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61 Project 7

There gum is actually pretty weird. Like birthday cake, ice cream peppermint, etc. But when you try it, it's actually really delicious!

62 Up2U

I love how they put two flavors in one pack, so you can mix it up or combine them to make one big flavorful piece of gum!

It's amazing... The gum is delicious and the idea of having the choice up to you is just fabulous. Much love

I LOVE this, it has long lasting flavor and is more flavor than most. But their brand name is cheesy. - Joansb

63 Chappies

Soft and tastes like some more

64 gleeGum

The best! Natural, and amazing flavour.

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65 Batook

There is this AWESOME banana flavour and it is amazing! The flavour doesn't last so long but it is amazing. it's so sweet and juicy! I love this gum!

I love batook gum specially the banana flavor they also came up with a cadamon flavor ha ha ha ha ha

66 Canel's

Everyone is racist just because it's Mexican gum doesn't mean it's bad. I bet you all voted for trump! - EdRed

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