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21 BioShock

Screw all you Call of Duty lovers this is true first person shooter

It is the greatest, and most original shooter ever made. Halo is way overrated

22 R-Type
23 Gears of War 2

purely the most epic game the world of fiction has ever seen! amazing soundtrack, you feel as though marcus and dom and delta squad are with you through your journey through cera and the war against the locust, also the love side story is quite touching.

This is most superb and entertaining games for all... I love this very much and I want to share this to everyone... I want still more games like this please upload guys...

24 Gears of War

Is gears of war the beast games

great game

25 Darius
26 Star Wars Battlefront II

Why is that not number 1 gr this is my favorite star wars battlefront

27 Super Mario Sunshine
28 Counter Strike 1.6

PLaying this game for like 10 years and is the best game even on steam it says that is the most played game in the world

Awesome game nice weapons better than counter strike source

The best after Call of Duty I guess

This game cannot became old

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29 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
30 Parodius
31 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This is an awesome game soap died and captain price blame yuri for soaps die and watch it in YouTube soaps death

It's the best game ever! I think everyone should play and enjoy it. This game is modern warfare end (I think).

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32 Star Wars Battlefront
33 Raiden
34 Max Payne 3

WhatA GRAPHICS of the game.. ! Really cool game... Should be in the top 5

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35 I.G.I. 2 Covert Strike

This is a super hit game. I like this game very much.

Very awesome game. It should be in Top 10

Damn much nostalgias from this game.. The graphics of this game at that time were like that of crysis 3's at present day..

Need an igi 3

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36 Twinbee
37 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Its a cool game

best game


its baws

38 Doom 3

Unbeilevable how hooked the game gets you. You never want to put the controller down. Frightning action leads to awsomness. - jakenator38

39 Time Splitters: Future Perfect
40 Battlefield 1943

Yes really a battle field

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