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41 9th Life

The verses really rev me up for the wonderful payoff that is the chorus. This would be a perfect song for a zombie apocalypse. I think the bridge/breakdown kinda ruined the pacing but other than that I think this is an underrated gem.

Very good song. Makes you want to replay it over and over, but hard to find on iTunes or with my luck can't find at all.

Best song on their new album. Shouldn't be this far down the list.

42 One Track Mind One Track Mind

Those of you who have not heard this song should really try to listen to it at their first opportunity because it is just too good to listen to while doing anything! and those who have listened to it are probably wondering why this isn't in the top 10! - dharker1992

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43 Skeletons Skeletons
44 Blanket of Fear Blanket of Fear
45 No More Secrets No More Secrets
46 Stop Looking Stop Looking V 1 Comment
47 As Far as I Remember As Far as I Remember

I love this song I love all P roach's songs but this one hits me in that spot.

48 My Heart Is a Fist My Heart Is a Fist

The chorus is just amazing.

What! No 38? Please listen to this song then rate others

Should be top ten. Lots of meaning and emotion.

49 Silence is the Enemy Silence is the Enemy

This should be into the 15 top songs of papa roach are amazing sound and efects

50 Do or Die Do or Die
51 Won't Let Up Won't Let Up

Amazing song very powerful lyrics

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52 Alive Alive

Theme song to the tv show SCARRED! COME ON COME ON COME ON! - 8gerrard8

53 Code of Energy Code of Energy
54 Had Enough Had Enough

I love all PRoach songs because they're all so meaningful
And I think Lifeline and Had Enough have the two best and most meaningful lyrics of all. Just love this songs

"In my head there is a riot
To change the world, no one dies
The time has come for us to fight it
You can't refuse the war inside"

55 Nights of Love Nights of Love

Com on this song is awesome why is this song so low every thing about this song is good if not perfect what underrated

56 Devil Devil V 1 Comment
57 Never Enough Never Enough
58 Set Me Off

Easily their best song. Must be in top 5 at least

59 Wish You Never Met Me Wish You Never Met Me

It's a cool song song should be number 1 and no 2 should be set Mr off

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60 Falling Apart Falling Apart

I love this album and this song tops it, honestly this style of music suits papa roach

What? This song is one of my favorites. The uptempo is so invigorating

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