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21 Mercy, Severity
22 Do What You Do

Been in love with this song ever since the first time I heard it. Definitely should be higher on this list!

No sure why this song is at 20, deserves a top 5 spot for sure.

Sounds awesome and catchy! It'll definitely pick up in Europe


23 Dead Inside
24 On the Move

great Mudvayne song, very catchy and fun to play on bass like all the others

25 -1

In my opinion, one of the best Mudvayneďż˝'s songs ever. Intense and powerful

26 I Can't Wait
27 A Cinderella Story
28 The Patient Mental
29 Silenced

I think that is the better song, but death blooms and -1 are nice too, but the power of this song it's incredible

Sticker this, censor this ban this- we've got something to say! Legendary song

Listen here:
How is Silenced back here? The lyrics are so inspiring and thoughtful. McDonagh's drumming especially during the bridge is top class, and goes perfectly with Martinie's bass. The riffs are ON POINT! I could agree that Chad's vocals could be a little bit better, and so could the mixing, but how about this song for an album opener? And the stopping and starting is Math Metal at its finest. Throw in some catchy rhythms and you've got yourself one heck of a song. "Sticker this, censor this ban this, we've got something to say! Police this, condemn this damn this, we'll be heard anyway! Middle finger is the flag that I wave when I'm SILENCED! "
Such a classic.

30 Never Enough

What? This song should be a lot higher then 26 maybe in top 15 at least

31 Dull Boy V 1 Comment
32 Pushing Through
33 Cradle
34 All Talk

This song is basically talking about how someone is all talk, but no action, or how your not going to do what you say your gonna do it could be anything, this song in my opinion is one of mudvayne's hits in my opinion, listen to this song and I guarantee you will like it, then vote on it.

35 Beautiful and Strange

Great song with some interesting riffs

36 (K)now F(orever)

Hands down their best song ever. Most people can't be expected to know good music when they hear it so I understand why it isn't on the list.
1. (K) now F (Orever)
2. Mercy, Severity
3. Severed
4. Death Blooms
5. Not Falling

One of the best songs on the album, should be in top 10 at least - Bringer_Ov_Death

37 Fish Out of Water
38 TV Radio
39 Same Ol'

Why is this song ranked so low?! This shoild at least be in the top 20's I mean its not popular but don't hate it just because you have not listened to it. Explore all songs even if their not their most popular song. Hey but at least try it ok?

40 Imn

Jesus h Christ this song changed my life to what bad ass really means

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