 2

Abracadabra makes kakie float to the sky

I hate that annoying kakie

What does "kakie" mean? - The Ultimate Daredevil

Because kakie gets r3kt by vlad
and murray conjures a funny sandstorm
and dennis being a vampire

20 Little Nicky

Release the awesome

I will eat your heart, haha - aman28

For me, this movie is the best from all of them, I think it should be in the top 3s

Little Nicky is such a forgotten classic! I don't know why, it's so creative, imaginative and entertaining!

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21 Funny People

So sad to see this one so low, it's clearly Sandler's best and one of his more mature and ambitious films to date. - truckturner

Laugh Out Loud funny! One of my favs! - UpTheIronz1980

22 Blended

Just watched this today - all thumbs up for Adam Sandler and for Drew Barrymore - they make great movies together! It should move up to the high end of the list for best of his movies.

This you can't expect to be that well known yet, because it's so new.

Third best of all time

An amazing movie, my favorite ever. IT has amazing music, grear acting, and a beautiful plot. - Rucas

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23 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

One of the funniest movies ever. The homophobia, and jokes are awesome.

Very Good Movie
I think who ever reads this comment should watch this movie
I have downloaded a torrent of this movie recently
This movies is very good
Enjoy: Brothers

How is this beneath movies such as Grown Ups 2 and That's My Boy?

LOVE IT! enough said.

24 Just Go With It

Absolutely hilarious. So many clever, funny lines throughout the movie.. And Adam Sandler does great in the light hearted roles, especially complimented by his supporting actress: Jennifer Aniston. This is a great film

Funniest romantic movie ever

Funniest of them all

I LOVE this movie first of all I wach it every night on netflix without being bored I love Adam Sandlers movies in my opinion this should be at number one and at number two should be that's my boy

25 Pixels

Should be higher. - B1ueNew

Best movie in the world

It kinda sucks but I liked it

Maybe cause I'm a nerd, but it's great.

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26 Bulletproof

If I had to pick one of his awesome movies to be number one, I would have to say BULLETPROOF! Not only made me laugh many times, but also a great action film. The match-up Damon Wayans-Adam Sandler works fantastic! (I haven't seen Billy Madison yet so that could be the only one to change my mind)

Love so many of his movies but this was my favorite

27 Spanglish

Very underrated movie, his best true acting performance.

28 The Secret Life of Pets

He was in this movie? - B1ueNew

I Saw That Sandler Voiced One Of The Pets So I Put This Here - VideoGamefan5

29 You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Best sandler movie

This was the funniest movie ever. I can watch this 10 times without getting tired of it. His funny accent makes it even better. Plus, the Palestinian chick is the hottest girl I've ever seen.

This movie looks surreal and mostly dry in action. Like Monty Python. But I'm glad this movie was'nt too offensive or controversial to Middle East.

I an a big fan of Mr. Adam Sandler, mostly because of his movie- You don't mess with the Zohan. His acting was massive and extreemly funny.
My name Ananta Vijay Dutta
I am from India

30 The Do-Over

This film is so hilarious

I loved the Do-Over I think it should be in the top 10 or top5

31 Hotel Transylvania 3

I didn't like it, I'm sorry.

Pretty decent movie. - B1ueNew

32 The Cobbler

Shoe movie

Good movie

33 The Meyerowitz Stories
34 The Ridiculous 6

This movie sucks.

35 Sandy Wexler
36 Eight Crazy Nights

I've watch this movie multiple times and have yet to have grown tired of it. It showcases not only his acting abilities, but also sing great voice in singing. They don't make much animated movies like this anymore, which brings to question, "How great will Hotel Transylvania be? " - izzychavez

Nope, it’s BAD!

37 Jack and Jill

One of my least favorite movies from this guy.

This movie is atrocious

This movie literally has 3% on rotten tomatoes it should be last - VideoGamefan5

I know a lot of people who actually LOve this move

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38 Coneheads
39 Top Five
40 Going Overboard
41 Murder Mystery
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