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I know there are Heart fans out there! Come and vote for your favorites!

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1 Barracuda Barracuda Cover Art

Great Song Vote For This Song Please Should Be Number 1 Number 2 or Number 3 lOVE iT

Love This Song Should Be Way Higher Like Number 3 One Of Their Best Songs please vote this song please listen to it too please

Great song if alone is not 1st barracuda not 2nd and crazy on you not 3rd then this list should not be here

Loved this band ever since they told idiot Palin to stop using it!

2 Alone Alone Cover Art

This is there best song by far vote this song love the bass guitar durns keyboards and singing the best

The Best Heart Song Should Really Be Number 1 Vote This Song The Best Ever By Far

This is definitely their best song :) The melody is amazing and the lyrics have so much meaning. Love this song! Should be Number one come on please vote!

Ann Wilson still beats her high notes when she gets older at any of Heart tours or concerts, that song sounds so perfection!

3 Crazy on You Crazy on You Cover Art

First I heard this song in Harold And Kumar go to white castle... And I just can't stop hearing this song... The guitar solo is just outstanding

Should Be Higher Like Number 2 It's Amazing Love It One Of there best

Such an awesome song.. Both the riff and the solo is beautiful vocals are nice too

Teens in the 1940s had the Andrews Sisters asking you not to sit under the apple tree with anyone else but them. Teens in the 1970s had the Wilson Sisters offering to go crazy on you. I never did care much for apples.

4 What About Love? What About Love? Cover Art

Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas are in this? Dang, I listen to Jefferson Starship and Starship and I never knew this.

Less words show off even more power in Ann's voice. Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas from Starship singing background vocals not too shabby either.

I love this one


5 Magic Man Magic Man Cover Art

Love This Song This One Should Be Number 4 Not 5 Great Guitar solo Bass Drums and signing

Great song amazing guitar solo and good drums bass and singing this song should be number 4

, I fell in love with this song, I didn't know who they were at the time, it literally made me quiver, it was my fantasy song, I'll never imagined a song like this, it was like the first time you fall in 'Lust' with someone, this is how I felt when I heard 'magic man' for the first time, back in the mid 70's when I was 14 years old.

They have many great songs, but only one masterpiece. This is that masterpiece.

6 These Dreams These Dreams Cover Art

This song is really beautiful and calming. Nancy is actually a good singer, even though Ann is actually better. This song is good to get into Heart too.

That song is one of my favorite songs by Heart, it is beautiful, positive, and relaxing.

One of the Coolest Songs ever the Wilson Sister Killed this Song! These Dream is an Outstanding Song!

Just a heart warming song, just a peaceful rock song. Beautiful

7 Dreamboat Annie Dreamboat Annie Cover Art

It's a song I can relate to a lot probably one of my favorite songs ever really great

8 All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You

Best ever song from heart, Total dance floor filler in its day!

I masturbate to this song!

Disappointed they didn't perform this hit a the St. Louis 8/17/13 concert. Great tune!

Disappointed they didn't sing this song in sioux falls. Great song! Great concert!

9 Never Never Cover Art

This song is great, Ann sounds great

My favorite Heart song. The Vocals by Nancy Wilson are Angelic.

Should be top 3!

Top 5 for sure!

10 Straight On Straight On Cover Art

This song is a classic like Magic man, Crazy on you and Barracuda. There other well known classic hits.

Should be the 2nd on this list

20th laugh out loud

Should be #2 along side dog & butterfly

The Contenders

11 Kick It Out Kick It Out Cover Art

This songs kicks more ass than a ten legged ass kicker

This song truly rocks.

12 Mistral Wind Mistral Wind Cover Art

One of my favorite songs by Heart.

This song is wayy too godd! totally blew me away the first time I heard it...I always loved the diff styles of heart (classic, pop, etc), but I had no idea that this song was about to assault me with its pure majesty, beauty, & epic-ness to the max!...bravo to all involved in this masterpiece!...i love many heart songs, but feel this one deserves to be recognized as something diff & certainly something extra special...very zeppelin-esque...well done!

13 If Looks Could Kill If Looks Could Kill Cover Art

One of the most underrated rock songs of all-time.

Totally underrated.

Awesome song.

14 Dog & Butterfly Dog & Butterfly Cover Art

Dog and Butterfly... Two of my many favourite things. And now this song has been added to the extensive list of them.

I think this is actually the best song by Heart of all time. It is beautiful plain and simple.

Not their best, but definitely deserves to be higher than tenth! :) Love this tune.

A nice song, better than a lot of the others

15 Dream of the Archer Dream of the Archer Cover Art
16 Bad Animals Bad Animals Cover Art

Best song on the album!

17 You Ain't So Tough You Ain't So Tough Cover Art

I love this underrated song.

18 Who Will You Run To
19 There's the Girl There's the Girl Cover Art
20 Heartless Heartless Cover Art

Hands down their best song ever!

How is this song currently 22nd? Should be top 10 easily.

21 Stairway to Heaven Stairway to Heaven Cover Art
22 WTF WTF Cover Art

Love This Song Its Really Good Its Their New Song Amazing It Should Be Number 6 Or 7 Its That Good Just Hope They Come To Ireland So I cAn See Them Live I Really Wanna See Them Live

Best new song should be number 7 or 6
My top ten heart songs
Crazy On You
Magic Man
These Dreams
What About Love?
Dog and Butterfly
I Didn't Want To Need You

23 Tell It Like It Is Tell It Like It Is Cover Art

This 1966 tune is perfect for Ann Wlson to show her range of vocals from soft to powerful without missing a beat. Song should be in top 15 of their best.

24 I Didn't Want to Need You I Didn't Want to Need You Cover Art

To real!

25 Even It Up Even It Up Cover Art

Should be top ten

Listen to the “c’mon now” so you can understand

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