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21 Henry Wong

Henry is AWESOME! I kinda like him, and he should be on the first page.

How can you not love Henry Wong?!?!?!? He is so kawaii (cute in Japanese) and he's a pro Martial Artist. He is also very caring for Suzie and Terriermon

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22 Davis Motomiya V 1 Comment
23 Angewomon

She is an ultimate level digimon with powers that surpass regular ultimate level digimon. Her celestial arrow defeat Myotismon with one hit. She can also digivolve into Magnadramon one of the keepers of the golden digiegg and is one of the most powerful mega level digimon!

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24 Angumon
25 Weregarurumon V 1 Comment
26 Hawkmon
27 Miodismon V 1 Comment
28 Renamon

The coolest Digimon, along all de evolution line, and the holy type.

Boss digimon I love Rika too she is a tomboy! Her and Ryo are so together!

Renamon Is The Queen Of EVERY Digimon! She should be number 1

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29 Black Guilmon
30 Patamon V 1 Comment
31 Angemon
32 Palmon
33 Black Agumon
34 Tai

He is my second favorite character after Yamamoto

Tai and Sora are meant to be together!

Stupid digimon tai

Way better than Davis! though he is not best as a protagonist but not so silly like Davis. I don't why people like Davis more than him

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35 Joe

I really like this character. He is so amazing.

36 Gabumon

He is my favourite of the Digimon series. I always enjoyed using him in the first digimon game.

37 Venom Miodismon
38 Tentomon
39 Tommy

Tommy grew up more than any other character in the during his time in the digital world

40 Sora Takenouchi

She's amazing! I love how she thinks about others than herself (she's a little bit like Yagami Hikari from Adventure/02). She is kind and caring and I love her! She keeps things to herself so that no one else will worry. She is sometimes misunderstood, but that's why I love her even more. I can almost see myself in her.

I really love her! Since I watched Digimon Adventure 01 in 1999, I already fall in love what her

She's my favorite character in all of the Digimon franchise because a) She thinks and cares and looks out foe others than herself b) She keeps her worries and problems to herself (even from her best friend) c) You can see she's so friendly to the other the Chosen Children/ Digidestined and even complete strangers she's so sweeet and kind d) Even when she got seperated from the group she couldn't help but help the others in their own problems e) I can almost see myself in her! XP

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