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1 The Devil Face
2 sunglasses

It makes you look like a cool guy!

I don't have beta but love the face

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3 ^_^

I Like This Smiley ^_^

4 O.o
5 >.<
6 Superman Smiley

Maybe on some special day Chris will let us use the superman smiley!

I like the superman smiley because you need to be modediter to have to so it's really rare

7 :(

because it shows you are sad

8 open teeth smile
9 Wink
10 crying face!

The Contenders

11 :)

who could forget the original face!

12 ~Witch Smiley - From Magic~
13 Christmas Smiley

This smiley is well made and useful (For no reason at all).

14 Bird Smiley

Some people might like Bunny Smiley Better but I think the Bird Smiley is way better.

15 Vampire Smiley

Scary yet hilarious also well made.

16 Ghost Smiley
17 Angel Smiley

For people who want to go to heaven.

18 Ninja Smiley

For those people that are sneaky.

19 Devil Smiley
20 Ultimate Smiley

For nerds (Sorry nerds of the world).

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