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1 What Hurts the Most

Fantastic song, 1 of the best song I ever heard. The best of rascal flatts. Motion and emotions are there to feel in this song... Words are really meaningful here. Everyone must give a try to this song. As this is the best of emotional song with quality. You will never forget once you listen to this song. Trust me give it a try. I'm from India and still I like this because the only thing this song can pass is a message for all the true lovers. Best of its quality. The guys of Rascal Flatts are all accomplished songwriters, and have written several of their hits. But, they don't go so far as to only record their own music. Rascal Flatts is an American country rock band that originated in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America. Since its inception, Rascal Flatts has been composed of three members: Gary LeVox (lead vocals), Jay DeMarcus (bass guitar, keyboard, piano, vocals) and Joe Don Rooney (lead guitar, vocals). LeVox and DeMarcus are second cousins.

If you are looking 4 a heart breaking song this is it. The most beautiful heart breaking song I ever heard. The lyrics are awesome. The music is so sensational. You can easily relate to this song. This song will make you you crazy 4 someone that you loved. Their best song ever no doubt about it. I wish if there would be more hear touching song like this

The lines of this song are snippets from my heart. Every time I listen to it brings me back to a place where I think of some one who meant a lot to me. It hurts because I sometimes wonder what could have been if I told him how I felt. Now he is gone and when I miss him I listen to this song.

In my point of view, this song is by far one of the best country songs out there.

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2 Bless the Broken Road

Best song of Rascal Flatts! Love the music, love his voice so much! Oh God! He has amazing voice! You guys should hear this one!

this song rocks! this song reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. it makes me so sad to listen ot it.

You should listen to it just to know what music can really make you feel. Period.

What? This deserve the first spot! This is the best!

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3 Life is a Highway

This song is more than just awesome it has a deeper meaning than just awesome. Rascal Flatts is sending a message to his listeners in this one. As an listener I could be driving or walking for exercise. I don't know it's something about this song that makes me think of what a bright future I have ahead of myself. It goes a deeper into details rascal flatts is not just singing he's practically talking to us to never give up on your dreams. Life is a highway choose your routes carefully and except failure because only through failure do we learn to succeed. You must ask yourself what are failures basically mistakes, you learn from them. Success is around the corner just presist and persevere and never give up. Life is a journey life is a highway it can be rough but if you persevere and keep faith in God you will make it through. Remember Life is a highway the guys tell you, and we are capable of succeeding everyone can achieve success it's never too late to start.

Tom Cochrane wrote this song in the 90's and is also incredible. RF's did a very good rendition though

This song is so awesome, one of my favourites of all time. Love playing it on the Drums and Singing. Rascal Flatts you are a Legend. - grattz


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4 My Wish

One of the best messages behind a song ever. And I'm talking about all the music ever made. If people lived this message, the world would be a better place. This should definitely be #1 on the list.

Words I would like to say to my children... Simple yet true..

Awesome truly amazing love this song please make more music like this I played this song to my ex and she loved it

Good country song but overplayed

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5 Stand

An inspiring song to be strong and love the people in your life and love your life! I love this song! Such powerful vocals just awesome!

I love this song!
I love the meaning and the way it makes me feel.
This is definitely the best song on the charts.
Thank you.

I TOLD MY FRIENDS AB SONGOUT THIS Song and they adored it!

This song is so uplifting and knows how to get me through the day

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6 Feels Like Today

Love it! Heard it on Smallville the first time and loved it ever since. It's just so great and gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Plainly awesome

Such a feel good song. It is always on replay on my iPod

Live each day like it your last. This song is just amazing. Period

This the name of the album on my PlayStation 3- same person.

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7 Skin

most heartfelt, meaningful song that they have!

Love it reminds me of my grandmother she had cancer

8 Mayberry

It shows how much America has changed from back then, some would say its for the better but I think it's for the worst with T.V. these days being all reality shows with sex and drugs. I wish I was around for the old days

This song speaks of a simpler slower pace of life, of community where neighbours greet each other and people care more about family and friends.

This song takes me back to when I was little watching the "Andy Griffith" show. A much more peaceful time in the world.

Reminds me of the old days when everything was so simple... ordinary things can become special in its own way...

9 Fast Cars and Freedom

OMG. This song is the best song ever! I love this song especially on a patriotic day!

I'm agreeing that it's definitely a great... No... Let's just say I have it on my PlayStation# 3. I swear to god.

I have this on my PlayStation 3 too- same person.

10 I Melt

Such a beautiful love song :]

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11 I'm Movin' On

This song can really change your life. The lyrics have such a powerful meaning and Gary sings this to perfection like every other song!

only song I like to hear him sing.

A real account of how my life was, finding my way back from my addiction and the bad choices that took me down to my bottom pit and the road back.

So smooth. Feels like I'm in diffrent place. This song make me wanna dance

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12 I Won't Let Go

This has helped me through difficult times. My first encounter with rascal flats and it won't be the last. Love the friend who recommended I listen to it xx.

It changed my life and it might change yours

Beautiful song because everyone can relate to it thank you

Makes me cry every time. But it's a beautiful song.

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13 Why

I can't understand how this is not in the top ten. It is a heart wrenching ballad from their album: Unstoppable. It's about the suicide of a high school friend and how this can't be the way that they meant to draw a crowd. It brings tears to my eyes every time.

This song always gets me. We all have darker times in our life. This song helps us get through them just a little bit faster. Every word in the beginning sticks to me.

This is my most favorite song from them. I can really connect with it and truthfully, it makes me bawl every time. This song deserves to be number one.


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14 Me and My Gang

This songs awesome when your drunk!

15 Here Comes Goodbye

Why the hell was this awesome song not even on the list when it deserves to be in the top ten?

This is my personal favorite from Rascal Flatts.

It should be on top. All of you should hear this and you all will make it on top.

This should be number 3, this song is absolutely amazing! Love Rascal Flatts!

Should definitely be way higher, one of their best songs, and that’s saying something cause I love them all

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16 Take Me There

The harmony is just amazing

17 Winner at a Losing Game

This is a wonderful song. they wrote it themselves. I think it needs to be number one in the top ten - songwriter

Simply the best song by Rascal Flatts. The lyrics is impecable.

18 Pieces

I have an old friend who came to me every time a relationship failed for 16 years. I had a crush on her all those years. We finally had our own relationship, and it didn't work out. She married another guy 2 months later. This song says a lot to me.

Dude I love this song. It's perfect for when I need a kind of sad song. It's a really wonderful song!

Pieces is an awesome song. when i asked out the girl i liked and she sed no i listened to this song over and over

Who couldn't love this song! This is great for me when I have a fight with my boyfriend.

19 Rewind

This Song can't be 19th! It should be in at least top 10! Awesome tune and one of my favourite songs

20 Love You Out Loud

I just love it and I wish a guy would sing this to me haha

there's just something about this song i love!!

21 Come Wake Me Up

My favorite song. It voices the fear and utter sadness you feel when you lose someone you love, whether you're separated by death, changed feelings, distance, or anything. Just beautiful.

My favorite song... I remembered my memories with one of my best friends when a listened to this song

The first song I heard by them :) So good!

I just love the emotions put into melody and lyrics to this song.

22 Prayin' for Daylight

This should be in number 3! !

23 Here's to You

this song-AWESOME! I just wish a guy would sing this to me!

I do have this one on my PlayStation- same person.

24 These Days

So beautiful, this song connects with me so much and I'm 18 and from Scotland - so if it reaches me here Rascal Flatts must be doing something right.

This song is just so cool! The way it sounds and the emotion Gary sings with is just AMAZING!

I wanna' have this one on my PlayStation 3- same person.

I agree with him, it should be in number two.

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25 Where You Are

Try to sample this one. It has an error, I'm telling that before you check.

Best sond ever... "You're a waterfaall, washing over me, I'm a thirsty man, let me drink you in, for I am on my waaay, you're a mountain top, when I reach for you, you're love lifts me uup. All that I want is to bee, is Where You Are."

26 Break Away
27 Cool Thing
28 Banjo
29 Summer Nights
30 Forever

The BEST rascal flatts song in my opinion

! How could this song be in 37th place
It should be in top 10 listen to it guys its fantastic
Awesome music awesome lyrics awesome everything

I love this song, but it's so sad

Damn guyzz.. Wht is this song doing here... It must be in at least top 10 such a heart touching song..

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31 Ellsworth

The song is so sad but it's good cxause that's how my grandma is

32 My Worst Fear


33 Backwards
34 Then I Did

This song is absolutely amazing. It really has you reflect on your past decisions and teaches you not to live with regret.

35 That Should Be Me


36 Payback
37 Things that Matter
38 They Try
39 Secret Smile
40 Changed

Best song of rascal flatts. With a hope for everyone

41 Oklahoma-Texas Line

This is 40th! CHANGE IT!

42 Nothing Like This
43 Holdin' On
44 Here

Great meaning to this song! Live your life in a way that you'd do it all again and not change 1 thing!

45 Every Day
46 Compass
47 Easy

Best duet ever, much better than celine dion or Neil Diamond. The femail role can be interchanged due to Flatts great unique sound.

One of my favorite rascal faltts songs by far!

48 Red Camaro


49 Sunday Afternoon
50 It's Not Just Me

This is a very emotional song makes me cry every time I hear it must listen to it if you are a rascal flatts fan

This makes me cry. Should be top 20

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