Top 10 Bubble Gum Brands

The Top Ten Bubble Gum Brands

1 Stride

Stride is so flavorful, and the flavor lasts, too. Stride Gum is amazing.

You can eat the wrapper AND the gum tastes AWESOME!

Best gum ever I can't believe I can eat the wrapper best gum ever

The gum is so delicious I enjoy eating it all day long I can have this gum in my mouth for 3 months solid and it will still have its flavor I love him so much I could just buy the whole entire packs all over the stores so for now on I am a fan of stride Sour Patch Kids Watermelon gum I love this girl so much I could just marry it it's just the best gun ever I love you gum I'm already in it so delicious everybody should try it it's so delicious I got a bunch of delicious flavors everybody would love it and then boom chicka Laka Laka just taste it just take one little room and then you taste the love of your life this is so delicious I'm over here like I never before I love you gum I love you the Inn the end beep

2 Trident

I love trident and I love all the flavors they last long and they're cheap. This gum is the only gum that says on it 'while chewing trident which contains XYLITOL and helps fight cavities. This is the only gum I trust.

It is the best gum you could ever chew. If you haven't tasted it then you need try it right know

I love the taste of that bubble gum it's really good. My favorite is pineapple and apple and also strawberry and orange. It's awesome the best gum I have ever tasted. Super good because its a combo of two fruits at the same time!

Trident is the best! It's the only brand of gum that I buy ;) They have great tasting and long lasting flavors; I especially love the strawberry and tangerine layers. Vote for Trident and get it to the top of the list!

3 Extra

The company is so creative with coming up with new, amazing flavors. Who would've thought of key lime pie and dreamsicle gum! Plus, the flavors are absolutely delicious and last way longer than any other gum.

I love extra gum chewing it now the dessert delights orange creme pop it taste just like a orange creme pop

Mint chocolate chip all the way! It's so GOOD PEOPLE don't BE A HATER! YES

I hate mint chocolate chip gum. It tastes like you would want to swallow it and it is very bad to swallow gum. It also tastes like Styrofoam.

This gum is the BEST GUM EVER! Try it NOW! Extra has flavors that are new and yummy and that you would have never thought gum could taste so god. Like apple pie, strawberry shortcake, key lime pie, orange pop(i think its the name), and some other types too! Dessert delights its the best! I would recommend this gum to EVERYONE! And it tastes just like the food(really, it does! )! The flavor is so juicy and amazing! Best gum ever! (AND HUBBA BUBBA TOO)

ONLY downside of extra is that the flavor doesn't last that long but its still good! And this is the ONLY downside! Just telling the truth

4 5 Gum

AWESOME FLAVORS LASTS SUPER DUPER LONG! I love wrigley especially the 5 gum! The BEST gum ever in the whole world


All the other gum stinks 5 is the best especially elixir how do you not choose 5 gum as the first and is that just a coincidence that 5 gum is #5 whats wrong with you people

I chew 5 gum during school EVERY day of the week. It is not mainly to blow bubbles but to keep your mouth occupied (to help concentration) and feels like a more "professional" kind of gum.. The gum lasts long and I can keep one pack to last the entire week even when friends are begging me for it. It doesn't HAVE to be #1 unless you like to chew gum, just to chew gum, not blow bubbles and snap it.

5 Orbit

It tastes so good its kind of hard to explain

best flavors. best selection. orbit rocks!

I actually have it right now
It filled with delicious flavour and never runs away (unlike kidz)
Or runs out, love this flavoursom gum

Lasts longest. I would know because I'm currently doing a science experiment on it. It lasts longer than Stride, Wrigley's, and Trident

6 Hubba Bubba Max

Hubba Bubba is delicious! It has long lasting flavor and you can make gigantic bubbles!

Hubba Bubba is the best there are no competitors. The best is sour apple. Who ever doesn't agree respond.


HOW COME HUBBA BUBBA MAX IS NOT IN FIRST PLACE! I ONLY eat Hubba Bubba Max! I love how there's two colours in one piece of gum! This is a great bubblegum for beginner blowers because the gum is so big in your mouth and it's very soft for giant bubbles! If you blew a giant bubble it's very easy for peeling off of your face!

7 Dubble Bubble

Double Bubble has a knock out grape flavored bubble gum, it makes big bubbles and lasts long!

This was the very first bubble gum ever created by Walter Diemer. It wasn't meant to have the most flavor, it was meant to last the longest amount of time. Because it's sugarless, the bubbles can be bigger and better! Haha stride!

The Most flavorful what an exciting peice of chew

Dubble Bubble was the first bubble gum ever created (and the best! ), I actually just did a paper on bubble gum and honestly, all other bubble gums are copies. The classic pink color was a Dubble Bubble thing. Plus, it has the biggest bubbles and lasts so long!

8 Ice Breakers Ice Cubes

It is awesome. But it is a little hard to find. The flavor lasts a long time and it has xylotol in it and that is very good for your teeth. I just can't believe that nobody had mentioned it at all before me. Raspberry is my favorite flavor. ICE CUBES ROCK!

Raspberry is my favorite I tried it one time when I saw it at the store and bought it it's so wonderful my favorite gum. It's really hard to find I can only really find it at walmart I have never seen it any where else. I love how is good for your teeth now I don't have to feel bad about chewing it.

I love ice cubes
Its awesome but really expective

Has a lot of amazing flavors in fact I'm chewing on it right now! should be top 3

9 Trident Layers

It's a tangy blend of fruit and it's in all different flavors, my favorite is strawberry tangerine!

Teident layers ROCKS! IT COMES IN SO MANY FLAVORS. It lasts long to and it has two different flavors in each gum! I just love it!

Trident Layers is the perfect blend of fruit, Citrus flavors with the best taste you could ever have in your mouth. They have so many different flavors of the story that I had no clue what to get each time I get one pack of gum. It's crazy how long it takes me to pick the flavor that I like.

Trident layer is awesome! It come in so many flavours &is having long lasting flavour

10 Extra Desserts

Yum with the yummy flavors of a totally yummy dessert in your mouth like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Love it is was so good but I can have just like desserts yum

Its so good its derserts that you can blow bubbles with tell me that's not cool and they made a root beer flavor so going to try it. But the best one I think is the green mint choclate chip icecream - kahardy32

Extra desserts is amazing. I love it because someday they will make a coffee cake and strawberry gum. I love the sticks. When you take a bite, the stick ignites heaven that bursts with a explosion of flavor, leaving your mouth wanting another stick, and your hands reach for the pack of gum. It's amazing. Its absolutely the best

The Contenders

11 Big League Chew

SO ADDICTING! I get a pouch, and it's is gone in a day! So delicious. I love the strips!

Is this like.. A joke or something? Is it me, or is Big League Chew NOT at 1st place? Whatever, it should be. Flavor lasts long, flavor is delicious, and I love it. I could just go on and on, but I have to go chew some more of that delicious gum.

Big league chew is the best bubblegum ever! It was originally used by ballpark players to keep their mouth from being dry during the game. The sweet sensation of good bubblegum is hard to come by, so I go to big league chew. So I don't know what your thinking if you decided you want to vote for some top brand that everybody else loves, try BIG LEAGUE CHEW. Yummy.

I love how they come in strips and it is very tasty, I would chew it a lot in my little league games. I is very fun to chew, you can keep putting in more strips if you want and it is not liked the packaged gum where you have many wrappers and all. It is just one gum bag with strips that you can put any amount in you mouth

From the Kid

12 Mentos Gum

I love the way this gum keeps its flavour for ages, and keeps your breath fresh as well. It also has different flavours too, so you have a selection of flavours to choose from. I would definitely recommend this gum to anyone.

It has last long flavour it has 3 layers I like the flavour strawberry, apple, raspberry

When we are talking about yummy gums, mentos gum comes at the top in the list. YUMMY GUM, YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM...!

It is very minty and it very freshness but it last for like an hour or two but this is a good gum too try!

13 Bazooka

I've been eating it since I was a kid. I guess sometimes the flavor doesn't last. Overall, I love this gum and all the quirks and qualities it has! Go bazooka!

Bazzoka is the best gum I love it and its an older gum my mom loved it when she was a kid!

I love this gum while I was growing up, best in the world...

THIS SHOULD BE #1 NOT #15! The original bazooka got discontinued along time ago but they make a fake kind of the bazooka I love any kind of bazooka!

14 Wrigley's

It is good tasting and it has a lot of flavor that you can taste it is honestly the best gum I have ever tasted and tried eating its great and you should vote for this gum to thanks

This brand is um... I lost well its cool! I love the flavor and the scent of it. It lasts super long! I always buy it you should too

It is WAY WAY better than the ones that are so-called better than it. I LOVE wrigley's and I think that the people who voted for any other gum are CRAZY!

Its having good taste. Good brand name. But no adds in television is pulling back wrigley in Indian market

15 Eclipse Gum

I love how spicy it gets and how it makes your mouth smell good

I really love this gum! It is the best I've ever tasted!

Eclipse polar ice is the best tasting gum. It's a spicy-sweet sensation. It is the only mint gum that I absolutely love.

Eclipse has got to be the best gum ever polar ice is the best flavor

16 Hubba Bubba

How do people not like this gum it is mind blowing!

It is the best gum in the UNIVERSE!

Best brand in the world

"Hubba Bubba Hubba Bubba" I'm in love with this brand! - EdRed

17 Bubble Yum

Forget all the ridiculous rumors and try this gum, you shouldn't be disappointed. I definitely recommend the original flavor which happens to be very sweet, but buy the "sugarless" version if you want to skip severe cavities. In my opinion Bubble Yum totally failed with the cotton candy flavor, it's kinda dull. Been looking for the old watermelon flavor that seems to have disappeared recently..

I'm not going to write some fancy critic, all I'm going to say is that this is the best gum of all time.

This is the gum I used if I want to do some cool bubble tricks or is I simply want to have something yummy to taste. Love it! - doctor11

It tastes so good and blows the biggest bubbles! It is very soft and has many delicious flavors. This gum is the bomb.

18 Juicy Fruit

This is a wonderful gum that was made in 1893 and is still being bought around the world so I call this a job well done.

Number 19? Juicy Fruit is great! Definitely not a flavor you would expect, but that makes the surprise better!

It has a totally awesome favor to it

This one is good I love the favors

19 Cry Baby

I love this gum because it gives you a punch of sour than it becomes sweet

Gum this is so slick I love this

This gum sucks; it's too spicy

Cry baby is so sour you will cry

20 Chiclets

I actually absolutely love chiclets with a passion #20 on the list #1 on my list of bubble gum

Chiclets r the best!

Worst gum in the whole world, and that is coming from a big sweettooth

No it is bad.

21 Big Red

I personally love Bid Red, it is wonderfully cinnamon-y and sweet. I think everyone should buy it, every day, all day!

Is laugh out loud and the best gum of strange thing that I never taste its too much laugh out loud is the number 1

I'm chewing it right now! Never goes to waste in my home because it's the best gum ever! Just an opinion.

Best gum ever. It can even beat the heavy-medic combo from team fortress 2.

22 Dentyne

Tastes really good and make your breath feel good. Not for everyone, though.

Why is dentyne so far down here? It's the best!

23 Winterfresh

Its awesome but doesn't last long at all

This gum's taste is really good. It has a nice mint flavor. I recommend this gum to any one who wants a tasty gum and also a gum that keeps your mouth fresh. 5 STARS

Love the minty taste

No better mint than this.

24 Hubba Bubba Ouch

It's great, not a big peace like bubble yum and it looks like a peace of chewing gum and extremely sour!


25 Bubblicious Burst

I utterly LOVE bubblicious burst yum yum yum my FAVE!

this is the best bubblegum to chew big bubble with and no matter what anybody says this one is the best...! love it

I like the kind of gum!

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26 Bubblicious

Bubblicious Orange was, and still is, the best gum around. It was softer but didn't become too soft when chewed. The flavor was pretty intense, but lasted about as long as it's competitors like Bubble Yum, and Hubba Bubba.

Bubblicious is so wow! It taste incredible! It could blow the biggest bubble and it last a long time without running out of flavor. It could come in large pack and in small packs!

I have chewed Bubblicious since I was a kid! Love it! Blows the best bubbles!

Bubblicious sour apple is the best gum flavor I have ever tried and I have chewed every kind of gum.

27 Skittles Gum

Its the best :) xx
Love it so much laugh out loud and I hope everyone else thinks so... :-) hahaahahaahahaahaa

Never heard of it but yum

This is amazing that skittles have gum there awesome woott!

I love this gumm so much its basically edible heaven


Really fruit flavored instead of sugary and the flavor is long lasting

The BEST! Great flavors!

My favorite!

29 Big Babol

Big babol bade kam ki cheez


30 Quench

Citrus awesomeness - think lemon lime Gatorade with a sour kick

It tastes amazing! It also keeps me hydrated.

It tastes like lion tounge and horse dung

Bakit po horse dung dba pupu yun

31 Fresh Up

It has last long flavour

It has many flavours

Love the jelly inside it

Meow DERP-__-

32 Excel

Its really good and I love the bubble mint flavor

I love excel a lot it is the best gum I ever tasted in my whole life it is the best go excel gum you rock! You are the best excel you are the best IT IS AWEWSOME!

33 Center Fresh

Good but Boomer is the best bubble gum

Its taste is amazing

It is yum
It is very jelly

34 Gold Nugget Gum

Best tasting bubblegum ever!

35 Jenkki
36 Daygum

I like to watch it burn

37 Anglo Bubbly

Gorgeous bubble gum. Fantastic for massive bigger than head size bubbles.

Gorgeous bubble gum. Fantastic for blowing bigger than head size bubbles

38 Extra Fruit Sensations

Best gum in the world!

39 Vivident

Looks good but not American:'(

Best chewing gum

I have never tast it but the name looks great

40 Stripes

Amazing heaven for just a second though

This is amazing with fruity colors.

Fruit strips are my favorite. the flaver is extreme! love it so much.

41 Fusen Gum

It has lost its taste and softness which were it's Hallmark in the good old days. I had my childhood memories of its taste and the water tatoo accompanying with the wrapper. Bad now.

42 Pactil

Great taste


43 Bang Bang

It tastes so good and it is so tasty. it will last like forever

I think it will taste good

Yummy and long lasting

It taste so good and it is so jucy that is the only gum I will eat

44 Bubble Tape

I love bubble tape it is so good and you can make bigger bubbles with it

Really great game and it does make the biggest bubbles!

It is the most amazing gum in the universe!

It is sooo tasty and makes big bubbles

45 Boomer

Super cool if you eat once you cannot stop eating

Its cheap and long lasting! Awesome!

Best flavor in the world

It is very tasty!

46 Bubbaloo

The flavour lasts longer than any other gum I can think of, and is only matched my the size of the bubbles I can make with it. My all-time favourite.

Bubbaloo gives a big bubble!

Is the best it lasts forever and it makes the biggest bubbles ever and it is really cheap SO JUST BY THE STINKIN GUM

Superb mouth watering flavor 🍬🍬🍬

47 Doublemint

Mintiest thing ever...

48 Vigorsol
49 Turbo

Best ever! All others suck

Why is there a gum name after a move and video game

50 Razzles

Its candy, then its gum

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