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41 Blanket of Fear
42 One Track Mind

Those of you who have not heard this song should really try to listen to it at their first opportunity because it is just too good to listen to while doing anything! and those who have listened to it are probably wondering why this isn't in the top 10! - dharker1992

No comment necessary. Just a great song

Good song who have not heard

Just pretty much awesome.

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43 Singular Indestructible Droid


44 No More Secrets
45 Tightrope

One of their best track!
I wonder why it didn't came as a single :/

This song is so underrated..

Should be first

46 Binge

This is one of Papa Roach's most underrated songs. It's one of the calmer tracks from Infest but it still has the raw energy that's prevalent on the entire record.

"Amazing song that is close to the heart for a lot of people. "

47 Stop Looking

Oh I like papa roach because I m cute everyone looking at me

48 As Far as I Remember

I love this song I love all P roach's songs but this one hits me in that spot.

49 Silence is the Enemy

This should be into the 15 top songs of papa roach are amazing sound and efects

50 Won't Let Up

Amazing song very powerful lyrics

Beautiful songs sound like a richy nix

51 My Heart is a Fist

The chorus is just amazing.

What! No 38? Please listen to this song then rate others

Should be top ten. Lots of meaning and emotion.

52 Crooked Teeth

This is starting to become one of my favorite songs by them...

This song got me back into them!

53 Devil V 1 Comment
54 Alive

Theme song to the tv show SCARRED! COME ON COME ON COME ON! - 8gerrard8

55 Nights of Love

Com on this song is awesome why is this song so low every thing about this song is good if not perfect what underrated

56 Help

In my opinion, this is probably the best Papa Roach song because of its meaning and lyrics. It's super catchy and deserves wayyy more credit, to be honest

57 Had Enough

I love all PRoach songs because they're all so meaningful
And I think Lifeline and Had Enough have the two best and most meaningful lyrics of all. Just love this songs

"In my head there is a riot
To change the world, no one dies
The time has come for us to fight it
You can't refuse the war inside"

58 Do or Die
59 Code of Energy
60 Set Me Off

Easily their best song. Must be in top 5 at least

Love this song, it's the reason why I love rock

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