Top Ten Runescape Skills


The Top Ten

1 Magic

Ancients is so much fun, ice barrage at soul wars is unbeatable. Amazing skill

Stong, long range and great attacks from long range

2 Farming

Perfect skill to train without being logged in.

3 Construction

Brilliant skill, kinda pointless sometimes but guilded alter makes it all good :]

4 Theiving

Funniest and most pleasurant to train

5 Hunting
6 Ranged
7 Woodcutting

This skills is one of the easiest to do and is a great money maker. You get about 2.5k per full invent and all you really have to do is click a tree once and a while.

Very relaxing/akfable and makes you money at the same time!

8 Runecrafting

This is a brilliant skill. It is extremely hard to train, but it is worth it in the end. Whether you craft at the ZMI runecrafting alter, craft Nature runes through Spirit Grahks, or just use the Abyss, this skill becomes an amazing moneymaker.

9 Attack

without attack runescape wouldn't be anything, fighting with bare hands ughh, boring attacks awesome just got whip

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The Contenders

11 Fishing
12 Fletching
13 Herblore
14 Defence
15 Mining
16 Summoning

Great when you need a beast of burden.

17 Agility
18 Divination
19 Dungeoneering

You have to train your other skills up to do this but it is a fun thing to do with friends. The only reason to train skills like woodcutting and smithing (besides money) is to use it in dungeneering.

Very fun, high and low levels can train together, excellent rewards

20 Crafting
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